Happy Fourth of July!

It is going to be a lovely day here in Key West. The sun is already up. It is overcast however. The water this morning is gray, not blue. Probably because of the overcast.

It will be another warm and humid day.

Tonight there will be fireworks on the White Street Pier. That’s where Woody’s ashes were strewn from last week. Woody will have the best seat in the house!

There is also a huge party planned at the Casa Marina from 5-9. I will be attending with the grandkids.

This is day 7 of my diet. The end of the first week. I lost a total of 8 pounds! Wild! Love it!

This Nutrisystem diet is terrific! However I must admit it is getting to me. This weekend is going to be a crisis point. I have to hang in there. Only 12 pounds to go!

You will recall I projected when I started the diet that I would lose 8 pounds the first week. That projection was based on my experience with the Nutrisystem diet last year when I lost 50 pounds in 4 months. There also I lost 8 pounds the first week.

However if experience runs true, the diet will now fall back to an average 3 pounds a week. Which means I have 4 weeks to go! Again this weekend will be defining! It’s tough right now!

Yesterday I fast walked a mile. In all that humidity! I stopped again at the Pier House and read the papers and drank diet Pepsi at the beach bar.

The rest of the day was nothing. I was tired. From the diet! So I slept most of the afternoon.

I did not go out last night because I wanted to avoid food and alcohol. The near occasions of sin for me!

Enjoy the holiday! I am! I am going to go out tonight!

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