Sunday was OK!

We went to the beach first. Fort Zach. Ally would not play with me. She refused to share her pail and would not help me build a sand castle. Sometimes you just can’t make friends!

Ran into Anna my housekeeper and her family. She has 2 beautiful young children. The baby is huge. He weighed over 9 pounds at birth and now is 18 pounds! Anna is relatively tiny. Had to be one hell of a child birth!

Anna and her family are leaving for a one month vacation Wednesday. They are returning to their home country. Poland. Kids and all!

After the beach, we headed over to Dante’s. Son in law Corey had a group there he wanted to join.

Corey is the Chief Archeologist at the Mel Fisher Museum. For well over 20 years.

Twenty years ago Mel Fisher discovered a slave ship at the bootom of the sea. This was after he had discovered hundreds of million dollars in gold there also.

Yesterday, the group that discovered the slave ship had a reunion. Families and all! At Dante’s.

My grandkids had a wonderful time, as did their father Corey.

I watched the finish of the British Open at Dante’s bar. Harrington deserved to win. I was pulling for Norman. Just too old! Hard to win any tournamnet at that age. Especially when he himself admitted he has not been playing/practicing much. Age takes its toll! However he had a great 3 days and a great tournament!

Diet! Diet! Diet!

Lost another pound. 17 in all! Only 3 to go!

Have a good day!

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