I watched the sun come up over the ocean this morning!

It was not a clean sunrise. There are scattered gray clouds. The orange ball finally broke through them! A bit of a struggle. Sort of a life goes on thing!

Had breakfast with Lisa and the grandchildren yesterdy morning. At Camille’s. The kids are great! Always! A proud grandfather am I!

Robert has become a great convrsationalist! He speaks in sentences and expresses thoughts. Ally talks and talks and talks. Actually screeches! Word after word after word! The pacifier is gone and she has come out!

After breakfast I walked over to the coffee house on Duval and read the morning papers on the porch while sipping a chocolate mocha. What could be better!

The afternoon was spent watching golf, basketball and old movies. Yes, I am the type that sits there with the remote control in hand and flips channels.

I was happy to see Ernie Els win! It has been more than 3 years for him. A nice guy and a good golfer. I hope he has a great year!

I am a fish eater down here. Why not! It is always fresh and always delicious!

For some reason, I had a craving all afternoon for chicken wings! Maybe too much TV sports watching!

So I had wings at the bar at Kelly’s last night. Oh, so good! Big and juicy! I like my wings dry. None of that gooey stuff on them. I did not need anything with Kelly’s wings! They were moist and tasty in and of themselves!

Fred Tillman spent some time talking with me. Fred was originally married to Kelly McGillis, the 1980’s big time movie star! You will remember her as the good looking blond who played opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

They settled in Key West. Opened Kelly’s. An original name! But it worked! A very popular place, especially for tourists!

Fred and Kelly are no longer married to each other. Fred got the business. Kelly is off somewhere in Pennsylvania living on a farm.

If there is any intertest, I drank only Diet Pepsi last night.