I am still waiting for delivery and set up of my new computer. In the meantime, I am without one. That is why I missed writing yesterday’s blog. Sorry.

I am at Lisa’s doing this one.

The diet is the big thing in my life at this moment. I am true blue. Have not cheated yet. Twelve pounds in 15 days.

However I have not lost in the last 3 days. I am anxiously waiting for a 2-3 pound loss!

The diet is keeping me in evenings. Cannot eat. Cannot drink. So why go out! I am married to the TV set!

I do go out in the morning to walk. I am walking all over the island. Must exercise!

There is a new scam re gasoline. Apparently legal. But typical bullshit!

There was a warning on the internet that some gas stations are charging extra where a credit card is used. This is the way it works. The price per gallon is on a pole at the gas station. It is also on the pump. However if a credit card is used at the pump, the pump is orchestrated to immediatly increase the price per gallon from $.05-.08 per gallon. The pump per gallon cost automatically adjusts itself to show the increase. However many consumers are not aware since who pays attention to these things while pumping.

The cure to the problem is first to be cautious. See if your gas station is playing the game. If so, change gas stations!

It is almost 2 in the afternoon. I am hungry. No lunch yet. So I am off to home and my Nutrisystem treats.

I am starting to go stir crazy. Need to get out. I may do so tonight.

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