No blog the past few days. Sorry. Computer down.

George M. Cohan wrote music about America. Alex Okinczyck writes music about Key West!

Last night Alex’s one man show made its debut at the Larry Smith Showcase in the Pier House. A hit!

Alex performed. With multiple costume changes!

His songs covered Key West from one end to the other! From Mallory Square to the homeless to Cow Bridge to hurricanes and on and on and on!

A great show! Worthy of the Waterfront or Red Barn!

Congratualations Alex on a job well done!

My diet has been over for almost 2 weeks. My weight is holding. However I watch everything I eat.

Every now and then I give myself a treat. Over the weekend I tried Dion’s chicken for the first time. Dion is a small grocery outlet that cooks and sells fried chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s poor cousin!

I have never had Dion’s chicken before. For some reason I desired it. So over the weekend I bought 2 pieces. Greasy and juicy. With greasy being the operative word!

Oh, so good! However I freaked out after eating it. That night the scale said 2 extra pounds! Bad! But by morning those extra pounds had disappeared. No more Dion’s chicken for me!

I am confused. The Russians invaded Georgia. Bush complained vigorously. To no avail. On televsion I see Bush and Putrin sitting almost next to each other in shirt sleeves in China watching the events. Strange!

Enjoy your day!

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