I enjoy Sundays!

I generally start the day by having breakfast with my grandchildren. I did so yesterday morning at Camille’s. Of course Lisa and Cory were along also.

Lisa does not yet trust me to take the grandkids out alone. She is making noises that it is now ok to take Robert alone. But it has not occurred yet. She claims my attention span is too short to handle the both of them.

She forgets I helped raise 4 children of my own!

As I get older, I notice younger people seem to treat me increasingly as some inept person needing assistance. Such bullshit! However in reflecting on this issue I can recall treating my father in a similar fashion and now regret it!

Life teaches us!

Anyhow, back to Camille’s.

It does not rain in South Florida this time of year. Or so the toothsayer sayeth!

It poured like hell while we were in Camille’s. Monsoon type rain. Heavy and driven sideways. People were coming into the restaurant soaked and laughing. And of course saying it never rains this time of year!

I was watching the weather channel later in the day. The reporter said the only place it rained in Florida yesterday was Key West! She explained the cold front from the north, the high and low fronts, all came into conflict with each other for this uncommon event. And that cloud over Key West hung there for an hour because the fronts were all pushing against each other!

Too much for me to understand.

About 5 this mrorning I heard this horrendous noise. Strong wind! And was it raining again! I had to hurriedly close the doors and windows. My bedroom carpet was soaked and is still soaked. When it rains heavy in the keys, it does not rain straight down like everywhere else. It rains sideways! And so blows into a house if the rain and house openings are on the same line. My open doors and windows were on a natural blend with the driven rain at 5 am!

It never rains this time of the year in South Florida! Someone better tell the fella who turns the rain on and off!

There is a new reataurant in Key West!

The New York Strip House!

A steak house!

I had dinner there last night.

Lets begin with the decor. Old west bordello! A brothel! Bright red walls! Bright red velour covered sofas! And dark wood!

And befitting its name Strip House, bare female breasts all over the place! Large photographs of bare bosoms! Tastefully done! A mouth watering description!

That was inside. Outside was quiet different.

I ate outside. Between you and I, inside was too heavy for me!

The restaurant is located in the newly redecorated Reach Hotel. The outside of the restaurant is the same as the restaurants of old that preceded the Strip House. The large terrace on the beach overlooking the ocean. The sound of the surf. The beauty of the palm trees swaying in the wind with the ocean right there as a backdrop.

And no titties! Just you and nature!

Only new chairs and tables. Simple. Nothing fancy.

I am happy to report the food is outstanding!

I rarely eat meat. But when in Rome do as the Romans do! So it was filet mignon for me! And creamed spinach and hash browns.

The filet was excellent! Moist and tasty. The creamed spinach to die for! I love creamed spinach! The hash browns were ok, nothing spectacular.

The bill was comaparable to other high end restaurants in Key West. Expensive! Worth the price however! Good food in the atmosphere described cannot be beat! I would love to sit outside on that terrace in that setting for dinner every evening!

I was up early this morning! Very early! Another glorious day in Key West!

I had breakfast and read the papers at Paradise Cafe. Then to Lisa’s to see the grandchildren. Love it!

Last night was interesting and brief.

I started the evening at 6 at the Yacht Club. A drink and some sociality.

Then to the bar at La Te DA for drinks with some male companions. Some of my golfing buddies and a couple of other guys. The women were all at a Womankind function at Tenessee Williams. Two of them were singing. So it was guys night out!

What a drag! I prefer their wives! Ho ho! No, ha ha!

After a round of drinks, we went across the street to Alice’s for dinner. A fine local restaurant! Serves Caribbean flavor. And cooking done by Alice herself!

Duck is one of the house specialtis! Crispy! So duck I had! Excellent!

It was now 8:45. Dinner had ended. Every one wanted to go home. No one wanted to go out. What a bunch of dead asses! As a result I was in bed at 9:15. Much too early! Woke at 3 and have been up ever since!

Their fault for not wanting to go out! My fault for not going out!

I just watched the sun rise over the ocean! A bright orange ball!

The water is quiet. Like glass! There is no breeze.

Bocci last night!

A disaster!

We lost the first 2 games. We were not even in them! I left in the middle of the third game after receiving a call from Lisa to go to the drug store for her before it closed. That is what you do when you are retired! So I do not know who won the third game.

We were so good the first half of the season. Tied for first place a couple of times. However the last 2 times we have played, the magic is gone. Not just me. The whole team. We are in a slump!

Don of Don’s Place suggested we played the easy teams in the first half and now have to face the tougher teams in the second half. Perhaps. However that should not make that much of a difference. Respectfully the other team did not beat us last night. We beat ourselves. We were not putting the ball where it has to go! Something we were able to do with regularity and confidence the first half of the season!

Oh, well! Isn’t it wonderful that with all the national and worldly concerns we face, I have time to concern myself with our bocci game! Maybe our leaders and want to be leaders should play bocci. Not only would they find it relaxing, but it might also sharpen their perspectives on life and problems! It certainly helps me zero in on what is important in life!

Yankee Jack!

The sweetest nicest guy in the world!

Yankee is still on his diet. Has lost a total of 61 pounds to date! Good job Yankee! Stay with the diet! We all love you!

Golf day yesterday. My new Bobby Jones hybrid is serving me well! Great fairway club! I am really pounding the ball and straight! However I still cannot get off the tee. Several years ago I could get off the tee long and straight. However everything that followed sucked! Now I have remedied the fairway problem and hit like a sissy off the tee! That’s golf!

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt evening at Kwest! As usual, absolutely fantastic! I love this part of my week!

Mary Jo is in her fourth week of chemotherapy. And doing well! She has yet to be sick! God bless!

While we were at Kwest, someone called her at the hospital where she was hooked up for her chemo. Donna was with her. We all sang to Mary Jo over the phone! Such is the love of all for all in Key West!

Later Donna met me at Antonia’s for dinner. Not Donna the barmaid. Donna, Mary Jo’s former partner.

We ate at the bar. Good conversation. Donna is a learned and worldly person!

I was up early this morning. Had to go to the doctor’s office for tests preparatory to my annual physical in a couple of weeks. Blood work, urine, electrocardiogram, breath test, etc.

Had to starve for the tests. So afterwards I hurried to Paradise Cafe for cuban toast and coffee. What else!

Then I took a long fast walk.

The wind is still blowing here. Has been blowing for about 2 weeks. Down to 15 miles an hour now. However it keeps the temperature in the high 70s as opposed to the low 80s. I prefer it on the warmer side!

The sky is clear today. Only a few spots of clouds. And the water is so green and clear! Very noticeable!

I was running out of food! So it was off to the supermarket. Publix.

I never shopped while I worked. Now that I am retired I love going to the super market! First, it is something to do! Second, I always run into friends! Love it!

Tonight bocci! We shall rise from the ashes!

I am up early! Still dark outside! Golf today!

I went to a book signing at the Dewey House last night. The Dewey House is part of the Southernmost complex. Lisa is Sales Manager at Southernmost and knowing the political junkie I am induced me to attend.

I am glad she did!

The book is So You Think You Can Be President? The authors are Iris Burnett and Clay Greager.

I started glancing thru the book when I went to bed last night. It is a political spoof! Political satire at its best!

For example: “Absentee Voting: As in “I don’t remeber seeing anyone in that booth but the levers were pulled.”

Or: “Intern: An individual who is always willing to be helpful and for the honor of being close to power will “in tern” provide the elected official with lots of extra curricular activity-especially during periods when a spouse is away.”

The book signing was well attended. Quite a successful event. Southernmost is to be complimented for sponsoring the event.

I got to speak briefly with both authors. Apparently Clay Greager lived in Key West at one time or may still do so. Even got a hug and kiss from Iris Burnett. Only because she loves my Lisa so much!

Interesting people!

As I understood the story, Iris and Clay did not know each other prior to the book writing. Had never met before. Clay overheard Iris talking on the telephone and was sparked by her quips. When she was finished, he walked up to her and said you and I should write a book togehter. And so they did! And the seed for So You Think You Can Be President was sown!

Then to La Tratattoria for dinner at the bar.

I can sense the season is over. The streets are emptying out. There are parking places. The restaurants are less full. Some even close to deserted.

I enjoy Key West more in the off season. Less hustle and bustle. However I feel for the merchants since it is a long way to the next busy time here.

After dinner, I went over to the Wine Galley. Larry Smith’s home away from home! As usual, the place was packed! It seems the season has no impact on the crowds he attracts. God bless and continued success Larry!

Saw Kathleen Peace there. Have not seen her in several weeks. I like her very much! A dynamic woman! She has it all going for her! A hug and a kiss and my evening was

Poor Donna the barmaid had a cold! A bad one at that! Work for her last night was like digging ditches!

I was a good boy! One diet coke and home to bed!

The weather got cold last night! It is even colder this morning!

The wind is blowing strong from the north. The palm tree branches are bending. There are 2-3 foot waves in front of my home!

And yet a high of 80 degrees is predicted for today!

I shall not complain!

I had fun last night!

Remember my cousin Maurice who was visiting me last week? One of his daughters is Linda. Linda was in Key West last night. With husband Pete and friend Terry.

We partied a bit! Runs in the family!

Dinner at Antonia’s. Drinks and listening to jazz afterward at the Pier House with Larry Smith.

We had a great time!

Linda was born in Utica. She is the same age as my oldest daughter Beth. They attended grammar school together. Then my cousin Maurice moved to the Washington, DC area. So I seldom see Linda. I think the last time we were together was about 5 years ago for Lisa’s wedding.

To start, Linda is a knockout appearance wise! Trim, blond and lovely! Too good looking in fact! Strikingly so!

And in a long slinky red dress!

We arrived at the Wine Galley and Larry Smith before Pete and Terry. I walked in with this lovely on my arm! All eyes looked up! What was Louis doing? My friends June and Bill Nelson were the first to greet us. I could see the look in their eyes. I said MY COUSIN! They said oh no! I said for real! Linda said for real also! And then they finally believed me! I think!

Linda is as smart as she is lovely! An Annapolis graduate, she spent 10 years in the Navy before retiring. She was in intelligence. When she retired, she stayed at the same job. Only her attire changed!

She still works in intelligence. I believe with the Department of Defense.

Her husband Pete is an Annapolis graduate also. Now a retired Marine! He is here in Key West for a few days while skippering his sailboat from St. Petersburg around the keys and up to Virginia. Linda flew down to spend the weekend with him.

Friend Terry is mate to Pete on the sailing jaunt.

Our conversation was lively! Politics and family! All in all an interesting evening.

Linda leaves today. I hope it will not be 5 years till we are together again!

Yesterday was a glorious Easter Sunday!

As it should be!

The sun rose boldly in a clear sky! As in He Is Risen!

First was a 9 am egg hunt at Lisa’s home with the grandkids. As hard as I tried, they beat me in the egg hunt contest! They cheated though. The other adults were all helping the grandchildren!

Then a big Easter Sunday breakfast prepared by Lisa. Too much too early in the day! But oh so good!

A huge breakfast calls for an equally long walk! And so I walked the island!

By the time I returned home, my grandchildren were there frolicking in the pool. So Poppa had more exercise!

Last night was equally terrific! An Easter dinner party!

I was invited by Linda and Bill Schrufer. You will recall from past blogs that I consider Linda the Key West hostess with the mostest! She knows how to plan and throw a party! And always so gracious!

Turned out to be a co-sponsored party, so to speak!

The party was at Lee Ann and Michael’s home in Truman Annex. Lee Ann and Michael’s condiminium is one of those facing the ocean and with a huge terrace! Lovely! We were able to view sailing boats, the Disney ship leaving port and the setting sun as we frolicked!

I had met Lee Ann and Michael about a year ago when they first moved to Key West. A very nice couple! From some place up north. Young. Both in their early to mid 40s. That is one of the nice things about Key West, the generations mix and socialize together. There is no age barrier.

The drinks and food were outstanding! Diets went out the window last night! Or rather off the terrace!

The conversations were wild! Primarily politics at my table. Strong and forceful! All sides represented. It is going to be an interesting election when we finally get to it!

Time to walk! I have to work off the drinks and dinner from last night!

Good morning!

And a happy Easter!

I am up early. Going to Lisa’s for an egg hunt with the grandkids! Old versus young! Hope I win! Ho ho!

I was tired tired yesterday from a late partying night. So I spent the afternoon in bed.

All in preparation to go out last night!

I started with wings at Kelly’s. They are oh so good!

Then to the Pier House for the Larry Smith show. Larry and his show get better every time I visit!

Last night Larry featured Peter Diamond. What a voice! What presentation!

Peter is originally from Syracuse, New York. Utica is a mere 50 miles away and I attended law school at Syracuse University. So that make Peter and I some sort of compatriots!

Peter has lived in Key West for many years. He is married to Holly. Holly is one of the most beautiful human beings I have met. Always a hug, kiss and smile!

As usual, Larry and Peter played to a full house. A mixture of locals and tourists.

Donna the barmid had her work cut out for her last night. She was hustling all over the place keeping everyone’s glasses full! Always with a smile and a kind word!

I was home and in bed before 11. The night before was still upon me!

I am reborn!

My computer is fixed!

Not having your computer avaialable on a demand basis creates separation anxiety! Our computers are like the blankets young kids carry around. Security items! It was hell to be without it!

I have been in bed all day recovering from last night!

Too much! I overdid it!

Started with dinner with friends at Hot Tin Roof. Lovely evening! Ate outside. Good food! Good company!

Then to La Te Da. My downfall! Too many gins and too many martinis! Too much Sassy and too much Debra!

I even danced!

About 5 now. Seem to be back in shape. So it is off to shower and another evening in Key West!

As Homer used to say, never let grass grow under your feet!