Yesterday was like a house keeping day. Though my activities did not include actually scrubbing, dusting and that sort of thing!

It started with an early morning appointment with the dentist. Finally got my new cap placed in. My expensive mouth is complete again.

Think of how much gasoline one cap could buy!

I left my newly washed shinny car under a tree while in the dentist’s office. It rained big time while I was in the chair. And then the rain was gone and the sun shone bright. That is the way it rains in Key West.

But it was not an ordinary rain for my car. It was a mess!

I do not know the type of tree, but I had huge yellow spots all over my formerly sparkling vehicle. Maybe they were the earlier black spots which I wrote about a few weeks ago in disguise!

Then to the coffee house on Duval to read the New York papers. The Times and Post. All sold out! Just my luck! So I was relegated to the Key West Citizen, interesting in itself.

Lunch at home. I wanted to try out my new tooth in privacy. Everything OK!

It continued to be an appointment day.

In the afternoon I was scheduled for a haircut with Lori. Always a pleasure to see her! She does a great hair!

For those of you who have never seen me in the flesh, the last statement is humorous in and of itself. I sit in the chair. The electric clipper is put on #2. And run over my head! Voila the haircut!

The humidity was heavy by mid afternoon. I decided I needed something cool to drink. So it was back to the coffee house for an iced chocolate mocha. Oh, so delicious!

The humidity also tired me out. Back home for a 2 hour nap on cool sheets. Nothing like it!

Some friends wanted to eat at the Marquesa Restaurant last night. I was reluctant. I had not eaten there in 10 years. The food was good. The atmosphere terrific. But the staff had an attitude problem. My argument was with their reservation system. I would call and tell them I wanted an 8 o’clock reservation. I was always told I could only be seated at 6:30 or 9:30. What bullshit! A tourist gimmick!

So I stopped going.

Marqusa’s loss.

I relented and went last night.

I am glad I went.

I will go again.

The meal was outstanding! The staff charmingly pleasant and attentive!

I told the manager my unhappiness with the seating sytem of long ago. I also told her I eat out every night.

She assured me I would be seated at whatever time I wanted from this point forward. And evidenced her sincerity with a free round of drinks and free desserts.

Still early when we finished, so I sauntered over to La Te Da. Had an espresso martini, listened to Debra and Patrick and talked with Mary Jo. A Key West time!

Have a good day!

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