“What hath God wrought?” Bible, St. James Version (numbers 23:23).

A brilliant message sent by a brilliant man. Samuel Morse. Inventor of the telegraph. The message was sent this day 1844 by Morse from the U.S. Capitol to an Alfred Vall at a railroad station in Baltimore. Sent, received, and returned.

The test a success!

The Biblical quote used to show the magnificence of the invention. Morse anticipated it would favorably affect future events in American life.

It did. Transformed America. Within 10 years, there were 20,000 miles of telegraph lines across the United States. Western development and the transcontinental railroad primary benefactors.

A late morning visit to the dentist yesterday. Dr. George Lindner. The best!

I have implants. I refer to them as mechanical teeth. A minor problem had developed. Ten minutes in the chair and rectified. No pain.

A far cry from my first visit to a dentist some 78 years ago. He hurt me! So much, I jumped out of the chair and ran out of his office and building. My father could not convince me to return.

Lunch at Sandy’s Cafe. Nice people. Good food. Inexpensive. My lunch runs $4 and change.

Spent part of the afternoon researching next week’s KONK Life column. The subject matter interesting. An in your face column. Could be one of the best I have done.

Intentionally not mentioning the title at this time.

Chart Room last night. John bartending.

Met a terrific couple. Newly weds. Married three weeks. Older. I suspect second marriage for both.

Interesting cupid background. They met when 12 years old in Jr. High School. Never dated. Did not see each other for thirty years. Then met again. Became best friends. Now married.

Dan and Stephanie. From Ohio. Dan spent many years affiliated with two major insurance companies. Now a government affairs manager with an auto company. Stephanie an accountant.

They have rented a condo for a month. They have done this in previous years also. Love Key West!

David came in. Enjoy David. A Key Wester for many years. Knowledgeable concerning Key West.

David, John and I were discussing the abnormal rain activity. David said don’t complain. Rain this time of the year discourages hurricanes. He said the rain chills the water. Two or three degrees. Enough to thwart hurricanes.

We shall see.

I wanted a pure diet meal for dinner. Stopped at Five Guys on the way home. Two cheeseburgers wrapped in lettuce. No bread. A perfect Atkins meal.

An interesting Letter to the Editor in this morning’s KONK Life E-Blast from an Eddie Yo. He disparaged the recent dispute between the City Tree Commission and a Karen De Maria.

The dialogue which ran over several weeks concerned which tree should be designated the Official Key West Tree. Yo was of the opinion there are more important and pressing issues for City officials to concern themselves with. Like affordable housing, parking, hurricane protection, etc.

I agree.

Such is not why I write of Yo’s letter. A comment in the letter attracted my attention. Yo again thought the time spent on the tree issue was too much. It reminded him of the squabble at one time concerning which end of an egg should be cut…..the bottom or the top?

I have come to know Laura Richardson in recent weeks. Initially at Dueling Bartenders where she exhibited an outstanding voice. Also evidenced her abilities as a bartender. Then I became aware she owns an art gallery. The Salt Gallery.

Met her parents this past monday at Dueling Bartenders. Both retired attorneys now living full time in Key West. Nice people.

Yesterday, lunch at Sandy’s Cafe. I was reading the Florida Keys Weekly / Key West Edition. Who is a reporter writing major articles? You got it! Laura Richardson.

A multi-talented woman!

The new NFL anthem rule un-American. Un-American to the nth degree. Kneeling while the National Anthem played not permitted. Players must stand or remain in the locker room. Failure to abide by the rule will result in big time fines.

Protest is the American way. Built into our Constitution. A bunch of extremely wealthy men sitting in a room decided on the rule. Why? One league official said the “…..league is fucking terrified of Trump. We’re scared of him.”

Disgraceful. We need people to stand up to Trump, not capitulate to him. If not the powerful like the team owners, then who?

Enjoy your day!




16 comments on “WHAT HATH GOD WROUGHT?

  1. You want to pretest, fine. Do it on your own time, not your employers time or the ticket buyers/TV watchers time. This came about too late and not far enough. Trump didn’t have much to do with this, loss at the ticket booth did.

  2. Anyone who supports the No Kneeling ruling is the true “un-American” and I don’t care how many game tickets they buy or don’t buy.

  3. What on earth is a matter with you? Trump was obviously involved with this whole affair which could very well including today’s actions too. Are you so arrogant that YOU can act as his spokesperson on this or anything else? Have you forgotten that it was trump who railed and rallied the entire nation on the subject with tweets and interviews and just about everything else he could do, including sending his side kick Mike to an NFL game, at significant expense, just so he could leave when the dastardaly ‘act’ occurred, in what many people though was a cheap trick, even below the standards of DT himself. What makes you know (ahead of everyone else) that DT didn’t personally pressure the NFL into this? Maybe he dictated the edict himself ? Do you know? WTF patrick, you love this guy so much you can no longer be rational, or are you just some sort of a clown? And BTW, exactly how much ‘time’ did ANY of these “acts” actually ADD to any “buyers/TV watchers” time. Zero, that’s how much.

    • Funny how the Führer can get you riled up about a peacefull kneeling protest and yet defend him on so many other far more important personal transgressions. Actually it’s not that funny, it’s shamefull for those Americans who support not getting their priorities in order and can be lead like ignorant sheep at the slightest nudge.

  4. The NFL ruling was about its bottom line. Its all about money. Did Trump help shed more light on the issue, well then thats fine. I didn’t lose a seconds sleep over this and I’m not about to. If it was your employees protesting anything on your companies dime i think you’d be bitching.

  5. Thank you very much for telling you all about yourself, again, with out anyone asking. I asked “exactly how much ‘time’ did ANY of these “acts” actually ADD too, or take away from any “buyers/TV watchers time” to which you were too busy talking about yourself to answer.

    But to answer you question, I do have employees, and I might have an issue if they took an inordinate amount of time, on my dime” to do something, like say sing the national anthem, which (just like at a football game) does take up time unnecessary to their duties (or the game, in the case of the NFL). This is a stupid issue with unnecessary time and effort on your part, especially after taking the time to tell us that you don’t lose a seconds sleep over this and are not about to.

    BTW – it may be that because Trump help shed more light on the issue that ticket sales are now down and the NFL is reacting. Trump sure does seem to have a very negative effect on almost everything he touches (Eastern Air Lines, Cabinet members he’s appointed, women in general, the prestige of the President’s office, etc., etc., etc.)

  6. What’s coming next in this Country, mandatory “America, love It or leave It!” bumper stickers again?

  7. If you don’t love America then why not leave it. I’m sure Matt Damon and others, oh wait, those that said they would leave didn’t, would be glad to see you move to the land Down Under.
    If anyone doesn’t want to respect our flag or Anthem then they should leave. It would be interesting to see what other countries would welcome them with open arms and no restrictions.

    • Nonsense. Protest is what birthed this nation. Protected rights put in place by those that knew something about fighting for rights and freedom.

  8. Symbolism…America loves putting on a good show and takes it for reality. We act like NK, with their all show parades and fervent clapping for the anointed King.

  9. then there’s “doing” what Fox News or the Russians want you to do. So called conservatives just love their phony outrages. Give them one of those and they’re happy for weeks, give them a serious issue and killing each other in a rush to deny or ignore it. Disrespecting the construction is far more acceptable than disrespecting (but only by their own definition) the flag.

  10. So the NFL is a big bad organization because of this ruling. If thats your opinion, fine. But why is it OK for other sports companies, such as the NBA ? There is a need to show outrage for other such organizations. Seems like its a good reason to organize some protests.

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