Good morning!

I did it last night! Had a drink! First one in a long time!

I enjoyed sipping it.

I also ate real food. Another welcome experience! Not a lot. Just enough to satiate me.

All a wonderful experience!

The evening started with Bobby Nesbitt. He has a new venue on Wednesdays. Aqua. The room was full of good people enjoying good singing by Bobby and his friends.

Afterwards I walked over to Antonia’s for my first ral meal in 33 days.

Clayton is back from Columbia. You will recall I joked how he was crazy to go and might not get out. Well, it almost happened!

Clayton is a resident/citizen of New Zealand. He has a green card permitting him to be in the United States and work here also.

He took his old green card with him on the trip. By mistake, of course. It was expired.

So when he went to leave Columbia to return to Key West, it was no way Jose! His green card was no good and the authorities would not permit him to leave.

After some serious anguish, the problem was resolved and Clayton was permitted to board the plane.

Enjoy your day!

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