Golf was an ordeal yesterday! We played in all type weather!

Normally about 12 guys show up to play. Yesterday only 5. The rest were too smart!

It had poured earlier. It was lightly raining as we teed off. It poured while we played.

Poured does not adequaely describe it! It came down in heavy buckets! It happened twice, 2-3 holes at a time.

You have to understand that those who play golf under any weather circumstances in Key West consider themselves real men. Testosterone types!

I must be one or I would not have palyed yesterday

And then the rain passed. The sun came out. And it was hot! Blistering hot!

The humidity was thick!

I never was so glad to finish 18 holes!

The 5 nuts who played were Larry, Yankee, Roger, Bud and Louis.

In spite of it all, I won some money. Not as much as the $15 of last week. But I walked away happy!

And tired!

Iwent home, climbed in bed and slept all afternoon.

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  1. Hey Lou!! It’s Pete Alfano, Mike Yutzy’s friend. I am back in the office, trying to get back into the swing of things up here in NYC. Missing the Keys and the good times we had last week. Keep breaking in those new golf clubs and the next time I am down there we’ll all play a round!! All the best, Pete

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