Yesterday was another busy day. It seems like I am running all over in final preparation for my trip.

My day started with the dentist. Another mechanical failure. Another part. Being overnighted from California. I hope it gets here and in before I leave Saturday. And that everything works properly!

Worked hard with Jenna yesterday. With the new cell phone and tablet. This is not the time for me to be learning two new machines!

Sloan showed up for a brief time. She is working on the You Tube show. I had to do a quick video for her.

Jenna and I enjoyed a late dinner at La Trattoria. The new one on the ocean. In the former Martha’s Restaurant spot.

The menu and food exactly the same as the La Trattoria on Duval.

The atmosphere was terrific. Sits right on the Atlantic Ocean.

I liked it, but not as much as the one on Duval. I know everyone working the Duval location.  Knew none of the staff at the new place. I like the warm feeling of Duval. Inside, the new location is cold.

Remember Joran Van Der Slooth? He is that young Dutch man who it is alleged was involved with the disappearance some 5 years ago of the American Natalee Holloway. They were both in Aruba at the time. He was arrested several times, but never prosecuted. Insufficient evidence.

Justice has a way of triumphing. Recall O. J. Simpson.

Van Der Sloot recently was sentenced to a long term in jail in Peru. For strangling a 21 year old girl in a hotel room.


I published yesterday the story in its entirety in Key West Lou Law on Amazon Kindle.

Bocce tonight. I will not make it. Sloan and I will be working long and hard on You Tube.

Enjoy your day!

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