Overcast this morning. A dark cloud on the horizon. A strong breeze from the northeast. And warm!

It will be even warmer in a couple of hours. And humid. Because that is the way it is this time of the year!

No golf yesterday. I had a business meeting all morning. Even wore long pants!

Lunch at Southernmost’s beachside restaurant. Sits right there on the Atlantic. Outdoor. A beautiful view!

Dinner at the bar last night at Antonia’s. This popular restaurant always jam packed during season. Last night quiet, mouse quiet, with only a handful of people. Evidence that the season is over. Even the streets have fewer and fewer people wandering about.

Spoke for awhile with Clayton the bartender. You will recall he is from New Zealand. Owns property in Key West and Dubai. Obviously a world citizen and a world traveler. He has a summer trip planned to Vietnam.

Then to Square One for a drink. Chatted with Michael the owner and Patrick the bartender. Good people.

Still had room for one more drink. So off to La Te Da.

Glad I went. Saw many people I have not run into for awhile.

Of course, Mary Jo and Donna were there! Mary Jo had lucked out. No chemo this week. The shipment never made it to the hospital.

Donna is the lovely Donna Barnett. She is up there in years. They say you never tell a woman’s age. But I know Donna would not mind. She just turned 60. You would never know it. A very lovely striking woman!

Why am I getting into this sensitive area of age? Well, Donna recently did a fashion shoot. Why? Because she wanted to. Reason enough!

She showed me the pictures. Fantastic!

There was Donna in all kinds of black clothing. All tastefully done. And so sexy! No, sexy does not say it correctly. Sensual is the more precise description.

I asked her why she did this. Where would the pictures go? Who would receive them?

She said “…I did it for myself.”

Good girl Donna! You have it all together!

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