No blog yesterday. Sorry. My computer crashed!

It took 3 hours to get it back up running. By that time I was too aggravated and tired to write the blog.

Then I went to the State offices on the boulevard to renew my car registration. The State’s computer crashed! Just as it was my turn! So no car renewal.

It was time to beat myself up. So I walked a mile along the beach. In the humidity and heat of the the mid day sun. I was soaking wet when I finished.

I then drove over to the Pier House. Sat at the beach bar, in the shade and under a fan, drinking a bottle of water and reading the papers.

Last night stayed in. Couch potato time. This diet tires me out.

Speaking of the diet, it has now been 5 days. And I have lost 6 ounds!

That is why I am tired! No fuel to burn!

Today is Wednesday. Golf day! I hope I survive…..

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