The Key West Lou Blog Talk Radio Show is moving. Time wise. From 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. The day will still be tuesday.

The name is being changed also. From this point forward, it will be known Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Sounds better, moves off the tongue easier.

I am moving the show to 9 for two reasons. First, getting up at 4:30 is bothering me. Yes, I have to be up that early to be ready to open the show at 7. Second, many of you tell me 7 is too early… the show another time. I am listening.

I hope 9 in the evening works better. The 7 time slot had many listeners. Not enough from my perspective, however. I hope 9 proves to be better.

And all of you who argue with me in person, via comments, and e mails, this is your opportunity to discuss our contrary positions live.

I invite you to join me tueday evenings at 9 for Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Find me the same way as before.

Cold this morning!!! Like 59 degrees at the momnet. Today’s high projected at 62 degrees. Key Westers will be dressing warm! No shorts today!

The cold front hit yesterday. It is a 48 hour one. It will leave tomorrow. The high tomorrow is 72. The rest of the week 80 degrees. We can live with two cold days.

My heart is taking a beating watching these Syracuse games! Seton Hall last night. Syracuse was down by 10 points after 10 minutes of play. Syracuse came back, however. Beat Seton Hall 76-65. We played well the last 30 minutes of the game. Not well enough though. Seton Hall had lost six straight coming into last night’s game.

Trische looked fantastic. Scored 29 points.

The Vienna Boys Choir is appearing in Key West for the first time this evening. The Choir is guesting with the South Florida Symphony at Tennessee Willaims. Should be a great show.

I am going. As Jenna’s guest. How nice!

The South Florida Symphony is the old Key West Symphony. It has broadened its base to include Miami and other mainland cities. The Symphony also moved its primary location from Key West to Miami.

I was a board memebr of the former Symphony for a couple of years. My former wife for eight.

Today is the middle day of a three day holiday weekend. It is sunday. So far the weekend has been good. Sushi with Jenna friday evening. Syracuse basketball last night at John Lukas’s place. The Vienna Choir and Symphony this evening at the college with Jenna.

Enjoy your day! Enjoy the long weekend!

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