As hot and humid as it is here in Key West, it is hotter and more humid in the northeast. And that is where I am heading today. Back to upstate New York for a week. My granddaughter Nicole is graduating from high school.

I spent the whole day yesterday doing paper work. Nothing like a pending trip to motivate one to play catch up!

Last night I had dinner at the bar at LaTrattoria.

The season is over. The town is dead. But LaTrattoria was jam packed with people. I was lucky to get a seat at the bar.

Why the place was so busy and so full, I do not know. I will make the observation that the patrons were primarily locals. Must be all of us who live here in Key West decided to do LaTrattoria at the same time.

Becha is the hostest at La trattoria. A lovely lady! She was especially striking last night in a long strapless black dress. With a knee high slit on the side. Regal appearing. She glided smoothly throughout the restaurant all evening. It was her domain! It is her domain!

Well, I am off to the airport. Back to Utica. Pray tell, what interesting things await me there?

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