Tired. Exhausted a better description. I assume from whatever I was given yesterday to knock me out.

I did my Facebook live video first this morning. Key West Lou Live video. Take a look. My ass is dragging.

My tests went so so. Will discuss another time. My throat could not be stretched. A growth. Another test here followed by surgery in Miami. Two polyps at the other end. Everything being biopsied.

Throat appears to be a concern. I am not bothered yet. Will describe actual problem when my head clears. I have to believe someone out there has had it and can share their experience with me. Paperwork said only 2 in 100,000 develop the problem.

Great, me!

Fire in Big Pine still alive. Fire behavior yesterday described as moderate with some spotting.

Greece! Anna’s trip this year will include a week in Mikonos with her lawyer son. She sent me pics of the villa where they will be staying. Typical Greece. Magnificent!

Mike Mulvaney is a whore. Previously an important Congressman. Then Budget Director under Trump. Now Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

He spoke yesterday before a group of bankers. Told them in effect that access costs money. He does not talk to those who do not contribute. He may talk to certain of those who do contribute.

Play for pay! One of the swamp problems Trump pledged to clean up. He has failed. The swamp problem has become decidedly worse under Trump.

That’s all for today. I am exhausted.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. C’mon Lou There you go again being totally unfair and wrong. 1. The Clintons wrote the book for Pay to Play. But you ignore that.
    2. There were no bigger whore mongers while in office than JFK and Bill Clinton. But you tend to ignore that also.

    That being said, I hope you feel better soon and your polyps turn out to be no big deal

  2. No Ray, YOU have that wrong. Lou is correct by ANY measurement. The swamp problem has become decidedly worse under Trump. Your comments are laughably partisan.

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