I have not written since Monday. Sorry. Still having computer access problems. My new one is in the process of shipment.

My life has been quiet this week. The diet still controls. I am stuck at 17 pounds. Three days now. My goal is 20. It is becoming a stretch.

Played golf yesterday. As well as I have been playing the last couple of weeks, I played poorly yesterday. Terrible! Lost $14.

I decied it was time to clean up and go out last night. That meant shaving also. It had been several days and was starting to itch. As well as making me look beat up!

I opted for the bar at LaTrattoria. One water, 2 diet Pepsis and 1 decaf.

The bar was jumping last night.

Erin the bartender’s mother was celebrating her birthday with some friends. The mother is Sherry. She was in the company of 3 other ladies. I know Caroline and Kerry. I am not sure of the other’s name.

They were having a fun time! Loud and clear!

Caroline and Kerry came over to say hello. They descibed themselves as my groupies. Made my night! I should be so lucky!

The iguanas are becoming a problem. They are starting to overpower the island. All over the place!

Legislation is in the works to remediate the problem. Hope it is more successful than the chickens clean up.

The iguanas are basically non bothersome. However they eat up the vegetation like crazy! I have lost 3 feet of foliage in 2 different places. This greenery is expensive in the keys. It must be purchased, planted and cared for. Cared for includes irrigation. So it is a bit costly!

Today is Lori day. Haircut time! Have to run…..

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