A nice day yesterday! An interesting one as well!

Started with my shower.

I used my daughter/granddaughter’s shower. My son in law is smart. He has his own separate shower. I was not as smart. I should have used his. For some reason, I did not.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the shower was no soap. Just jars and tubes of stuff all over. I can’t see without my glasses. However it was easy to figure things out. Some contained soap. Others shampoo. What else!

There was this sort of large jar of white stuff. Obviously soap. Only as I attempted to lather my body, I noticed no lather. Must be new stuff! So I continued washing with it. The shampoo was a bit thick, but had the right smell. So I washed my hair with it.

Afterwards at breakfast I mentioned my product dilema in the shower with the family. Every one laughed. That white stuff in the large bottle was not soap! It was some special goo for my granddaughter’s face. She apparently has a rash problem which is not apparent. The shampoo was conditioner!

I was lucky all my body hair did not fall off!

My son in law then told me that is why he has a separate bathroom. Too much female gook all over the place!

I am carless here. The kids work and take the cars. So I decided to take a walk into the heart of Wellesly.

About 2 miles.

All downhill going in. A long steep hill. I never gave any thought to the return trip. It was a stress test returning! There were momnets I questioned whether I would make it!

Stopped for coffee at Dunkin Donuts in town. A gold mine! What impressed me even more was the number of pregnant women! Every other female that came in during the hour I sat there reading the papers was with child. Something in the air! No, not really. Just reflective of the population in the area. Young people. Yuppie types. Family building. Living the afluent conservative life. And making babies is part of it. Like a chicken in every pot, 2 cars in every garage and 3.4 children in every house!

Last night was Confirmation!

My granddaughter was lovely in her long red gown with 2 dramatic vertical fire engine red stripes. She is the flower bud just before it opens! A beautiful women waiting to emerge!

Confirmation is a big deal in the Catholic rite. It means you are ready to set your life down for Christ. Sort of like the martyrs of old who were eaten by the lions.

Only a Bishop can perform the ceremony. So the Bishop came in from Boston.

Bishop’s are a big deal! Like governors. And they generally conduct themselves in a similar fashion. Always a smile, always a glad hand, always a kind word, always a sense of humor.

Not this Bishop last night! He must have been an accountant in his former life. He never cracked a smile! He was not the warm hearted leader of the flock as I was accustomed to. His words were cold. Sterile would be better. And he never looked the congregation in the eye as he walked down the aisle.

I am permitted to be critical. I know that of which I speak. I am a product of a Catholic grammar school, high school and college. I was even an alter boy during those times. I really was! So I know of and came into contact with several bishops.

The one last night will never make Pope!

Then home to my daughter’s for coffee and cake. A bigger party is planned for Saturday. It was too late after the ceremony to do one last night.

My daughter has business in downtown Boston today. So I am riding in with her. Going to do Back Bay and Newbury Street.

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