There is a keys problem which requires, no, demands attention.

The black oily feeling soot which has been falling upon us the past several months!

People are starting to talk about it. No one yet is doing anything about it.

I periodically find all or a portion of my car covered with small drops of water which develop into small black blotches/circles. For example, last week I was at the airport to pick someone up. I parked my car in the lot for all of 15 minutes. When I returned the back half of the car appeared to have been rained on. Only the back half. Looked like small drops of water. By the time I arrived home, the little watery appearing drops were a bed of black blotches.

My deck chairs and deck are covered in this stuff. Sometimes you can’t see it. But you can feel it.

I walk it into the house and on the carpets.

Fences and walls in town are also covered. I am told that in some instances it is difficut to remove. Washing alone will not do the job.

If it is falling on us and our property, we are also ingesting it. YES, WE ARE BREATHING THIS STUFF IN!

What danger does it portend? What affect, if any, is it having on the health of adults and children alike?

People are just starting to talk about it. No one yet seems to be doing anything about it. This blog is intnended to be a wake up call. Talk to the mayor, commissioners, health officials and anyone else. Make your voices heard! This could be a major problem in the making!

The only written material I have seen was someone’s thoughts in the comment section of the Key West Citizen. That person thought the black stuff was coming from the emissions of the cruise ships in port.

Someone else I was discussing this potential danger with thought it was the fires up north in Broward County. The smoke was drifting down here and over us.

I disagree. The problem has long preexisted the fires.

Again it is time to be aroused! To be concerned. Let’s find out the source of the problem and correct it. Now, before it is too late!

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