I was wondering why I could not sleep a couple of nights ago. I blamed it on the diet. Specifically that my alcohol consumption had dropped to zero. However 14 of you wrote back and corrected that assumption.

I advised that on the diet I had consumed 2 cups of regular coffee and 2 diet Pepsis. All within 2 hours of going to bed.

The 14 told me why I could not sleep. It was obvious! It was the caffeine that kept me awake!

Last night I skipped the diet soda and had only 1 cup of coffeee, decaffinated. And I slept like a baby!

We live and learn!

Yesterday was Sunday and breakfast at Camille’s. With Lisa, Cory and the grandchildren. Fun! With this diet, I have become a cheap date. Had only 1 cup of coffee!

It was humid. However I needed to walk. Walked from the Atlantic to the Gulf and back. I was soaking wet when I finished.

I spent the rest of the day hanging out at home. A nap or two, some sun, some reading, watched golf on TV. Lisa came over with the grandchildren to swim. Always fun! Always interesting!

This deepening recession is being felt in several ways here in Key West.

The town is normally dead in the summer. However the past several weekends have been terrific. People from Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other Florida points north are driving in for the the weekend. It appears people are taking shorter/closer vacations.

A friend of mine owns a popular local bar. Local is the key word. It is a locals hangout. Very few, if any, tourists. Serves only alcohol. He tells me his gross is down $600 a day. A lot of money! He blames it on the lack of construction in the area. Many of his customers are carpenters. They are not working. Ergo, drinking less. At least outside the home.

A small condo, 1 bed 1 bath, went on sale in Old Town for $158,000. It sold for $114,000. Four years ago that same property would have brought in excess of $400,000!

I lost another pound. Four pounds in 3 days. Sixteen to go!

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