On this day in 1469, the Italian political philosopher and writer Nicolo Machiavelli was born. Friend and foe at different times of Cesare Borgia and the Medici family.

Machiavelli most famous effort is The Prince. The book’s hero an amoral calculating tyrant for whom the end justified the means. A man who believed diabolical expediency was proper activity in the world of politics.

“Machiavellian” has come to be recognized as an action undertaken for gain without regard for right or wrong.

Is Trump Machiavellian? If the shoe fits, he should wear it.

I think it does.

A busy yesterday. Sandy’s Cafe for lunch. Ran some errands. Picked up some groceries at Publix.

In my old age, grocery shopping has become an event. Run into friends, make new ones. I become increasingly knowledgeable regarding the increasing excessive cost for food. Some without sufficient means, cut back on their drugs. Others I am sure, food.

Spent a couple of hours last night at the Chart Room. My place! Good friends!

Last night John, Sheila, David, Holly and Kevin.

Kevin steadily recovering from his terrible scooter accident. Looks better. Extensive plastic surgery was required to his face. His skin smooth like a baby’s skin. His mental acuity better. A lucky man.

Kevin complimented his wife Holly extensively. His strength. How she was there for him all the time. I was happy for him.

In my lifetime, I have found many spouses are not helpful or do not stay around when the other is be felled by some adversity. I recall one wife who told me when her husband was into a long term non recoverable illness that she had not contracted for “this” when she married him. She divorced her husband.

This morning’s Citizens’ Voice contained an interesting comment. Reflecting that things change with time.

There was an era when Key Westers wanted ships wrecked on a reef so they could profit from the ship’s cargo recovery. No mention at that time of reef damage.

Today, the profit in such an occurrence arises out of the damage to the reef, not its cargo.

I mentioned last week in this blog and on my podcast that Rudy Giuliani was over the hill as far as representing Trump was concerned. No insult intended to a once a distinguished professional. However, he had not seen the inside of a court room in 20 years.

I was correct. Look at the mess he made on Fox News last night.

On this day in 1946, Japanese War Crimes Trials began in Tokyo. Twenty eight military and governmental officials.

Tokyo was not the only place where Japanese war criminals were tried. The Japanese had committed heinous crimes through out most of Asia. Outside Japan itself, more than 5,000 were tried and found guilty of war crimes. Nine hundred executed.

The 5,000 needed defense counsel. Many U.S. attorneys heeded the call for assistance. One was Robert Miller.

I was fortunate in later years to have Miller as a Professor in  law school. I studied criminal law and evidence under him.

A sharp guy. Extremely intelligent. Benefited his students even more by tying his lectures occasionally into one of the war crime trials he had defended.

Busy day again. Haircut, lunch and a manicure. Who knows what tonight will bring.

Such a life!

Enjoy your day!




While in college, I took some political science courses. One had as required reading Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Machiavelli was born this date in 1469. He is considered a father of modern political theory. The Prince written by him in 1532. A political bible to this day for many.

Machiavelli was a friend to Cesare Borgia. A political leader. Of the worse kind. A bad guy. Borgia inspired Machiavelli’s title character in The Prince.

Some observations re Machiavelli’s The Prince.

The term Machiavellian is used to describe an action undertaken for gain without regard for right and wrong.

Machiavelli’s vision of an ideal leader: An amoral, calculating tyrant for whom the end justifies the means.

Machiavellian is associated with the practice of diabolical expediency in the realm of politics.

Descriptions applicable to Trump? I think so.

My podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night. Opening topic was a review of some of Trump’s actions of the past week.

Like referring to Jong Un as “a smart cookie” and saying he would be “honored” to have him visit Washington. Inviting Duterte to the White House. Exhibiting a lack of knowledge of American history re Andrew Jackson and the Civil War. Refusing to withdraw his description of Obama as a “sick and bad guy.” His pre-existing conditions comments inaccurate and misleading.

Glad there are only seven days in a week!

Japanese War Crime Trials began this date 1946. The primary trial was in Tokyo. Japan Premier Tojo the key defendant. The charges war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Japanese charged overall far exceeded those similarly charged who were Germans. Five thousand accused were tried and judged by tribunals across the Pacific.

While in law school, I was fortunate to have Robert Miller as my Professor in Criminal Law and Evidence. Miller had served as defense counsel to certain Japanese in the war crimes trials. My recollection is it was in the Philippines. I may be wrong as to location, however.

Miller sprinkled his lectures with stories of the trials. Using them to make a point and keep our interest.

We were fortunate to have had him.

The Kentucky Derby this saturday. Everyone is having a party! I am undecided between Kate Miano’s Gardens and Don’s Place.

Willie Shoemaker is one of the greats of the jockey racing world. Comparable to baseball’s Babe Ruth.

I mention shoemaker today because it was on this day in 1986 that he rode Ferdinand to a Kentucky Derby win. Ferdinand was 18-1. Shoemaker was 54 years old at the time. He was the oldest jockey to win a Kentucky derby.

Ferdinand was not his only Derby winner. Actually, Shoemaker won a total of 4 Kentucky Derbies, 2 Preakness Stakes and 5 Belmont Stakes.

I was privileged to know him.

In the mid 1970’s, I had a condominium at the Jockey Club in Miami. A private club. Members only on the grounds, restaurant and bar.

Shoemaker had a condominium at the Jockey Club, also. We would frequently meet at the Club’s bar. Generally, the men waiting for their wives to come down for dinner. Shoemaker charming,  soft spoken. Always the gentleman.

He was perfect sized for his chosen profession. Ninety eight pounds, 4 feet 11 inches.

The gung ho type. In his later years, he was in a terrible automobile accident. Left him a quadriplegic. Paralyzed from the neck down. He became a trainer. From his wheelchair. Won many races and his horses several millions of dollars.

Enjoy your day!



I returned to physiotherapy yesterday morning. To the anti-gravity treadmill.

Easily three months since I stopped. First, a broken toe. Then, chest pains.

I started slowly. Stayed slow. Half the speed of what I did before.

I had to grocery shop at Publix following the workout. When I got out of the car at Publix, I was shot! Dead tired! Not uncommon. I was always tired in the past when I finished the treadmill work out.

I got in and out of Publix fast.

As soon as I was home, I put the groceries on the kitchen cupboard. Except for the few items that had to go in the freezer. Did not keep the rest.

I hurried upstairs and threw myself on the bed. Dozed on and off till 6:30. Only then did the exhausted feeling leave me.

I have scheduled 3 days a week rather than five. It may end up zero. Tomorrow, I try again. Fifty percent less than what I did monday.

We shall see.

Publix was strange. They are moving aisles around, what is stocked next to what, etc. I think they do it to aggravate customers. Not really. Supermarkets are smart. They know how to place things so we buy more.

I intended to go out last night. After the long tired spell, I decided not. Stayed in and researched tonight’s blog talk radio show. Topics include Puerto Rico’s pending default, Goldman Sach wanting to militarize the moon, Baghdad protestors, two people connected to Flint water problem found dead, Hillary Clinton’s team to run a fundraiser for her in Israel May 17, new F-35’s software buggy/could affect whole fleet, and more.

Join me. A quick half our of interesting happenings. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Have you noticed? My blog talk radio show now has advertisers. I am impressed. The blog talk people told me my numbers were good and worthy of advertising. I have heard, 3M and Walgreens so far.

On this day in 1986, Willie Shoemaker won the Kentucky Derby. He was the oldest man to win the Derby. Overall, he won 8,833 races during his career.

A tiny person. He weighed less than a 100 pounds.

In the mid 1970s, I had a condominium at the Jockey Club in Miami. As did Willie Shoemaker. When not racing, you could find him around the Club. I got to know him a bit. Not well. An exchange of hellos. A conversation on occasion.

He was a quiet man. Private.

Another today in history. The year 1532. Niccolo Machiavelli published The Prince. It was required reading for a political philosophy course I took in college.

Machiavelli was a bad guy. Anything to get ahead. Forget morality, right or wrong.

Machiavelli claimed an ideal leader was an amoral, calculating tyrant for whom the end justified the means. Such a man would undertake any action for gain, without regard for right or wrong.

How many such men have left their black mark in modern history. Up to and including some in power today. Think about it.

Enjoy your day!