I had a date last night with Kathleen Peace!

Everyone did!

At the Pier House. She was Larry Smith’s featured vocalist.

What a voice! What control! Ethel Merman reincarnated!

And a beauty to behold! A knockout last night! A lovely woman, inside and out!

If you have never heard her sing, run, don’t walk, to her next appearance!

The day was muggy and quiet.

I tried to buy Scot McClellan’s book at Borders. Good luck! They were sold out immediately. Maybe a new shipment Friday.

One of the staff told me it was the second most demanded book ever! The first was Secret.

Saw the grandkids. They are off to pre school soon. Montessori. So they have new book bags. Yesterday they were riding their bikes with their helmets and new book bags on. Cute!

I had dinner at the bar at La Trattoria before going to the Pier House to listen to Kathleen Peace. Very quiet. The whole island is. The season is truly over.

Today is Wednesday. Golf day. I am going to miss golf today. I have a business meeting at 9 am. I think my priorities are getting screwed up!

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