I survived! It was a great fishing day! And I did not get sick!

We all caught fish. And what a variety! Snapper, dolphin, tuna, barracuda, mackerel, baby shark and snook. And to a man we were sportsmen. All were released!

John had the most fun and worked the hardest. He was tested to the ultimate.

John is a retired financier from New York. The keys seems to be a gathering place for retired financiers. He is a slight person stature wise. 5′ 4″ and weighs about 130 soaking wet.

John hooked a sailfish. About an 8 footer. We buckled John into the chair. He fought this denizen of the deep for 1 1/2 hours. This slight older man versus the magnificent water giant! The veins in John’s neck were bulging and the sweat falling from his brow in buckets as he fought to capture the fish. A battle it was! Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea!

In the end the fish won! The line broke. But what a battle! And John was not disappointed. Actually he was relieved the encounter was over!

Back to the Islander. Showered. Needed the shower desperately. Salt sticks to your body and makes one feel grungy all over.

We then were off to the Lorelei. After a few drinks too many we decided to walk to the Islamorada Fish Company for dinner. We thought it was only 200 feet south on route 1. What a mistake we made! It was more than a mile! But we made it! Arriving was a victory under the circumstances. Thank God Islamorada has wide side walks running along side route 1!

Dinner was absolutely outstanding! Stone crabs! Large ones! By the plateful! Succulent, mouth watering delicious!

The mile plus walk back to the Islander was easier. We were all relatively sober by that point. I could not wait to fall into bed. And when I did, I was out immediately and slept like a baby all night.

This evening I will be back in Key West. Larry and Christine Smith are throwing a Christmas party. They are great hosts! I am looking forward to sharing the evening with them and their friends.

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