Poker Run 2015 is over. Most of the bikers left Key West yesterday afternoon. Roaring. In greater numbers than they came in. As many as 40 at a time.

Those who did not leave yesterday will leave this morning. The roar again.

A successful weekend. No trouble. The bikers not a problem. Bars had to do a big business.

I spent many hours yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. It publishes wednesday. The column took unusually long to write. Details. The title: U.S. War Ready? I strongly suggest you read it. Not necessarily for pleasure. For information you may not otherwise be aware.

Roostica for dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs, sausage, and pork. Just like my Grandmother made!

Olga waited on me. Obvious she is from another land. She has an accent. Business was slow. We had a chance to talk.

I was interested in where she came from and details of life there. Olga was born and raised in the old Soviet Union and then under whatever the name of her free country. I could not catch the name. It was not familiar.

Her homeland is far to the east in Russia. Near the Chinese border.

We talked of education. Interesting. Most stories similar to Flora’s. Some different.

Olga loves the USA!

The New York Times carries a shocking front page news release this morning. Afghan village commanders have sex slaves they keep handcuffed to their beds. Young boys. Apparently part of Afghan tradition. Called bacha bazi.

American soldiers could hear the boys screaming at night. They were told not to pay attention nor interfere. It was part of Afghan custom and to be tolerated.

What the hell are we doing over there? Their ways are thousands of years old. We will change nothing.

Pope Francis arrives tomorrow. He will speak at some point to a joint session of Congress. Some Republicans are complaining. and not with the respect the Catholic leader is entitled to.

The complaining Republicans think the Pope is too liberal. He believes in climate change, equality of pay, is opposed to gun manufacturers. All social problems. All within the purview with which he should have concern. All matters Republicans prefer to ignore.

They fail to mention the Pope is anti-abortion.

Greek elections a surprise. Tsipras reelected. His Syriza Party won handily. A sign the Greeks respected his efforts in spite of the fact that he failed regarding the Eurounion debt. I am confident Tsipras will take another shot at the problem in due course. Never say die!

Oh, my Syracuse! Three consecutive wins. The true test next saturday. Against ranked LSU. The Vegas line is LSU by 24.

Enjoy your day!




Erika fizzled out over Cuba. No hurricane problem now for Key West. Some heavy rain and 40 mph wind gusts for two days.

We can use the rain.

One potential hurricane leaves and another enters. Fred the name of this one. Now off the coast of Africa. Where most hurricanes have their start. It will be at least 10 days before we know if Fred is going to be a problem.

The media tends to hype things. Especially the Weather Channel this morning. Makes the rain sound like a big problem.

The Weather Channel just showed a live video of Miami and the rain they were having. Heavy. Windy. Impressive. Bone dry here in Key West. We are 150 miles south of Miami.

Tavern ‘n Town’s Judy told me last night she left Key West for the first few hurricanes when she first was here. Even her furniture went with her. Nothing happened. Finally got disgusted and decided to stay for Wilma. Judy, her furniture and car, took a beating.

Spent most of yesterday researching this week’s KONK Life column. I will be writing it today. An interesting topic. Private prisons. Involved is bribery corruption involving a judge who was sentenced to 28 years, a slavery exception to the 13th amendment, chain gangs, and Wall Street banks. Publishes Wednesday.

Tavern ‘n Town last night. Bobby Nesbitt entertaining.. Bobby recently returned from a cruise gig. He leaves for Germany soon for his annual one month entertainment spree there. Including Oktoberfest.

Met Liz from Boston. Was in Miami for a business meeting. Shot down to Key West for a couple of days of fun and relaxation. Her third time here. Always stays at the Marriott Beachside. Charming. Enjoyed my time with her at the bar.

Tavern ‘n Town has two hostesses. Both beautiful. Ludmila and Moldova. Ludmilla new to the team. Every guest is greeted with a smile. All assistance provided.

The highlight of the evening involved Food & Beverage Director Dave Talpasz. Soft spoken. Unassuming. He runs an excellent shop.

Dave has been recognized for his fine work. He is the Restauranteur of the Year for all American Marriotts. Includes North and South America. I am thrilled for him. The recognition well deserved based on how he manages his responsibilities at the Marrott Beachside..

There was a large picture sitting on an easel at the entrance to Tavern ‘n Town. In it are Dave and my friend Robert Spottswood. The Marriott and the Spottswood Companies jointly operate the Marriott Beachside. The picture announces Dave’s recognition by the Marriott chain.

American Pharoah suffered his first defeat yesterday in the Travers Stakes at Saratoga. American Pharoah was the Triple Crown winner this year.

American Pharoah got cheated. His owner should have put him out to stud after the Triple Crown victories. Instead, he got greedy. Ran him in additional races. I assume to make more money.

This morning’s news has the owner now thinking that perhaps he had gone too far. Whatever, get American Pharoah in fields of green where he can spend the rest of his days in the company of female counterparts.

Owen Labrie is the young man convicted of sex charges with a 15 year old girl. Owen a senior at a private school. He was to enter Harvard next month.

I will not bore you with the details of the sex activities. You all know. The media covered this story 110 percent. I do have an observation, however. Things have changed. When I was a high school senior back in the early 1950s, actual sex was an unattainable dream. The best a young man could hope for was to touch a girl’s breast. Outside her clothes!

Maduro is the inept President of Venezuela. First his people ran out of toilet paper. Then food. Both continue in short supply.

Immigrants are pouring over the border from Columbia to Venezuela to escape the drug wars. Maduro is pulling at his hair trying to figure out how to feed them and provide them with toilet paper.

Enjoy your Sunday!