I am doing today’s blog at close to 9 in the evening. My computer crashed again. I am waiting for a new one to be delivered and set up. So I am at Lisa’s tonight doing what should have been done in the morning.


A nice day. Warm and humid. However a strong breeze. So not bad.

Played golf this morning. With Larry, Yankee, Roger and a new guy named Nick.

I played well. Won $10!

Yankee was the big winner. He won around $70! Good going, Yankee!

I played exceptionally well on the front nine. Won 4 holes. And tied on 4 other holes, thereby defeating the person who had to win. That person in each instance was Larry Smith. Sorry Larry! But every once and a while even I excell.

Larry, by the way, was the big loser.

The diet is in its 12th day. I lost another pound. 10 total. I am at the half way point. 10 more to go.

I almost cheated last night. The diet was getting to me. Big time! But I held in there. Today was easier.

Will get back to you at some time tomorrow when I have a computer to access.

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