Good morning!

I did it last night! Had a drink! First one in a long time!

I enjoyed sipping it.

I also ate real food. Another welcome experience! Not a lot. Just enough to satiate me.

All a wonderful experience!

The evening started with Bobby Nesbitt. He has a new venue on Wednesdays. Aqua. The room was full of good people enjoying good singing by Bobby and his friends.

Afterwards I walked over to Antonia’s for my first ral meal in 33 days.

Clayton is back from Columbia. You will recall I joked how he was crazy to go and might not get out. Well, it almost happened!

Clayton is a resident/citizen of New Zealand. He has a green card permitting him to be in the United States and work here also.

He took his old green card with him on the trip. By mistake, of course. It was expired.

So when he went to leave Columbia to return to Key West, it was no way Jose! His green card was no good and the authorities would not permit him to leave.

After some serious anguish, the problem was resolved and Clayton was permitted to board the plane.

Enjoy your day!

Shades of JAWS!

The early lobster season started at sun up this morning.

I went out on my bedroom balcony at sunrise to see if anything was going on. Within 500 feet of the shore there were already 12 boats out there with snorklers in the water diving for lobsters.

An hour later I went out again. This time it looked like the Normandy invasion! Boats all over the place! Too many to count!

During the rest of the morning the boats were going out by my house. Most were small. All overloaded. With more people than the vessel could seem to hold. Mostly men. Mostly carrying large bellies.

That is why the reference to Jaws. It reminded me of when all the fisherman went out to catch the big white in order to win the cash award.

The next few days are a big time in the keys. The start of the lobster mini season is like a holiday. People who rarely go out on the water, rush to do so. And everyone has a good time! The beer flows, the company is good and it is not difficult to catch lobsters on the first day of the season. They are in abundance.

I played golf this morning. Too many guys showed up so Brad and I played alone. It was fun! We finished in under 3 hours. I sucked on the front. Played much better on the back. Shot 50 on the back. Good for me! I needed a 6 on the par 5 18th to break 50. I did not have it in me. Shot a 7. I have not broken 50 for 9 in years. Perhaps next week.

The diet is ended! Hooray! I hit 20 pounds this morning. 20 pounds in 33 days. Not bad. I recommend the Nutrisystem diet. It works.

It is close to 5. Have to shave and shower. Then off to hear Bobby Nesbitt. He has a new Wednesday venue. Aqua. I recommend his show to you!

I am not a happy camper this morning.

I was brushing my teeth yesterday afternoon and threw out my back. Would you believe it!

Ergo, I spent the rest of the day/evening in bed trying to find a comfortable position.

Yesterday I only had one more pound to lose. Today, two. I gained a pound!

My back still hurts! The scale sucks!

Not going to be a good day!

The sun is coming up. Looks like it is going to be a good day.

I did not do anything unusual yesterday. Afte leaving the grandkids, I returned home. Did a little sun time. Then watched TV the rest of the day/evening.

I am into Mad Men. Love it! It is set in the early 1960s. A time I was starting to practice law. A great show! I recommend it! Sunday at 10.

I lost another pound! Nineteen total! Whoopie! Only 1 more to go! Hopefully tomorrow!

I started yesterday’s blog by telling you how great the weather was. It did not last long. We had big time rain later in the day. So much the streets were flooded!

Today it looks like it is going to rain again. Dark and overcast. However it is mid afternoon and we have had nothing yet except a few sprinkles.

The overcast blocks the sun and makes walking easier. I walked extra long today. I am committed to droppinmg those last 2 pounds as soon as possible.

No luck today. I did not lose even a pound. However I am confident that sometime this week I will reach my goal of 20 pounds.

Vanity is my middle name. I have lost 3 inches in the waist. Perhaps more. Love it!

Lisa and the grandkids came to visit this morning. Destruction! But fun!

Lisa, Corey and I watched Meet the Press while they were running around. Hard to concentrate sometimes with them in the background!

Obama had a great week in the Middlel East and Europe. It is difficult now for any one to honestly question his ability to deal with foreign affairs and serving as commander in chief. True, one week does not make him a master. But judgment is the key. And Obama seems to have good judgment!

This week he will probbably dwell on economics. Very important obviouisly! Lets see what impact he has on us after he shares some of his thoughts on how we must proceed in order to eradicate ourselves from the economic hole we are in.

Gasoline is $.25 a gallon cheaper here in Key West. But still well over $4 a gallon. And groceries seem to get a little more expensive each week.

We need concerted leadership to correct our dollar problems. It took us a long time to get into the hole. We are not going to get out in a day or short time. However we need a plan to move in the correct direction as soon as possible. And then stick to that plan!

I leave you now to hand paint with my granddaughter Ally.

What a beautiful morning!

Nary a cloud in the sky. Sun brightly shining. Water deep blue. A slight wind. Enough to make the palm trees bend a bit.

The iguana problem is receivng increased attention. Legislation is being sought to permit their extermination. Freezing, yes freezing, is the suggested method. Apparently they cannot be euthanized like dogs since iguanas are cold blooded.

Remember the guy who shot at the chickens with a pellet gun. The authorities were undecided whether the use of the pellet gun constituted cruel treatment. It has finally been decided it does and so the individual is being charged.

I finally lost another pound! 18 total to date. Only 2 more to go. I wish it were over!

A quiet day yesterday.

I walked in the morning. From the Atlantic to the Gulf and back again. Hot!

With a stop on the Gulf side of the island to have some water and read the papers at the Pier House Beach Bar.

I spent the rest of the day at home doing paper work. Till around 8 last night. Never got to go out. Early to bed.

The diet is still controlling my ife. I wish it were over!

I have not lost a pound in 4 consecutive days! Very demoralizing!

I only have 3 pounds to go to reach my goal of a 20 pound loss. It’s like a woman in her ninth month of pregnncy. I want this to be over.


I have not written since Monday. Sorry. Still having computer access problems. My new one is in the process of shipment.

My life has been quiet this week. The diet still controls. I am stuck at 17 pounds. Three days now. My goal is 20. It is becoming a stretch.

Played golf yesterday. As well as I have been playing the last couple of weeks, I played poorly yesterday. Terrible! Lost $14.

I decied it was time to clean up and go out last night. That meant shaving also. It had been several days and was starting to itch. As well as making me look beat up!

I opted for the bar at LaTrattoria. One water, 2 diet Pepsis and 1 decaf.

The bar was jumping last night.

Erin the bartender’s mother was celebrating her birthday with some friends. The mother is Sherry. She was in the company of 3 other ladies. I know Caroline and Kerry. I am not sure of the other’s name.

They were having a fun time! Loud and clear!

Caroline and Kerry came over to say hello. They descibed themselves as my groupies. Made my night! I should be so lucky!

The iguanas are becoming a problem. They are starting to overpower the island. All over the place!

Legislation is in the works to remediate the problem. Hope it is more successful than the chickens clean up.

The iguanas are basically non bothersome. However they eat up the vegetation like crazy! I have lost 3 feet of foliage in 2 different places. This greenery is expensive in the keys. It must be purchased, planted and cared for. Cared for includes irrigation. So it is a bit costly!

Today is Lori day. Haircut time! Have to run…..

Sunday was OK!

We went to the beach first. Fort Zach. Ally would not play with me. She refused to share her pail and would not help me build a sand castle. Sometimes you just can’t make friends!

Ran into Anna my housekeeper and her family. She has 2 beautiful young children. The baby is huge. He weighed over 9 pounds at birth and now is 18 pounds! Anna is relatively tiny. Had to be one hell of a child birth!

Anna and her family are leaving for a one month vacation Wednesday. They are returning to their home country. Poland. Kids and all!

After the beach, we headed over to Dante’s. Son in law Corey had a group there he wanted to join.

Corey is the Chief Archeologist at the Mel Fisher Museum. For well over 20 years.

Twenty years ago Mel Fisher discovered a slave ship at the bootom of the sea. This was after he had discovered hundreds of million dollars in gold there also.

Yesterday, the group that discovered the slave ship had a reunion. Families and all! At Dante’s.

My grandkids had a wonderful time, as did their father Corey.

I watched the finish of the British Open at Dante’s bar. Harrington deserved to win. I was pulling for Norman. Just too old! Hard to win any tournamnet at that age. Especially when he himself admitted he has not been playing/practicing much. Age takes its toll! However he had a great 3 days and a great tournament!

Diet! Diet! Diet!

Lost another pound. 17 in all! Only 3 to go!

Have a good day!

Happy Sunday!

Mama Mia!

I went to see the movie last night. Run, don’t walk, to see it!

A musical.

It is a HAPPY movie! Fast moving and warm. I left the theatre with an uplifted feeling!

The proof of the pudding came at the end of the film. The audience burst out into loud applause! When is the last time you experienced that at a movie?

Meryl Streep stars in a singing role. Unusual for her. What a talent!

Bocci is international.

The Key West bocci leagues are in limbo till August. Then we start up again.

Rome, NY is a little city 14 miles from Utica. It is the size of Key West. This week the National Bocci Competition is being held there.

A small world!

The diet moves on. I am now at 16 pounds. Wow! In only 23 days. This Nutrisystem works if you follow it. It is obvious I have been anal in my approach to it.

Lisa called. Sunday is family day. I am not certain whether it will be Camille’s, the beach or breakfast at her house. I am waiting to hear from her again with my marching orders.