Big night last night! We won all 3 games! Our team is tied for first place!

Not pretty however! All 3 games were brutally fought! Especially the last 2 which were won similarly to a 3 pointer being made in a basketball game at the buzzer!

And I did not get benched!

Captain David partnered Jules and I again last night. She and I have bonded as far as the game is concerned.

I felt sorry for Jules last night. It was her eighteenth wedding anniversary. Her husband is a major in the US Air Force. He is presently in Pensecola receiving special training preparatory to being shipped to the Middle East. A bummer she was seperated from him last night and a bummer he is going over!

Afterwards we all traveled to Don’s Place to celebrate. Tino also. Maria did not show. Tino said her feet hurt from the cold.

And cold it was last night! Everyone was layered and bundled. A couple of spectators were under blankets. The temperature was in the low 60s and the breeze off the Atlantic did not help either.

After Don’s I went to La Te Da to meet Bob.

La Te Da was jumping again. The season is here! Debra and Patrick were performing. And Randy Roberts was also singing alone and along with Debra.

Randy is the top female impersonator in Key West. I have known him for years. Very personable. Well liked.

He impersonates the greats! Cher, Marilyn Monroe, etc.

He was dressed as he sang in the bar. He provided everyone with some fantastic moments!

Then I did something I have not done in years. I went to Bare Assets! Took Bob along. Sinners love company!

Bare Assests is a strip joint!

The last time I was there was about 4 years ago when my friend Gus was visiting me from Utica. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. We had nothing to do. What an excuse!

Anyhow nothing has changed in 4 years. The girls are lovely! Lovely lovely! No one over 22 I would project.

All with magnificent bodies! All of which are revealed! Nothing is left to the imagination!

They take turns dancing on a stage with a pole. The pole is verticle and fixed to floor and ceiling. Immovable.

The ladies do gymnastics and arobics around and with the poll. Terrific exercise for them! Terrific exercise for spectator eyes! At least mine!

We had one drink at the bar. None of the lovelies talked to us! How sad! So we left and came home.

I obviously had a full evening. And would you believe it was not even 11 o’clock when I settled into bed! And quickly fell asleep with visions of lovelies dancing in my head! Good, good, good!

I never made it to golf yesterday!

It was too cold and rainy. Low 60s.

However apparently everyone else did. So I am getting beat up for failing to appear!

Instead I spent a couple of hours in the morning finishing off paying bills. And then I did something I have not done in quite awhile. I spent the rest of the day in bed sleeping and watching TV. Must have needed it! Felt great afterward and even this morning!

Last night was cold!!!Long pants night!

Bob and I had drinks at the Yacht Club. Then dinner at A&B Lobster House. I had not eaten at A&B in a long time! Good food! Noisy though.

Then we went to La Te Da. Always the best! Love that place!

I had a couple of espresso martinis and then was home to bed. Early!

Tonight bocci! I am rested and ready!

It is raining like hell! Still dark outside. The wind started blowing and the rain beating on the house. I had to run all over closing windows!

Today is going to be cool. High 60s. Yesterday was high 80s and muggy. My t shirt was sticky and soggy when I finished my walk yesterday morning!

Yesterday afternoon was quiet. I paid bills. I hate the effort and the expenditure!

Last night Bob and I had dinner at La Trattatoria. I ate my usual. Spaghetti and oil. With garlic of course! It was fortunate I had no one to kiss later in the evening!

After dinner we hurried over to the Pier House to hear Larry Smith and Kathleen Peace. Kathleen could not appear! She had a migrane. How sad! Sad she was not there and sad she was under the weather!

Jodi Rae appeared last minute for Kathleen. I have heard her before. She is a talent! Her peformance can only be described as magnifique!

Jodi was once a Penthouse centerfold! A big deal! She is still a beauty!

Jodi’s daughter and son in law are presently in the service and stationed in Iraq. During her performance Jodi called her daughter from her cellphone and sang to her! Moving!

Larry likes to engage the audience and Pier House personnel during his performances. You will recall he is always referring to Donna the barmaid as “ and sexy!” Last week I commented in one of the blogs that those words were not fitting. Though I will not deny that Donna appears hot and sexy!

I saw Donna as “…charming and lovely!”

Larry asked Donna what the difference amounted to, why the distinction.

Larry drinks Budweiser from the bottle while he performs. I drink espresso martinis from an appropriate glass.

Donna responded “ is the difference between an espresso martini and a budweiser!”

Good girl, Donna!

The rain has stopped. Overcast. Cool–for Key West!

I play golf this morning. Hope I do better than last week! Anything will be better!

A real warm day yesterday! 87, no wind and heavy humidity.

It is expected to be the same today, with a breeze however.

Tomorrow a cold wave is coming in. The projected high for tomorrow is 67. Yes, 67! The temperature will drop 20 degrees in one day!

I rode my bike yesterday for exercise. I was wiped out when I finished. Bob ran. Down US 1 to Key West and back. About 5 miles. He was dead! Thought he might not be able to complete the return trip!

So the humidity was heavy!

Linda Schrufer continues to be the hostess with the mostest!

You have heard me mention her before. A great party organizer! A wonderful dinner planner! And most importantly, a sweet lady!

Her favorite organization supportwise is the Red Barn Theatre. Last night Linda chaired a fundraiser for the Red Barn. The format was a movable feast. Dinner at four different homes in Truman Annex. Drinks at one, salad and soup at another, the entre at a third and dessert at a fourth. And good exercise in between walking from one home to the other!

The event was a success! Congratualtions Linda!

Before attending the Red Barn function, I went over to the Gingerbread Square Gallery. It was opening night for Jim Salem’s annual exhibit.

Jim is a professional artist. I have known him for more than 15 years. He is friend to me and also friend to my daughter Lisa. In fact Lisa and my grandchildren were leaving Gingerbread as I arrived. I asked Lisa why she was leaving so soon. She said too much glass inside for the kids to be wandering around! Bulls in a china shop!

Jim paints. He is not into glass. Just to keep the record straight.

He paints for a whole year and then exhibits and sells them over a two week period at Gingerbread. To tell the truth, Jim once told me he actually screws off for most of the year and then about two months before the exhibit starts painting like crazy!

As usual, his works were excting! It is no wonder he is a success!

Jim’s forte is generally the habitat and birds of the keys. Last night I could see he had expanded his area of interest. Fruit and vegetables! I especially love paintings of fruit! And the framing on these items was a gigantic step forward also! Exciting frames! Red, blue or yellow, but muted. And though muted, bright. I know it sounds inconsistent, but that is how the frames hit me! And the fruit and veggies were bright and dynamic and leaped off their frames!

I am looking forward to tonight. Kathleen Peace is singing at Larry Smith’s show at the Pier House. The time is 9 o’clock. Do yourself a favor. Go! She is spectacular! The best of the best!

A God is in his Heaven! All is right with the world morning!

Sun up and shining! Sky blue! Water quiet! Color everywhere!

Yesterday was a mixed bag. All good!

I started Sunday with breakfast at Camille’s with Lisa and the family. Breakfast with my grandchildren is always exciting! They are a joy!

The annual art festival was this weekend. So I suggested we go. And away we went after breakfast! All of us!

I lasted about 5 minutes with the kids. They were good, but too slow for me! So I kissed them all good bye and was off to enjoy the festival on my own.

A good show as usual! However not as many presentors as usual. Why I am not sure. Could it be the economy?

Afterwards I took a long walk.

Then home to rest. Good luck! Guess who showed up? Yes, the grandkids. So we swam for awhile. They are terrific in the pool! Love it! Swim all around, jump off the sides and all those good sort of things. Ally now puts her face in the water and blows bubbles. A big thing! She is always yelling for people to watch her do it. Robert at 3 1/2 is now a big boy! He makes like he is diving! He jumps in feet first off the side of the pool! And we all have to watch!

I was off to bed to rest before they left. Too much too early for me!

Watched Syracuse lose to Notre Dame by about 10 points. Notre Dame is a ranked team. As I have been saying, Syracuse is going to be great next year! And congratulations again to the job coach Boheim is doing!

Bob disappeared at some point in the afternoon. When he returned, he had 3 pounds of stone crabs and all kinds of sides. He had discovered Fausto’s.

Fausto’s is a third generation grocery store in Key West. A family operation. Has 2 locations now.

Nice people! Smart people! They cater to the more affluent. The sides were all kinds of special pickies.

We ate outside by the water. We sat at the bar and drank. Then we ate the pickies a bit and drank. In between we swam in the pool.

We were able to watch the sun go down. Always a big deal!

Then we devoured the stone crabs! Like animals! Finger looking good!

This was Bob’s first time eating stone crabs. Before I could explain the niceties of eating them, he had a whole piece, the one with the solid fiber down the middle, in his mouth and half way down his throat. I saved him however! And we went on to enjoying the rest of the stone crabs. They were mid sized, broken and oh! so good!

By the time we finished, I had had a full day. So it was off to bed and the academy awards!

I did not last long! I fell asleep early. I had to watch the morning news on TV to learn who won.

Happy Sunday!

The sun is up! A touch of humidity in the air already. No breeze. Going to be a hot one!

Hit 89 yesterday!

The annual street art festival is this weekend. Held yearly, it is located on Whitehead bordering Truman Annex and also runs into some Annex streets. Several hundred white tents showing some of the best art from all over the world!

Exciting to see! Many the year I have bought a piece! I have to temper myself. I love art! My collection is significant! However enough is enough. I have works stored in closets here and in Utica. The walls are full!

Anyhow, I was walking over Duval to the art show when Lisa called. She was at the library with the kids and asked me to come over. And so I went!

Saturday morning the library has a children’s program of reading and play. My grandchildren are into it. They played with the toys well and interacted with the other kids even better.

The soujourn at the library gave my daughter Lisa and I an opportunity to talk quietly. Where is there more silence than in a library! The perfect atmosphere!

I never made it to the art show. Perhaps later this morning.

Instead I went to Paradise Cafe for a cuban lunch and to read the papers.

There is only one chickie remaining. The hawks have been well fed. Sad! But obviously part of the nature sequence.

The hen and rooster were there also. Every time the rooster got near the hen, she took off like all get out! She was having none of him! Another nature story!

Last night Bob and I went to Martin’s for dinner. Martin’s is in a new location on Duval. It is a German restaurant owned and operated by twin brothers.

They have a major investment in this new site. It looks it! Not Key West. More New York or Vegas. A welcome new flavor for Key West!

The meal was magnificent! Wienerschnitzel! Best meal I have had in weeks! Go! You will be extremely pleased!

We then walked over to La Te Da to hear Debra and Patrick. Debra sings and Patrick plays. Debra is black and Patrick white. They are husband and wife. For many years. They are also a mainstay in Key West.

I am always amazed how Debra remembers everyone’s name. And their favorite song! Within minutes of arriving, she will be singing your favorite tune. And you know it is for you!

A big night at La Te Da! Again the season is here! The town is packed! And everyone loves La Te Da!

This old man was tired however. So I had one espresso martini and left Bob there! I was in bed and asleep by 10:30.

I did not hear Bob come in. But he must have. His bedroom door just opened and he said good morning! He is downstairs making coffee. A good thing about having company. They participate in the chores!

Great weather yesterday! Great weather expected today!

About 87 yesterday with a bit of humidity. Today anticipated to be around 90! Another glorious day in Key West!

Did my walking in the Duval tourist area yesterday. The season is tuly upon us! People everywhere!

Got thirsty so I walked over to the beach bar at the Pier House. Had a bottle of water and read the papers.

The Pier House is a lovely facility. Truly outstanding! And the beach dining area restful to the eye! Blue water, blue sky, sparkling sand, greenery everywhere. A great place to lay back!

Last night Bob and I went on a sunset sail. I do these things when I have guests!

A great experience!

We were on Danger, a 60 foot sail boat. You pick your boat by what you want service wise on the boat. We paid more since we wanted more. We enjoyed wine and beer and all kinds of picky foods. The crew are fun people and added to the excitement of the ride.

Since I prefcer gin over other spirits, I brought my own bottle of gin.

I wanted Bob to experience a tourist evening. So my game plan was to have dinner at Sloppy Joe’s and then go over to Irish Kevin’s for some entertainment.

The best laid plans of mice and men…..Sloppy Joe’s was packed! No way were we going to get a table or spot at the bar.

Every thing else around was packed also! Season, season, season! And a good one at that fortunately!

So I made a phone call and got a reservation at the Commodore. We both had good fish meals.

When we finished, it was only a little after 9. Whatever, the water before or the day, we both agreed we were tired. So home to bed.

No plans for today. Maybe K Mart or the beach with the grandchildren. Tonight? The way I like it. Going with the flow…..


Big night!

We won all 3 games! Our team is now 9-3 and tied for first place!

Wow! A far cry from the past 2 years!

Captain David lead us to glory! He looks like Hemingway or Santa Claus. Depends on your perspective. Santa claus physique! And a great white beard!

Then there are Karen, Tino, Maria and Jewels. Jewels genrally is my partner. She has a great right hook. On the court, that is!

We won the first game 16-4, the second 16-9 and the third 16-9. Seem like blowouts, but not really.

The first game though was a blowout! We ground straight ahead in short time to victory!

Modesty overwhelming me, I must say I played exceptionally well in the first game! I was right on the polina! Bocci!

The second game started the same way. We were ahead 15-3 and I lost it! My toss that is! All of a sudden I could not find the polina. I doubt I came clser than 5 feet to it the rest of the game!

And it took us awhile to win! We needed one point to win and it took forever to get it! The opposition went from 3 to 9 in that time.

The primary reason was I lost control! I got a bit drunk! 2 gins during the first game did it.

It was the first time in my life I experienced how subtle alcohol can affect the body. I walked ok. Talked ok. But my throwing coordination was nonexistant!

Catain Dave at one point suggested I have a couple of drinks to get back into the groove. Like the pregnant woman, I laughingly told him that was what had gotten me into trouble!

Needless to say Captain David benched me for the third game. He sacrificed me for victory!

Tina replaced me and she and Jewels did a wonderful job winning in a brief period of time 16-9.

My friend Bob did not come to the bocci matches. He was out on the town. Not home when I returned. Not up as I write this. What stories, if any, will he have tell?

My house guest Bob did not make it to golf yesterday!

He came downstairs for coffee limping and with a bump on his head. Besides being hung over, he told me he got out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and fell. His butt hitting the floor and his head the wall!

I played golf with Aaron, Yankee Jack and Tino. Good guys all!

I had my least spectacular day yesterday on a golf course! I had four 8s and four 7s on the front side alone. For shame!

I have concluded there is no Hell. Golf is my hell!

Last night was Bobby Nesbitt time at Kwest! I was anxious to bring Bob to hear this dynamite singer!

I told him that at some point he would sing along with the all the others. He said no way! Ho ho! You should have seen and heard him singing and waving his arms. He had a great time!

As you know Bob is from Rochester. Bobby is from Rochester also and still has a mother living in Geneseo. I introduced them. Both enjoyed meeting each other.

Then to Antonia’s for dinner. Salmon for me and snapper for Bob. A good meal!

Key West is jumping! The season is upon us! It is exciting! There is an electricity everywhere you go. People are spirited and happy!

Tonight bocci!

Up early! Still dark outside! Had to put on the coffee!

I have a house guest. My friend Bob arived last night!

It was 73 and cool. Big wind off the ocean. Nevertheless he wanted to sit outside. It was a lot better than Rochester, N.Y. He left a ton of snow and oh! so cold! earlier in the morning.

We had a couple of drinks and caught up.

Then to Pisces for dinner. Bob is a fanatical vegetarian. So fish it was!

Let me tell you just how adamant he is about not letting animal in any form enter his body. He will not do cuban toast at Paradise Cafe since I told him the bread is made with pig fat! How sad! He does not know what he is missing!

We started dinner with a couple of watermelon martinis. He had never had one before. The experience is terrific! Especially the presentation! The bottle is frozen in a chunk of ice.

After dinner we walked over to La Te Da. Bob loves Debra and Patrick. Sadly they were not performing last night. There was another group however.

We drank espresso martinis and chatted with the natives. Finally I had had it and left. He opted to stay.

I heard him crawling up the stairs later in the evening.

We are playing golf this morning. Hope he is up! And hope he is up for it!