If you missed yesterdy’s blog, I wrote it late. Read the blog preceding this one to catch up.

Florida Keys Community College is quite a place! It is the intellectual and cultural center of the lower keys.

Prior to yesterday, I had only been on its grounds for performances at the Tennessee Williams Theatre. A beautiful and functional place.

The grandkids are taking swimming lessons. They are given at the College. Last night I went to watch.

The pool is located outside and in the rear of the College. Off a large lagoon.

Again the word beauty comes into pay. What a setting! The pool, the water and the College. Whoever planned this place knew what he was doing.

I sat and watched a group of 3-4 year olds take their second lesson. All serious minded! None fearful. At least they did not show fear. It was heartwarming, exciting and funny!

Three lessons a week for 3 weeks and then they swim! I believe it!

Big day with the diet. I lost 2 pounds! Wow! I now have lost a total of 12 pounds in 13 days. For real! This Nutrisystem diet is terrific! However I must admit it is not easy. I feel lousy. I am very tired. And my disposition is worse than normal! But the diet is working! Only 8 pounds to go!

So much for today. Enjoy!

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