A strange day. In the midst of other strange days.

Waiting for Irma!

I believe I have finally escaped her. Birmingham appears a safe hideaway. Hope I am not wrong.

I arrived at Jean’s home mid-afternoon. We chatted, watched the weather channel, etc. Joe came home and we chatted more.

Their home has a deeply pitched driveway down.
More than 45 degrees. All houses the same. One side of the street the driveways go down,the other up.

The homes are built at the bottom of the Appalachian Mountains. Actually near the bottom. So they have that dramatic pitch.

I missed Jean’s house. Had to turn around. Cautiously down a driveway. Getting out the problem. My car stalled almost to the top. Wished I had a clutch car at that moment.

Jean and Joe great hosts. Mi casa, su casa the theme.

It was only the three of us last night. Jean cooked a terrific meat loaf dinner. We knocked down drinks before on their outside veranda.

Never really talked with Joe before. An interesting man. He majored in history. Got a Masters in criminal justice. Wanted to be a police officer. Became one. For ten years.

Then a friend offered him a job with a manufacturing rep company. Big time electrical machinery.

Joe has been with the company 26 years.

A couple of neighbors popped in. Brought brownies, booze, etc. All charming. A heart doctor lives across the street. Has offered two bedrooms. Another neighbor one. Three others accommodations also.

True Southern hospitality and neighborliness.

My accommodation terrific. I have a large private room with a king size bed. I share a large bathroom with another bedroom. The bathroom connects the two bedrooms.

Two ladies arrived around 3 in the morning. They are in the other bedroom. With their dog. He and I have bonded.

Life goes on for the Thorntons while we are imposing on their lives. Joe is outside at the moment cutting the grass. Jean is working at a charity garage sale.

It is strange sitting here this morning. Knowing that disaster awaits. I am glad I ran. There are those who did not. I worry about them.

Some remained for financial reasons. Others because they only have a bike. The rest hard heads who don’t think Irma will be that bad.

I fear for all of them.

Lisa and family were at Cape Coral. When the west coast became the target, they got out. They are in a friend’s home in Jupiter on the east coast.

I am nervous for them. Jupiter may still be too close because of the width of Irma.

Talked with them this morning. The trip up went well. Except for Jake who got car sick.

There are many things I would like to comment on. The world, Trump, etc. However nothing is of any consequence at a moment like this, except Irma.

My day will not be bad. Actually, very good. This afternoon we will watch the Alabama game together. Following a lasagna dinner tonight, we will all be glued to the TV worrying about friends and home in Key West.

I find the sadness of all this heavy. I tear up on occasion thinking of what is to come.

Enjoy your day!

11 comments on “WHAT TO CALL TODAY’S BLOG

  1. It took Irma to shut Trump’s mouth.

    Here is what the Weather Channel said about Irma and Key West:

    “In the FLORIDA KEYS, it is a full-scale hurricane emergency,” Bryan Norcross, The Weather Channel’s hurricane specialist, posted to Facebook. “Key West is probably going to get its worst storm in modern history, and perhaps ever.”

    I am sure you know about it but the Key West Harbor webcam is still up and working as of this posting. Things are getting worse there by the hour. AT 11 am there were still tourists snapping selfies at the Southernmost Point. I truly hope they know what they are doing and have somewhere high and safe to go.

  2. “It took Irma to shut Trump’s mouth”. No, in fact it took Irma for CNN to shut it’s trap about Trump and start reporting real news… At least for a few days. I’m sure we’ll learn on Wednesday that Trumps sister has a friend whose aunt went to Moscow last March and may have had contact with a hotel receptionist.

    • Yes, be safe. Hunker down if you have not left the Danger Zone. Hopefully, Sunday morning dawns with far less damage than warned.

    • No, the point is you were wrong to make a point about something WAY off topic (apparently just to gain attention for yourself) and I wished to call you on it. And you needn’t call me stupid, just to call for more attention. The stupid part was you bringing it up in the first place.

  3. Louis Better you did not watch Syracuse. I got to see the first half and they looked good (not real good – but good). Then they lost in the last minute of play…. Tom

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