There is one person intimately familiar with all that has occurred in Key West. Tom Hambright. If he does not know or cannot find the information sought, it does not exist.

Tom has been a part of Key West and the Key West Library for many, many years. His technical title is Curator of the Florida History Archives.

I am ashamed to say I have never met him. Tonight, I plan on hearing and meeting him. He is giving a talk titled A Short History of Key West. At the Library. Six o’clock.

It is not easy to officially have a book placed on the Library shelves. Such requires Tom’s blessing. I wanted Irma and Me to take its place in the Library. Diane Millikan told me I should leave it to her, not easy to do, and she knew Tom.

Diane was successful.

I am not certain whether it was Diane’s efforts or the quality of the book. Whatever, I am proud and pleased.

The lecture is over at 7:30. I will be off to Blue Macaw. Terri is singing. Probably will eat at Blue Macaw, also.

Last night was podcast time for me. Tuesday Night with Key West Lou. Enjoy doing the show. Last night’s topics included Trump and McCain, the book Kushner, Inc., big time Pentagon waste, Yemen, and Trump’s meeting with Brazil’s President Bolsonaro.

May Sands died this date 1956. She was 71. A respected school teacher for 47 years.

The May Sands School on Union Street was named after her.

I have visited May Sands often. Robert and Ally attended/attend Montessori there.

Ally still in the building. In the eighth grade. On the volley ball team.

Robert is a freshman at the Key West High School. Number 2 on the varsity tennis team. Unquestionably, a tennis player.

I came across a Key West leprosy story yesterday.

In the early 1900’s, a man died at his home. The home on Virginia Street. In those days, the house had to be burned in order to eradicate the possibility of further leprosy contamination. The house and contents were put to the torch and under the supervision of Fire Chief Fulford.

Leprosy a Key West problem back then.

Turns out leprosy not the dreaded disease it once was considered. Though none would want to have contacted it then or now.

Today, leprosy is curable. A multi-drug therapy involved. Treatment is free. The World Health Organization picks up the bill.

As a result, the number of leprosy cases has dropped dramatically. In 2016, 160 cases globally. Down from 5.2 million in the 1980’s. What modern medical science can do!

The nation with the highest leprosy rate is India. The filth in India’s water the primary cause.

The increased cost of Key West real estate reflected in the following.

On this date in 1923, fire destroyed an abandoned cigar factory on the corner White and Newton Streets. The fire was not containable and spread. Forty three homes destroyed. White, Ash, Angela, and Petronia Streets involved.

The total cost of the 43 destroyed homes was estimated at $125,000.

You can’t buy one house today for $125,000! Not even close!

A strange traffic stop shooting.

On July 25, 2018, a woman was stopped for a traffic violation. She gave the police some lip. They handcuffed her behind her back.

Not sure what happened thereafter. However, the story continues as reported by the police.

The woman died. She was shot in the mouth. The police reported it as a “suicide.” Handcuffed behind her back at the time of the shooting.

The police camera malfunctioned. The police reported it was “knocked offline.”

A furor ensued. The police are reinvestigating the incident. Eighth months later, people still waiting for the new report.

Only in America!

A few days ago I mentioned South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigief was impressive. A candidate for the Democratic nomination for President.

He was on Morning Joe today. Still impressive, if not more.

Mayor Pete is 37, a Harvard graduate and Rhodes scholar. An Afghanistan veteran. Gay. Married to a man.

I find him brilliant, right on when it comes to answering questions. His responses not  the usual bullshit.

Keep an eye on him.

My enthusiasm for his performance does not mean I am ready to support him. Still a long way to go.

Wow! A strange thing has occurred. Donna Brazile is now on FOX. Donna a Democrat all the way. A former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, she takes no guff. Knows the parties’ positions well.

Her job title is Commentator.

She and Sean Hannity debated for the first time last night. The first of many such debates, I am sure.

Trump met with Brazil President Bolsonaro yesterday in the White House.

Both men cut from the same cloth. Both despots, autocrats, nationalistic, white supremacists, anti-female, and anti-color. Bolsonaro known as the Trump of the Tropics in Brazil and South America.

Following the meeting, Trump said he wanted to get Brazil into NATO. Either as a non NATO ally or actual member. He was going to look into it.

I find it strange Trump wants Brazil as a NATO ally. He is continually knocking NATO for a number of reasons

Bolsonaro wants military equipment. As a NATO member in any fashion, he would be able to buy equipment at a dramatically reduced price.

Trump said after the meeting that both countries were unified in the global fight against socialism. Trump getting ready for 2020. He has already begun spouting that the Democrats are no longer liberals. They are socialists. The next step, communists.

A discomforting occurrence leading up to the Trump/Bolsonaro meting. Two nights earlier, Bolsonaro had dinner with Steve Bannon. A troublemaker of the worst kind. He wants to overthrow existing governments. I sometimes think for the fun of it.

I am reading In The Closet of The Vatican. Bannon is mentioned. He visits the Vatican often, is friends with many in the hierarchy opposed to Pope Francis, etc.

Enemies to our way of life popping up everywhere.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Tom Hambright is a really lovely man. He was so helpful and sweet when I was looking for some things for my blog. Haven’t seen you in a while, hope you’re well and I wish I had heard about his talk earlier!

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