It was 45 B.C. The traditional Roman calendar was all screwed up. Out of whack for many years. Julius Caesar not a happy camper.

The Roman calendar a lunar one. It’s problems two fold. First, it fell out of place with the seasons and needed constant correction. Second, politics back then being the same as today, politicians played with the days. Pontifices were charged with overseeing the calendar. The group often abused its authority by adding days to extend political terms or interfere with elections.

Caesar threw out the Roman calendar. Replaced it with the solar calendar which was in use by Egyptians at the time.

Caesar’s new calendar calculated the year to be 365 1/4 days. Caesar had 67 days added to 45 B.C. so as to make 46 B.C. begin on January 1 rather than March 1 as it had under the old calendar.

Caesar also decreed that every 4 years, 1 day would be added to February to keep the calendar precise.

It took to 7 B.C. before the new calendar was ready for introduction.

The new calendar did not work that well. Not precise enough. By the Middle ages, it was a mess. The problem had to do with the 1/4 day.

Caesar had incorrectly concluded that a solar year was 365 1/4 years. The correct number was 365.242199 days. Good mathematicians back then. The number caculated without a computer.

The problem made for an 11 minute a year error. Which by the mid 15th century had added 15 days to the calendar.

Pope Gregory XIII felt it was his time to correct the mathematical error. He had Christopher Clavius, a Jesuit astronomer, attack the problem.

Clavius corrected the error. Recomputed everything. Came up with a new calendar. Named the Georgian calendar. The Georgian calendar was implemented in 1582 and is the calendar still in use to this day.

No bugs discovered in the new calendar.

I find amazing that various leaders considered an accurate calendar important, that they had the talent to deal with the mistake each time, and eventually came up with a calendar that has worked for more than 400 years.

An enjoyable New Year’s Eve. Began the evening with Terri’s show On Broadway at 8. Terrific! Terri told her life’s story by following her musical career and singing songs that fit each musical she was involved in.

Terri’s life story touching. Sobs heard several times in the audience.

Watched Terri’s show with Andrea and Joe.

The game plan was for the 3 of us to have dinner after the show with Teri and Donna at Abbondanza. We did.

By the way, Terri and Donna were dressed magnificently! Black. Knockouts!

Dinner was giddy. A happy mood. Terri’s 5 night show concluded. A success. We were together. A few drinks added to the otherwise happy feeling. A good New Year’s Eve!

It was after 11 when we finished dinner. I was tired and gave up on watching Sushi drop at Bourbon Street at midnight. Went home.

I was in bed at 11:45. Stayed awake to watch the ball drop on Times Square at midnight. Wished myself a Happy New Year and drifted off to sleep.

I sense a quiet/calm before the storm. Politically speaking. All hell is going to break loose in Washington this week.

Present day politicians make me sick. They are in Washington to solve problems. Instead, they create them. They no longer are statesmen. Arguing the value of an issue. They are negotiators. Negotiating for the best deal for their political party, not what is best for the American people.

I have been for term limits for years. My patience is stretched however. Now my attitude is throw the bums out! Lets have an election to fill all seats anew.

My podcast show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Less my mood changes a bit, I will be all over Washington this evening.

The show is at 9. A quick half hour of interesting and sometime blistering comment. Join me.

Enjoy your day!


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