It rained heavy off and on yesterday. And during the night, it thundered loudly frequently. The rainy season is upon us!

I walked late morning yesterday. Was the humidity heavy! Real heavy! Found it difficult on occasion to breath. So I cut the walk short. A fool I a not!

As I walked, I diverted my usual course to find air conditioing. I walked 3 blocks off Duval to the public library. Thought I would sit in the cool and read the papers. The library is closed on Mondays! I did not know. So now I had to walk 3 blocks back to Duval. I had inadvertently added 6 blocks onto a walk I was seeking to shorten! And no airconditioning! I felt like the guy in the desert who sees water and hurrys towards it, only to find it was a mirage when he gets there!

My computer crashed again over the weekend. It appears fatal this time. So I was at Lisa’s twice yesterday using her computer. With the grandkids harassing me! A joy!

This diet turns me into a semi recluse. Ergo I had to get out last night. Shaved and showered and went to La Trattoria.

No food. Two decaf coffees, 1 diet Pepsi and a glass of water!

Good company, though!

Kathy the bartender is a gem! And Marty and Peter were finishing dinner.

Marty is a court stenographer here in Key West. He generally records depositions and hearings for attorneys. A nice guy! We talked briefly diet. Marty is considering a diet and I was describing the plus and minus’ of Nutrisystem.

Peter is Captain Peter Bamberger. I wrote of Peter a couple of weeks ago. I thought he was a “captain” who never actually captained or sailed. Wrong was I! And I apologize Peter! Actually Peter sailed and captained the seven seas for many years. World wide.

Regarding the diet, this is day 11. I have not lost any weight since yesterday. So the loss is still at 9 pounds. 9 in 11 days!

Yesterday was the toughest day on the diet. It really got to me. I was ready to cheat or go off! But I hung in there!

The sun is trying to come up. Having a tough time. Overcast. So everything is gray. A pretty picture however!

This morning is haircut time. I get to visit with my barber Lauri. A joy! Note how the mundane acquires significance when one is retired!

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