The weather was magnificent yesterday!

I started my day with a long walk along the waterfront. White boats, large and small, meeting the eye. A stimulating sight!

Later I lunched at Paradise Cafe. I was sitting outside reading the papers when the usual company appeared. Chickens! Specifically a rooster and a hen. All of a sudden one of the Paradise staff appeared with a large water gun and started spraying them. Of course, the chickens took off!

The gun is a child’s toy. About 18 inches long. And like all toy water guns, merely emits a small shot of water. Nothing special. Nothing different than what my grandkids play with. He told me they had purchased it for $1.75 at K Mart. Made sense. The purpose was to rid the property of the chickens.

Good luck!

Those 2 may have run off. However the neighborhood and all of Key West is loaded with chickens. I think all he experienced was a momentary victory!

Then to Borders. I was excited. I figured the Scott McClellan book would be in and I could start reading it. Not yet! I was told maybe today or perhaps Monday. So I started reading Richard Clark’s book covering basically the same topics.

Clark’s name is being mentioned these days in relation to McClellan’s book. Clark left Bush’s staff early on over the Iraqi war. He was severely criticizied for his comments at the time. Even McClellan as Press Secretary had some nasty things to say about him.

It is true however that what goes around, comes around! McClellan now is the one being criticized by the Bush people. McClellan and Clark ran into each other the other night. McClellan apologized to Clark for the comments.

All very interesting! Being the political junkie I am, all this stuff going on intrigues me.

Dinner last night at the Yacht Club with Merle and Susan. A good time!

Merle and Susan are from Stuart. They have a second home in Truman Annex. Merle is an economist. Makes his living as an expert witness in lawsuits. Susan is a psychologist.

Afterwards I intended to go directly home. However my wife wanted to stop at La Te Da. So we went to La Te Da.

We spent time there with good friends Donna and Mary Jo. Mark Watson joined us at our table. Mark is a celebrated singer and professionally a drag queen extraordinaire. He generally performs upstairs at La Te Da.

My wife and I even danced. A big night! Reminded me of the Frank Sinatra line in Chicago “…I knew a man, he danced with his wife, in Chicago my home town!”

Today will be exciting. I am anxious for the Democratic Committee to start its meeting at 9 am re seating the Florida and Michigan delegations. I will be glued to the TV set till it is over!

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