An overall nice day yesterday!

I stayed in bed late. Till around 11. Something I rarely do. I am generally up before the sun.

Started the day with a walk. At Home Depot again. I should get a job there! People keep asking me where things are! And I know!

Then to one of my favorite haunts the Paradise Cafe. Lunched inside however. There was this terrible stench outside! Apparently one of the chickens died under the porch and they could not get at it. With the heat and humidity, it was too much to handle.

All of a sudden I have 2 friends in the hospital. Mary Jo and Donna. So off I went to visit.

Mary Jo was doing chemo. Twenty four hours straight once every 2 weeks. Her condition was so bad the doctors predicted she would not make last Christmas! She is still here! And interestingly she has not been sick once from the chemo. Amazing in and of itself! Even more amazing is Mary Jo!

Donna the barmaid. No, Donna the bartender. Poor Donna had a knee replacement 3 days ago. Oh, the pain! Even the drugs were not helping. I felt very bad for Donna. She said she would rather deliver 10 sets of twins naturally rather than what she was going through. Again, poor Donna!

Last night was drinks and dinner at Square One. Michael Stewart has a new menu! Different! You build your own meal. For example, you select from a list of several the sauce you want to accompany the entre. Fun! And the food was good! The place was packed with locals last night. A good time was had by all!

Afterwards a short walk to La Te Da. Debra and Patrick appearing again. Great voices! Great people! I had just left them at Square One. They had dinner there also. I was surprised that they got to La Te Da so fast and were already working/singing when I arrived.

La Te Da is a fantastic place! A locals hangout. The crowd mixed. Gay and straight. Every one knows just about every one else.

Last night there were 2 different and special guests. One was someone’s father. He was 95 years old. The quiet type. He sat there with his son and enjoyed Debra and the attention everyone at the bar was giving him. The other was a woman who turned 100 last April 21. She sharply walked up to the bar, sat down and in a brisk tone ordered a chardonnay from Sassy. I was waiting for her to pull out a cigarette!

They were not together.

I spoke with both. Interesting people. I bet they have a lot of stories to tell!

Cora from New York wrote me yeterday. I assume she is from New York. She is girl friend to Mike Yutzy’s friend Pete. You will recall I had the distinction and pleasure of being with Mike and Pete for 2 consecutive nights. It is going to take a week for my body to return to normal!

Anyhow, Cora complains that I did not mention her in my blog. She is correct! Cora the blog is about my life in Key West! I should at least meet you first. Come down here! Next time impose on Pete to bring you! We will all do a Key West night on the town!

Let me tell you also Cora that Pete did talk about you. Actually he told my wife who was having dinner with us. He is in love. For about a year. And experiencing that closing in feeling that most men go through as they think the path in their lives may take a turn. Apparently in this day and age, committment for a man is a tortiously difficult thing!

I am up early today! Still dark. Black. No hint of the sun yet.

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  1. Yup, i’m from New York, and now I made it to your blog, which, may I add is oddly amusing. Point taken about the boy. Good Luck with everything Lou.

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