Nine hours of flying yesterday. Three planes. All on time. The planes are generally on time in the warm weather.

I am here in Utica.

A beautiful morning. The sun is shining. The trees and foliage are full blown. Everything green.

Different from Key West. Of course. I would describe Utica in the summer as Key West dressed up!

They tell me it was heavy humidity here through yesterday afternoon. Then a big storm came in and the temperature dropped 25 degrees. So it will now be normal June weather here. Low 70s. And no humidity.

The last 20 minutes of my plane ride were a bit difficult. We hit a rain storm outside Syracuse. Lots of lightning. The plane was up and down. There were some howls on the plane. My stomach was getting unsteady. It had been 20 years since I experienced a plane ride like that.

Pouring the whole 50 mile car ride from Syracuse to Utica. I have not seen that much rain in at least a year. We need a storm like that in Key West. The keys are desperate for rain.

I had to run all of 10 feet from the car to my Utica home. I got soaking wet. That is how hard it was raining!

The recession was evident in the airports.

My sense is that fewer people are flying.

Miami airport was not that bustling at noon. Since I was flying 2 different airlines, I had to go through security again in Miami. No big deal! I went through quickly. The lines were short.

The Syracuse airport was a shocker!

Syracuse is a major city in the northeast. The airport is huge. The parking garage alone is larger that Key West’s main Beachside building. Just to give you a sense of the airport.

When I landed at 6:30 there was only one plane on the ground. And that was a commuter plane. I landed on a US Air airbus. So now there were 2 planes on the ground.

No other planes sitting anywhere.

Says something.

What interesting things await me today in Utica today?

We shall see.

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