Great day weatherwise yesterday! High 60s to low 70s. A just right coolness in the air.

I have to repeat what I said yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful here in the north country!

The area has had a lot of rain and a lot of heat. The combination has made everything green and lush. The trees, lawns and shrubs are vibrantly alive!

Easy on the eyes and good for the soul!

I filled the gas tank on my 21 year old Mercedes yesterday. $85! Enough said!

I am doing some reading regarding oil companies. Specifically those that buy oil from countries that don’t like us and those that buy no oil from countries that want to do us in. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to report my findings and suggest those we should buy gasoline from and who we should ignore.

I am playing golf with my friend Rocco today. Rocco is a retired pharmacist, business owner and entrepreneur. He had a very successful career! And an even more successful retirement where a drug company he started with several others was sold for a pretty penny! Good man and God bless!

Rocco just participated in the fiftieth anniversary celebration of his graduation from Albany Pharmacy School. A real life marker! Congratualtions my friend!

Rocco is married to Mary Ann. Mary Ann spotted Rocco for the first time in high school. She decided to capture him. And capture him she did! They are close to celebrating their fifitieth wedding anniversary.

Enough. I have to get ready for golf.

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