Shades of JAWS!

The early lobster season started at sun up this morning.

I went out on my bedroom balcony at sunrise to see if anything was going on. Within 500 feet of the shore there were already 12 boats out there with snorklers in the water diving for lobsters.

An hour later I went out again. This time it looked like the Normandy invasion! Boats all over the place! Too many to count!

During the rest of the morning the boats were going out by my house. Most were small. All overloaded. With more people than the vessel could seem to hold. Mostly men. Mostly carrying large bellies.

That is why the reference to Jaws. It reminded me of when all the fisherman went out to catch the big white in order to win the cash award.

The next few days are a big time in the keys. The start of the lobster mini season is like a holiday. People who rarely go out on the water, rush to do so. And everyone has a good time! The beer flows, the company is good and it is not difficult to catch lobsters on the first day of the season. They are in abundance.

I played golf this morning. Too many guys showed up so Brad and I played alone. It was fun! We finished in under 3 hours. I sucked on the front. Played much better on the back. Shot 50 on the back. Good for me! I needed a 6 on the par 5 18th to break 50. I did not have it in me. Shot a 7. I have not broken 50 for 9 in years. Perhaps next week.

The diet is ended! Hooray! I hit 20 pounds this morning. 20 pounds in 33 days. Not bad. I recommend the Nutrisystem diet. It works.

It is close to 5. Have to shave and shower. Then off to hear Bobby Nesbitt. He has a new Wednesday venue. Aqua. I recommend his show to you!

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