55 degrees this morning! Lower during the night. The high today is projected at 67.

The weather had been terrific. Warm. A cold front was predicted for yesterday. However you would never know it till it hit in the early afternoon. It was sunny and warm. I was sitting on the deck reading a book. There was a slight breeze from the south. All of a sudden the wind shifted. It was now coming in from the north. And a chill creeped in with it.

It took all of 10 minutes for the weather to change! That’s all! And the cold front was here! With heavy rain.

So last night I dressed for the weather. Jeans and rain gear.

My first stop was the Chart Room. Had a couple of drinks. Chatted with friends. Made new friends.

Then it was off to La Trattoria for dinner at the bar. Very busy there also. Erin was working her butt off.

I was going to hit the Keys to hear Terri sing. But it was too cold and I was a bit tired. So I was off to home and bed early.

The wind was big time during the night. It woke me several times. I had difficulty returning to sleep. So I turned the TV on. A 1940 movie was playing: The Return of Frank James. Starred Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney. And guess who else? Jackie Cooper! The same Jackie Cooper I spoke of a couple of days ago. He played a teenager. I have not seen Cooper in a film in at least 30 years.

Gene Tierney was one of the lovely actresses during the 1930 and 1940 movie era. A big star!

A small railroad is headquartered in Cooperstown, NY. Cooperstown is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The railroad owns a series of small lines all over the country. The railroad provides its chief executive with a home in the middle of town. A big gracious old house with magnificent grounds.

Cooperstown is about 40 miles from Utica. I was invited to some cocktail parties at the grand old mansion. It would be like going to a party here in Key West at the Hemingway house. Except people still actually lived in the Cooperstown home when I was a guest there.

It was common knowledge that at one time a particular President of the railroad and Gene Tierney were a thing. She used to visit and spend much time at the house. Part of a party at the mansion was a guided trip through the house. And Gene Tierney’s bedroom was always mentioned by the tour guide. Every time I saw her bed, I could not help but think this is where she did it! Forgive me, but I did.

How things trigger memories. Caddy Shack with Rodney Dangerfield brought me back to La Costa and Jackie Cooper. The Return of Jesse James this past night brought me back to Cooperstown and Gene Tierney.

Lisa just telephoned. The grandkids are well. She is bringing them over for hot chocolate. Corey needs quiet to study so she has to get them out of the house.

Hot chocolate is becoming my specialty. I remember when it was martinis, especially espresso martinis.

How things change!

Two glorious events yesterday!

Babysitting in the morning ! Howard Livingston in the evening!

Lisa telephoned early in the morning. The grandkids were both sick. Robert with a cold, Ally with a fever and ear ache. Would I babysit till noon? Of course!

When I arrived, they were laying around looking bad! I talked to them. They just starred at me.

After awhile, the twinges of life began appearing. Soon they were up and playing. Slowly at first. Then chasing each other and laughing loudly.

They were better!

Yesterday was an unusually beautiful day. 80 degrees and warm. No cold wind. In fact, no wind!

I figured they could use the heat of the sun. So we went out into the back yard.

Their Aunt Beth and Uncle Mark from Boston sent them a big gift last year. It is an airplane made of pipe. About 10 feet long. Two seats. It moves back and forth. A combination rocker and teeter totter.

We talked.

We decided to take a trip to Utica. By plane.

They have been to Utica twice. Once to avoid a hurricane and the other to visit. Never in the winter, however.

I told them it was snowing in Utica. They have never experienced snow, but have seen it on TV.
We have to dress for the snow and cold. So I had them find their water boots, get gloves and put on hats. Now we were ready for the snow!

And away we went!

The experience brought me back to my childhood. I told them that after I was out playing in the snow on a cold day, I always had hot chocolate. In the house we went and I made hot chocolate for all of us!

The experience must have been too much for both of them. They each fell asleep on a couch. Ally was still hot. Her fever remained. Robert napped without coughing or a running nose.

I am into this grandfather thing!

Last night was Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24!

I love Howard. There is not a better person. We have been friends for about 10 years.

Now he is a big time entertainer! A national reputation developing. Or maybe already developed. In the past 3 years, he has opened in Nashville and Vegas. He already has 5 albums. And he has a bunch of groupies who follow him everywhere! The groupies are 50ish and whoop it up during his performances.

Howard started a seven week gig last night at the San Carlos. He and his band will be playing every Thursday evening.

A great 2 hour show! A $20 admission. Very cheap for the quality of the music you will hear and the entertainment to be enjoyed.

He sings of the keys. Jimmy Buffet style. Most of the songs are music Howard wrote himself.

You will laugh. You will cry. I did both, more than once. He sings from the heart. His passion and sincerity are evident.

One of the songs that really hit me was about his father. Howard’s Dad passed on a couple of years ago. Emotional!

Most of his songs are light and uplifting. His Dad’s song was uplifting, even though heavy and moving. Anyhow, his words are terrific. And the audience picks up on them and sings along.

A great entertainer! On his way up! See him once! See him twice! You will enjoy!

Lisa just called. Robert is well and going to school. Ally still sick. I have to go over and baby sit Ally for the morning.

Where will Ally and I go today? We did Utica yesterday? I have to think. Consult with Ally. Maybe a trip to the moon. That would be exciting!

The child within us never leaves.

I played golf yesterday. It was Wednesday and Wednesday is golf day.

The money guys would not let me play with them. They apparently only wanted to play with good golfers.

I survived the insult!

I played with Aaron, John and Bruce.

Actually, I ended up playing well. I switched drivers. Went back to my old one. And started getting off the tee! A decent drive makes all the difference!

The issue of money players vs. non money players came up at the completion of the round. We generally meet on the porch of the club house for a drink. It was like a union meeting. It was finally decided that all games will be money games and we will basically rotate each week who we play with.

Democracy at work! With a few Milller Lites!

My grand kids are sick. So after golf I went to K Mart to get them some toys. Got Robert a big truck. And for Ally some sort of bead game.

Both were thrilled with the gifts. However the bead game turned out to be trash. Very gooey and messy. Lisa had to throw it out.

I tried.

The grandkids are still sick. Lisa just called. I have to run over and baby sit till noon. In 3 days I will have their head cold and an ear ache!

Have fun today!

One of the habits I have developed here in Key West is a late afternoon nap. One to two hours. Rejuvenating!

As I climbed in bed yesterday, I flipped on the TV. There was a rerun of Caddy Shack. The film is 28 years old. It starred Rodney Dangerfield.

I actually met Rodney Dangerfield. Spent a whole week with him.

Back in the mid 1970s to mid 1980s, I had a weight problem. Still do.

Once or twice a year I used to go to La Costa for one to two weeks. La Costa was located just outside San Diego. It was a health spa.

Spas are plentiful today. All kinds, all sizes. However 25-30 years ago there were very few. I do not think even Golden Door existed then.

La Costa was the place to go! A 400 to 800 calorie a day diet. And organized exercise and body treatment sessions from 9 to 5. You did it all!

I used to go on an 800 calorie a day diet. Not much food. Celery soup at lunch was a perfect example. Just hot water. No celery. I think they poured hot water in a dish and ran a celery stalk quickly through it!

The diet and exercise worked however. For me, it was good for a pound a day. And I would develop religion which was good for 2-3 months afterwards when I returned home. I would not continue to lose. However I did not gain.

I met some very interesting people at La Costa. The whole world went there!

Watching Caddy Shack yesterday brought back memories of La Costa. It was at La Costa I met Rodney Dangerfield.

We met for the first time jumping back and forth together from the hot to cold and back to the hot pool. I never understood this activity. I used to think the shock to my body could cause a heart attack. But the spa people said it was good for me. So I participated. Fortunately, I never saw any bodies carried out!

Dangerfield and I became friends for that week. We exercised together, ate together and in the evening each smoked a big cigar together.

He was for real! What you saw in the movies or on the TV screen was him. No acting! He was that dunce! No insult intended. But he was in real life as he was when acting. And he dressed the same! This guy got paid for being himself!

My week with him was a pleasure and will always be imbedded in my mind.

Then there was William Holden. My hero! Everyone’s hero!

Holden was always at La Costa. Apparently he had a drinking problem and used to go to dry out.

He was the humblest of men! A gentleman!

One of the organized exercise classes was water volly ball. We used to play bare ass one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. 20-30 guys in the pool at the same time.

At some point all of the volley balls had been hit outside the pool. Some one had to jump out of the pool and retrieve them. No one wanted to do it. We all hesitated. Pure laziness. However not Holden ! He was always the first to do it. Without hesitation. Said a lot about him!

The other thing I remember about Holden was how short he was. No more than 5′ 6″ tall!

I asked how he could be short of stature and still look so big in movies, especially the love scenes with women. He said simple. For the love scenes, they would pile a couple of Coca Cola cases on top of each other and he would stand on them. For real! Coke came in bottles in those days and was shipped in wood cases.

Arlene Dahl was a Hollywood beauty who frequented La costa.

Dahl was a major star in the 1940s and into the early 1950s. A knockout! High cheekbones.

I never got to talk with Dahl. She was a loner. Mysterious. I always thought she was as a veil floating through a haunted house.

Dahl is still alive. In her early 90s at least. Unfortunately, Dangerfield and Holden have passed on.

There were more.

Evil Knevil. The guy who drove motorcyles over cars and fires and whatever. A daredevil!

I first met Evil during my Jockey Club days in Miami. We both had condos at the Club, met at the bar and became friends. A wild man!

One afternoon I was sunning myself on my tenth floor balcony overlooking the pool. The telephone rang. It was Knevil. He wanted to know what I was doing. He said throw on some clothes and pack a small bag. We are going to the Bahamas for the weekend!

Evil had a 145 foot yacht. Big! Elegant! Always impressed me. Not only did he have a small motor boat and two motor cycles on the back, he also had a helicopter perched on the back. Like a butterfly. I was really impressed!

We did the Bahama weekend thing. A great time! Enough said!

Anyhow, one time that I was at La Costa, Evil showed up. Said he needed some good healthy living. Not him! I think he lasted a half a day on the diet. Drank. And chased women!

So much for Evil and good living!

Unfortunately Evil has passed on also. His son Evil Jr. does the same cycle tricks for a living that his father did. But a bit more dangerous. I think he once tried to jump from one cliff to another on a motor cycle. My recollection is he did not make it. Survived, but broke a few bones.

And then there was Jackie Cooper.

Cooper was a child star in the 1930s. Of Our Gang fame. I remember seeing him also in films with Spencer Tracy and Victor McClauglin. When he was older and mature, my recollection is he played Commmissioner Gordon either on the original Batman TV show or in an early Batman movie.

I enjoyed Cooper’s company also. By La Costa time, he was a Hollywood producer and owner of race horses. The race horses were the thing that really interested him. That was all he talked about.

Such was La Costa. Every one was friendly. It was easy to do. We walked around all day bare ass. The commonality factor overcame everything else.

And you have been subjected to all this La Costa stuff this morning because I saw Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack yesterday afternoon.

That is what happens as one gets old. The past becomes as clear as today!

Key West was Harry Truman’s Camp David.

One of the local papers recently made mention that he visited here 175 times during his Presidency. Obviously he enjoyed the sun and fishing. And perhaps an occasional drink at Sloppy Joe’s. Truman was known to enjoy a drink and playing cards.

As mentioned a few days ago, Key West is the home to the Little White House. The Little White House is where Truman resided those 175 days he was here. It is now on the National Registry and serves as a tourist attraction. If you are a history buff of any sort, visit it. You can feel and taste the history of the place.

Paths cross in life. Three times mine briefly connected with Truman’s.

The first time was in 1948. I was in the seventh grade. Major politics in those days was from the back of a train. There was no television and no airlines per se.

Truman was running against New York’s Governor Tom Dewey. Rather, Dewey was running against Truman. Truman was already President as a result of FDR’s death.

Truman was coming to Utica, NY to campaign. From the back of a train.

My friends and I rode our bicycles down to Union Station. Mobs of people. The President was coming!

Somehow we maneuvered our bikes through the crowd till we were stationed right in front of the rear platform. And there was President Truman speaking! Less than 3 feet away!

I really did not understand what he said. But I could sense it was a big deal!

The next time Truman was briefly a part of my life was when I was a senior at Syracuse University College of Law. It was 1960. Truman had been long retired from the Presidency.

Syracuse University in those days was a Democratic bastion. Truman was visiting the campus for some lecture purpose. He was going to be on campus for a few days.

At the time, there were 35,000 students at Syracuse. A big place.

The administration decided that twelve outstanding students would meet with the former President at a private luncheon. I was selected to represent the College of Law. I did not consider myself that special. However for whatever reason, the law school faculty decided I should go.


We were in a small room. Two round tables. I was fortunate to have been seated right next to the President.

A warm personal man. You would never know he had been touched with greatness.

Following lunch, he gave an informal talk. The history of it all was overwhelming. Even then I loved history and politics.

In the Presidential campaign of 1948, Truman was not a popular man. He was considered an inept man. It was expected that Dewey would slaughter him.

So confident were the political pundits of that day, that one of the major US newspapers published its election night headline and sent out the paper for distribution stating in bold letters that Dewey had won!

H. V. Calteborn was the nation’s leading radio commentator. Remember, no TV back then.

Caltenborn had a deep resonating voice. The whole world listened nightly to him. He went on the radio election night and announced also that Dewey had won!

Well, Dewey had not won! When all the votes were counted, Truman had defeated Dewey resoundingly!

Truman told that story to us at the luncheon. He also brought with him a tape of Caltenborn’s radio talk that night. Funny! Truman laughed deeply as he played it. Good for him, I thought.

We twelve students had the privilege of 3 great hours with a great man!

The third and final time my life briefly touched Truman’s was in the early 1960s when I opened my first law office. I wanted to hang a colored print of Truman in my new office. Search as I might, I could not find one any where to purchase. So I wrote a short simple letter to Truman. He was living in Independence, Missouri.

My letter was to the point. I made no mention of Syracuse University. I merely said I was a young lawyer opening my first office and wanted a colored print of him to hang. Did he know where I could find one?

Within two weeks I had his response. He sent me a hand written letter on letterhead. He said I could find no colored print because there were none. However he went to an old magazine of his and found a colored photo. He cut it out, signed it with best wishes and mailed it to me. He hoped it would do!

Would it! I framed the photo and hung it behind my chair. I still have it to this day.

As to hand written letter, I am ashamed to admit I do not know what happened to it. I should have framed the note also. But who knew things in those days!

It feels good to still have Truman in my life. Every time I walk by the Little White House, it takes me back to the seventh grade, law school and being that young lawyer. Good times! Good memories!

A beautiful day weatherwise yesterday.

And a terrific day otherwise!

Sundays continue to be the best.

I layed in bed watching Meet the Press in the morning. Then did some quiet reading. I am in the middle of Tom Brokaw’s Boom! Great reading!

I had a late lunch. Around 2. Bought a ton of Sunday papers and drove out to Hogfish. It was crowded big time! I found a place at the bar and commenced my reading opus. Picked on hogfish fingers while devouring the New York Times.

At 5 I drove over to the Gardens Hotel. Kate Miano is the proprietor. She also is the reigning Fantasy Fest Queen.

The Gardens is a beautiful place. A cross between a hotel and guest house. And its name is well placed. The gardens are absolutely magnificent!

From 5-7 on Sundays, Kate has music in the Gardens. A couple of pieces and a singer. I have never been there for the Sunday event. Have been hearing many good things about it lately. So I decided to stop in before going to Lisa’s for dinner.

I am glad I did! What a pleasant experience!

The Sunday night gathering is a gigantic success. At least 200 people sitting around the pool, in between the trees and shrubbery, on the porches. All social. Every one happy.

My friend Skipper was on the drums. What a percussionist!

I ran into Donna and Terri as I was parking my car. They were with a friend of Terri’s who had flown in from Denver for Terri’s birthday the day before. I am embarassed! I cannot remember his name. Even though we talked for a half hour! Old age! Things just disappear from the mind. Sorry!

I could only stay a half hour at the Gardens since I was scheduled for dinner with the family.

Dinner at Lisa’s is always fun! It’s the grandkids! What a joy!

I colored with 3 year old Ally. She made sure I stayed inside the lines.

Robert is 4 going on 8! He can now count by the 10s. Also he learned about Martin Luther King this past week and can quote parts of his memorable speech.

This Montessori School thing is impressive!

After dinner, Lisa and I had a father/daughter chat. Actually, she lectured me. In a nice way. I appreciate her love and concern for me.

I returned home. It was all of 8 o’clock. Love the late hours I keep here!

Not a bad day at all.

I had a screw off day yesterday. Stayed in bed all day. Till 6 last night. Watched college basketball, movies and news shows on TV. Slept off and on in between.

Good for mind and body to live that way every once and awhile.

I finally faced the world early last night.

I stopped first at Square One for a drink. Friends at the bar. Enjoyed their company.

Then I was off to Antonia’s for dinner. At the bar, of course. The place was packed when I arrived. I like the bar’s corner seat. There was Bart sitting protecting my spot from the predators. Thank you, Bart!

I had a terrific snapper meal and enjoyed my conversation with others dining at the bar.

I met Anne. She has been here in Key West for 20 years. How we never met before, I do not know.

Anne is originally from Lockport, NY. She has friends in Utica. One is Vince Rosssi, Jr. A fellow attorney and friend. We talked about Vincent and his Dad, Vincent also. Young Vincent is an outstanding legal mind. However, his father was the best of the best! A very smart compassionate practicioner for whom I had the highest regard and respect.

My friend the court steno Marty and his wife Donna were also enjoying Saturday night dining at Antonia’s bar. Good people. I enjoy their company.

Afterwards, I went over to La Te Da to hear Debra and Patrick. I am glad I did. I ran into a great couple from Detroit. Janet and Bart. Their first time in Key West!

They are staying at the Dewey House which is part of the Southernmost complex. Great living!
They had already a couple of nights before discovered Antonia’s, Louie’s Backyard and La Te Da.

Janet is a petite slender lovely lady of 44. Looks 34! She was dressed in one of those nice black body hugging dresses with sort of spaghetti straps. And what a tan!

Here I am freezing my ass off the past few days and she is laying in the sun! Janet and Bart are from Detroit. So they left 0 degree weather for 60-70 degree weather. Their blood is thick. Mine thin. She could handle the beach and was lightly attired last night. Whereas I spent the day under two blankets and last night was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Evidence of my blood thinning theory!

These two were very interesting people. Both are in the automotive business. Bart is sales manager for 10 distributorships in the Detroit area, most if not all foreign. Janet works for Chrysler in some big deal job involving parts.

Interesting people! Hooked on Key West! I believe they will return.

One other point of interest. Janet and Bart celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this past November. In St. Barts! Janet walked around bare ass. When in Rome do as the Romans do! Bart would not. He wore shorts. What a woman! A Key Wester in the making!

And lo and behold, Marty and Donna showed up at the bar. They had been across the street at the Keys piano bar earlier. I accused them of following me around! Again, good people!

Today is Sunday. What to do? Yes, I will watch Meet the Press at 10. There is no pro football today, so I will not be going to Don’s Place. I will probably spend the afternoon with Lisa and the family and then have Sunday dinner with them this evening.

The weather is changing. It will be in the very low 70s today. The sun is out. It looks like a beautiful day in the making.

About time!

A quiet day yesterday.

A doctor’s visit in the morning. Coffee afterwards at the Coffee house. Read the papers. Then lunch at the Yacht Club.

I was running out of food. So a visit to the super market was in order. I have come to enjoy this task, pushing the cart and chatting with people. What retirement will do to a person!

Last night I had a few drinks with the Captain, Marty and Che at the Chart Room. Then dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Met and chatted with some very interesting people. Especially a young lady seated next to me who was wearing less clothes than her body required. She was every one’s center of attention.

Donna and Terri have returned. They had gone up to Miami for a few days.

When people here in Key West feel a need to get away, they refer to it as…..getting off the rock! Donna and Terri got off the rock!

Terri sang last night at the Keys. What a great voice! We are lucky to have her here. Today is Terri’s birthday. Happy birthday Terri!

It is still dark here. Pitch black outside my window. However 3 boats have already gone out this morning. I can tell because I can hear their motors and see the small light on the bows. The weather is still cold and the water choppy. A crazy time to fish!

Enjoy your day!

Bocci last night! An evening to remember!

Don had planned an evening of fun for 4 teams. He broke them down somehow into 6 teams. For a one evening tournament. We are in between bocci seasons and Don recognized we were all itchy to play again.

So as usual, Don worked his ass off in the planning. We even had refreshments. What would bocci be without alcohol! Everything but T shirts and cheerleaders.

Tournament time was 6:30. The sun was scheduled to set at 6:40.

The court lights would not work! Not a one of them. I thought for a moment that perhaps the City forgot to pay its bill. Ho ho!

So our noble leader Don, undaunted as usual, yelled out to all of us to hurry up and play. He made a command decision that games would be limited to 5 points.

The sun was already setting as we started. Within 10 minutes, it was pitch black.

Necessity is the mother of invention, however. Soon flashlights appeared. They were small and not strong enough to cover the entire court. Only the area of the polina.

And it was dark! No moon out, so no moon light.

It was so dark, that none of us could see who we were playing with or against at the other end of the court. And the court itself was black, except for the dim flashlight making a 2 foot circle around the polina.

No playing breaks or anything. You could see nothing. Just the polina. So you threw the ball straight. And guess what? Every one played better than they normally would! Amazing!

Bebe played for the first time. We talked about how to describe the evening. Night bocci was too mundane. Moon bocci did not appply. No moon. So Bebe came up with Mood Bocci. And correct she was!

We lasted 1 1/2 hours. Long enough for all to play 3 games of 5. We all had a good time! The whole scenerio was totally rediculous! And that is why it was fun!

I just decided night bocci is like sex. You can do it in the dark!

Bocci done, it was only 7:30. Still early. What to do? What else! Don’s Place!

The bar was packed with the bocci players and others.

I spent most of the evening chatting with Jules and Nancy. Jules is my usual bocci partner. Love her! Love her right handed hook on the bocci court. Her husband is still in the middle east as an Air Force Lt. Colonel. Nancy is married to Michael and is Don’s business manager. She is the nuts and bolts person and actually runs Don’s Place! Which makes Don happy!

Our conversation was terrific!

Nancy is a generation behind me. Jules is about 2 or 3 generations.

Somehow we got into a conversation about the 1960s and the turbulence of the times. Note that at that time I was already practicing law. Jules was not yet born. And Nancy was in college.

Nancy went to Alfred University which is somewhere in the southwestern part of New York State. Her Dad was a high school principal and coach. She came from a conservative background. Eisenhower type people.

Then came Alfred, the Vietnam war, women’s rights, black rights and other turbulence. College’s were in turmoil. Demonstrations all over the place. Buildings burned in protest. Offices physically taken over. Youthful demands made.

A wild time!

And there was Nancy in the middle of it all. A fomenter of dissent. A rabble rouser! The term rabble being used with delicacy. She loved it all!

The interesting thing is that Nancy believes there was value to what she did. That she and her friends made a difference. And she is right! It was upheaval times. A regurgetation! But was required to reset the tone and direction of the country.

Good for you, Nancy!

The turbulence of the 1960s is represented today by Obama’s recent election. Change arrived at in different ways.

I mentioned during the course of our long talk that I was reading Tom Brokaw’s book Boom! Boom! is about the 1960s. Great reading! I recommned it!

It was a fun night! A wonderful night! Even though the lights were out.

The last time the lights went out, my wife got pregnant! For real! That was back in the 1960s also when there was a major power failure in all of the northeast. It was a time when we were in deep controversey with Russia. War was always a possibility. I feared it was starting that evening when a quarter of the United States was without power. The 1960s was an interesting time in more ways than one!

I have nothing on the agenda today, except a doctor’s visit this morning. But then, who knows what the day will bring!

Have a good day!

Captain Peter is already a Key West icon. I believe he is originally from England, where men are either gentlemen or cads. Peter is unquestionably a gentleman. The other evening, I was a cad. Sorry, Peter. I apologize. Mea culpa.

I frequently mention Bill and June Nelson from Delaware. He is the famous divorce lawyer. I have known them for 15 years. Dined with them, partied with them.

Last night I ran into them at Aqua. June asked me what their last name was. I said Nelson. She said, no, Hudson.

Embarassed! Wow!

They are in my phone directory as Nelson. Likewise, my cell. All these years……

I had no water in my house yesterday. Finally figured out why. It was a disconnect. I forgot to pay the bill. A humbling experience. Now I know how some others feel on occasion.

I would say the past few days have had their moments.

Golf yesterday!

Cold cold out there. In the 50s. We were all bundled and layered. Don, Larry, Yankee, Tino and me.

My game was better than last week. Anything would be better! But it still sucked!

I lost $17. Larry was the big winner, closely followed by Don. Tino had some great holes. And Yankee boomed some long shots. I topped and shanked a lot of shots.

But, I had a good time.

Golf is really a simple game. All you have to do is keep your head down and throw your belly out. Some day I will learn!

Last night was Wednesday and Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. Great entertainment as usual! And a good crowd. Mostly locals. Including my friends Bill and June Hudson. See, I got it right this time!

Afterwards I walked down Duval to Antonia’s for dinner at the bar. The crowd at Antonia’s was only so so when I arrived. Then all of a sudden, it got packed. People were standing waiting for tables. TK told me none had reservations. Every one just decided to walk in at the same time. Whatever, it was good business last night. Christopher had a big smile on his face!

On the way home, I decided to stop at Bare Assets. Stayed for one drink. Watched the young ladies perform. For some reason, I was bored. Maybe tired. Whatever, I left soon after arriving and was home in bed by 9:30.

I think the cold of the day took a lot out of me. And it continues to be cold here in Key West. For all of Florida, for that matter. I understand there are parts of Florida where the temperature dropped into freezing yesterday.

It is so cold here, I finally relented and turned on the heat yesterday afternoon. What a difference! Man was not made to live in the cold!

Tonight bocci!

We have been on a two month hiatus between seasons. Don has arranged a one night tournamnet involving 4 teams. However he has mixed up the players. In short, he has created new teams from the regular teams so people will be playing with persons they have never played with before. A one night event, it should be fun. Something to break the monotony of the long winter nights. Ho ho!

Have fun today!