When my children were small (oh, so long ago!) and it thundered big time, we used to tell them it was a band playing in Heaven. They came to accept the explanation and it soothed them.

Lightning was hard to explain. We let them curl up with us.

Thunder and lightning are different on the ocean. This morning is overcast and the band plays on! It has not stopped thundering for two hours. Loudly. Like the sky is going to crack open.

A couple of nights ago, I was driving home and observed bright lights in the sky. Lightning! Out over the ocean. When the lightning occurred, the sky lite up as if it were day time.

I enjoyed a treat yesterday morning. I got to watch my TV show from my bed uninterrupted. Because of technical difficulties, I was required to record my friday show thursday morning. A one time event. Worked out well for me. I was impressed with the show. First time I had seen it all, including commercials, uninterrupted. Excuse my humility.

Wrote a bit afterward.

Sloan arrived mid afternoon. It took us quite a while to figure out and eliminate the crackling sound that occurred during last tuesday’s blog talk radio show. I hope it is now ok. I will not know till the next show on tuesday night.

Big time last night! Dinner with Jenna!

Jenna and I have not been out together for at least four months. We had an especially good time!

Jenna does my ego good. She is 27 and I am 78. Besides which, she is a knockout!

We have become very good friends over the past five years.

We stopped for a drink at the Chart Room. Emily was bartending. She came over to me. She appeared concerned. Where have you been, she asked. We have been worried.

It had been better than a week since I was in the Chart Room. The last time there, I mentioned concern with my blood pressure problem. Then I dropped out of sight. She and my bar brethren thought something bad had happened to me.

Nice of Emily and nice of the others to be concerned.

Except for bocce, I did remain home every evening.

Jenna and I picked at this and that at the Hot Tin Roof. Included were a dozen raw oysters and shataki. Shataki consists sushi which you cook/heat a bit yourself over a tiny grill brought to the table.

We had fun.

The Key West Citizen made mention this morning that a prior owner of Sloppy Joe’s bought the property in 1917. It was a restaurant at the time called Victoria’s. The property was purchased for $7,800. $7 million would not buy it today!

Syracuse football tonight. Against Northwestern. Northwestern is ranked #19 in the country. I suspect Syracuse will give Northwestern a battle. Syracuse could win. Syracuse looked good last week in losing to Penn State.

How swiftly fortune passes by! Last week’s Syracuse/Penn State game was nationally televised. No national TV for Syracuse this week.

Enjoy your day!

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