What a night last night!

Busy. And I did not start till 9 pm.

First, I saw Bruce Moore and Bobby Nesbitt do their Broadway gig at La Te Da. Fantastic! Such great voices! Such great talent!

Veronica DeGennaro was their star guest. She has a spectacular voice and style also!

La Te Da was packed. Veronica’s Dad is Mayor of Monroe County. And a proud Dad he must have been last night!

Then I walked over to Square One for a drink. The bar was still busy. Chatted with owner Michael, bartender Patty Cakes and Michael Eptien. Yes, after several years away, Michael Eptien has returned! He is working at Square One again!

I should have returned home at this point. However I was in the mood for one more drink. So I drove over to Louie’s Backyard and had a night cap on the deck. Pleasant, as always!

I have to move my ass now. I am going snorkeling at 9 am. I have not done so in a while so I am excited!

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