A new Taco Bell recently opened in Key West. On North Roosevelt Boulevard. In the same building where one was closed down several years ago due to lack of business.

I am not a Taco Bell expert. Have only been in one my whole life.

The building has been updated. The windows are enlarged. They go from floor to ceiling.

Why the big deal about a new Taco Bell?

I drove by last night at 9:30 on my way home. The parking lot was full. The restaurant was full. I could see in through the large windows. Very few people standing. Most sitting. They appeared to be having a good time.

A couple of days ago at lunch time, I drove past the new Taco Bell. The cars lined up on the Boulevard waiting to get in the driveway were longer than any I have ever seen for McDonald’s.

I suspect the newness of the Taco Bell attracts customers. I believe there may be another reason. Cost!

Eating out is extremely expensive these days in Key West. Add in a few drinks and the bill shots up wildly. A new Taco Bell may be getting a big play because it is a cheap evening out. I could be wrong. It may only be the newness. Time will tell.

I worked on my blog talk radio show yesterday which is scheduled to air this evening at 9. Interesting topics. Join me. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics include unwanted immigration a world wide problem, cucumber salmonella outbreak in the United States, only so much money available in Europe to help immigrants, an update on Yemen where violence is escalating, 1.5 million U.S. households living on $2 a day per person, Illinois not having the money to pay a $250,000 lottery winner, and more.

Turned out to be a Key West evening.

My destination last night was the Little Room Jazz Club on Duval to watch Larry Smith perform at 8. Wanted to make a dinner stop first. Tried Roostica. Closed, I assume because of the holiday. Several other restaurants also closed. I ended up at Tavern ‘n Town. Always a good place for dinner.

Tavern ‘n Town was like old home week.

Ran into Michael Schwartz first. Michael is a former owner of Square One. The flavor of his restaurant I doubt will ever return. Even though subsequent owners continue to use the name.

Then Jean Zimmerman. A woman I have loved for years. I rarely see Jean. She was having dinner with Michael. Jean was Michael’s hostess for years.

The bar was crowded. Found a seat. Next to me were friends from my Yacht Club days. The Toppino brothers and others. Good to see them.

Eventually, Lou and Rose sat next to me. Turns out they are members of the Yacht Club, also. I had not met them before. They must have become members after my time.

Chatted quite a while with Lou and Rose. They live in Key Haven as I do. Soon to be married 52 years. Good for them! Lou an occasional pilot in his other life. He may still be flying a bit.

Nice people. I would like to see them again.

I have known Larry Smith more than 15 years. He is one of Key West’s premier performers. A musician, he composes and sings.

I met Larry through Aaron. Fifteen years ago, he took me to La Te Da to meet his friend Larry. Aaron and his lady Karen were at the Little Room to enjoy Larry last night. Friendships last.

Writer Michael Dennis in attendance. He has authored a number of novels. We spoke briefly about writing. Michael in his other life was a professional gambler. He would travel to Vegas and other places to work. Today, a successful author.

Larry’s wife Christine Cordone present. She sang with Larry. An outstanding vocalist, she has become an artist of some prominence in her later years. Alec and his horn stopped by to say hello and then to play with Larry. Mary Deasy sang.

Last night brought me back to the days of the Wine Galley. It was Larry’s room for years. We all attended. It was good to see some of the Wine Galley group come together last night.

I did not get to watch the Ohio State/Virginia Tech game. Ohio State won. The school is anticipated to be #1 in the country this year. Ohio State beat Virginia Tech admirably 42-24.

What impressed me was that Ohio State averaged 10.2 yards per carry. Powerful football!

Friend David an Ohio State fan, booster, fanatic. Looks good for your team, David!

Enjoy your day!



Water is the oil of the 21st century. Water is not only a U.S. problem, it is a world wide one. Demand is constant and growing as the world population increases. Supply is limited. More so with every passing day.

There is another reason for my water/oil observation. It has recently been reported that banks are buying up water sources world wide. Banks are pigs. Guaranteed the price of water will gradually increase as the cost of oil did in the 20th century!

It is amazing how this blog and readers tie up. I mentioned yesterday running into Stevie at Publix. Stevie was bartender at the Wine Galley for years. John from New Jersey forwarded a comment…..”As I recall, Steve the bartender used to get up and sing Cry Me A River when Larry Smith was at the Wine Galley.”

Memories. Unfortunately, the Wine Galley is no more.

A quiet dinner at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town last night.

Bocce tonight. It is getting tougher!

We are tied for third. We play the team tied with us for third. A war!

The Florida keys are running out of telephone numbers. Commencing sunday, area codes must also be used when placing a call. Even if local. The area codes are 305 and 786.

Big race saturday! A marathon! Saturday morning the Seven Mile Bridge will be the scene. From one end to the other. At last count, 2,100 had signed up. Probably many more before race time saturday.

It has to be hard to run the Seven Mile Bridge. Sun glaring off the water and concrete. No shade anywhere.

The police problem confronting us is not going to go away easily. The police are geared up. They believe they are correct.

There is a bill in the Florida Senate soon to be voted upon. It mandates that videos taken in private places and/or involving medical emergencies and deaths can only be obtained with court approval. And if the judge thinks the video would cause harm to reputation of anyone in the video or reveal personal information, the court can deny approval.

The proposed legislation will keep the public in the dark where excessive police force is used.

What is happening to us? Where did our country go wrong?

I have to hustle. Physio this morning.

Enjoy your day!