Key West has a Tree Commission. Not strange. Key West has a commission for everything. Talk about mini managing!

The Tree Commission came into being in 1971. It’s sole purpose at the time was to stop the paving of green areas. Since that time, the Commission’s power has grown. Today the Commission regulates all kinds of trees on public and private property. Things like branch removal, crown cleaning/thinning, and crown reduction.

Is the Commission a good thing? I do not know. What I do know is that every time a friend has received a letter from the Tree Commission, he/she was upset. Very upset!

I went to Don’s Place at noon to watch the Syracuse/Pitt game. I knew I could not get it on my home TV. Don’s Place could not either. Toni helped looking for channel numbers. The bartender was helpful. However no Syracuse/Pitt game.

I returned home immediately. I do not enjoy day time drinking.

My recollection told me the game might be available on the internet. It was. I sat at my desk and was able to enjoy 3/4s of the game.

I was impressed with watching the game on the internet. For real. You can get the picture to cover the whole screen. It seemed I was closer to the action than on TV. By at least 50 percent, crazy as it sounds.

Syracuse lost 65-61. Defense fair. Offense terrible. A continuing problem. Syracuse has difficulty getting the ball in the basket. Cooney scored zero points. His back was out . You could see it. He took very few shots. Normally he plays the entire game. Not last night. Probably less than half.

I am anxious for the season to be over.

Long Time TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford was in the keys yesterday. Tavernier. Kathie is also a wine producer. She was at the Winn-Dixie signing bottles of her Scheid Family Wines. More than 1,000 in attendance.

I misspoke when I said she was in the keys yesterday. She actually spends much time in the keys. She and husband Frank have a home in the Key Largo area which they have enjoyed for years.

I finished reading Maria Laurino’s The Italian Americans.

The first half was fascinating and informative. The second half not so much as I was somewhat familiar with the events covered.

Two new things I learned from the book. Both deplorable.

In the late 1800s, mob lynchings of Italians was common in New Orleans, Tampa and the south generally.

I knew that during World War II, those of Japanese descent were interned in camps for the duration. I did not know that Italians and Germans were also. They were interned and/or restricted.

Those who were interned were Italians who had lived in the U.S. for many years but had not been naturalized. Others were merely restricted. Which meant they could not go into certain areas and down certain streets. They were subjected to a curfew and were required to carry papers identifying themselves.

Joe DiMaggio’s parents were restricted for the entire war. Even though Joe and his three brothers all fought for the U.S. in the war.

Larry Smith is a dynamo. Loved by everyone, though frequently criticized. A musical entertainer of much talent.

Tomorrow night Larry is the featured speaker at the Friends of the Key West Library. The event is at St. Paul’s Church at 6. Larry is going to talk about the kinds of music that have influenced his career as a pianist and composer.

Go! Larry is always enjoyable. I plan on being there.

The sun is out and shinning. Key West is in for a second consecutive day of warm weather. Somewhere in the mid 70s.

Enjoy your Sunday!




Last night was Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou, my blog talk radio show. My comments re the U.S.’s economic recovery initiated responsive comments.

The title of the segment was What Recovery? I also wrote this week’s KONK Life column on the subject. It publishes today.

The thrust of the comments and column is that the economy has only been good for the rich. The 1/99 percent thing again. A nation that has 16 million homeless public school children, 51 percent of public school children living in poverty, food stamps at an all time high, small businesses still struggling,  has a long way to go.

I spent a portion of yesterday fine tuning the show in preparation for last night.

I also did a couple of hours of pleasure reading. I am into a book on Italians. The Italian Americans by Maria Laurino. Published last month. I am learning things about my heritage I never knew.

The weather is crazy. Rain and thunder last night. This morning black. One blast of thunder woke me. I actually sat up.

The water is rough. Today definitely not a boating day.

A new cold spell is moving easterly. Big time cold. Arctic cold. Perhaps the lowest temperatures ever. As usual, bad weather up north affects Key West. Tonight, the temperature drops to 56 degrees. The high today 69. The high tomorrow 60. Yes, 60 degrees!

This morning’s Key West Citizen carries a picture of people waiting to get into the Hemingway House. I drive by the Hemingway House several times a week. I have noticed in the past several weeks more and more people waiting to get in. In the past if you had to wait in line, the line ended at the wall entrance. Now it runs almost to Truman.

The line tells me not so much an increased interest in Hemingway. Rather it evidences the fantastic early tourist season Key West is enjoying.

ISIS. What do we do? Above my pay scale. I hope however our government firms down on a procedure and goes after them. My fear is that we are only going to do it in a half hearted way. Time is not with us. It is almost a certainty that at some point ISIS will strike here in the U.S.

ISIS at it again. In Iraq, they placed 45 persons on the bed of an open truck, doused them with gasoline, and burned them to death. Videoed for the world’s watching, of course.

ISIS knows how to make money to support its endeavors and people. They are not a bunch of ragged fighters living in caves. The newest ISIS money maker is the sale of body parts. Body parts a very profitable item on the world market. Hearts, livers and kidneys in high demand.

Doctors are required to remove the body parts. From the living who end up not living. If a doctor refuses, he is killed.

Syracuse/Louisville tonight at 7. ESPN. At the moment, I plan on watching the game at Don’s Place. Louisville is a 5.5 point favorite.

Larry Smith with a major musical event this evening at the Pier House. Where the Wine Galley used to be. Christine Cardone and Kathleen Peace featured.

Enjoy your day!