On this day of international significance, I opt to open with levity.

I am sick of Trump and the worldwide aggravations he has caused. Wake up America. Trump is destroying our country. He and his party must be voted out. Hopefully, it will not be too late.

Levity a BOB story. Involves Chi Chi. A Vietnamese pot bellied pig living in Key West in the mid 1990’s.

Chi Chi became enamored with the next door neighbor’s Harley-Davidson. Began humping the Harley’s front tire. In the process, scratched the Harley’s paint.

The damage more than $100.

The Monroe County Animal Control took Chi Chi to the pen. An animal pen.

In effect, Chi Chi had been arrested. Technically, his owner charged.

Chi Chi could have been turned into bacon. Several weeks elapsed while Chi Chi’s owner, the Harley-Davidson’s owner, judges and attorneys argued over what should be done with Chi Chi.

Consumed the community. A matter of importance. Imagine, an animal sex act with a Harley causing such furor. The judge intended to sentence Chi Chi to death.

A judgment of execution was stayed.

A decision finally arrived at. Chi Chi was to be neutered.

How cruel!

Chi Chi would no longer be looking for love in all the wrong places. He would not be looking for love anywhere!

BOB had one further comment re the summer doldrums discussed yesterday. The end of the summer found Key Westers looking to the horizon. Hurricane conversations consumed the populace.

Later this morning, I return with Key West Lou Live. My 3-4 minute video on Facebook. Ranting and raving. Hope you will join me. As MacArthur said, “I have returned!”

Sunday purportedly a day of rest. I recall when younger, sundays were respected as such. Practically and legally. Blue laws kept stores closed on sundays.

Yesterday was a day of rest for me. Remained in all day and night. Did my blog. researched a bit. Read. Watched TV. Napped.

A very good day! I needed it.

The Helsinki summit/meeting today. Not sure what it is at this point. I probably will comment on its results, if any, tomorrow.

What goes around comes around. Trump generally keeps persons of importance waiting. He did it with the Queen a few days ago. Boosts his ego. Makes him feel important.

TV news just announced Putin will be late.

Ho ho!

Dueling Bartenders tonight. Shopping for groceries earlier. I am out of food again!

Enjoy your day!


Can’t raise hell every day! Some times it is good to just lie back and let the day pass slowly. I did yesterday.

Late morning my lying around was interrupted by Sloan. Our work took less than 1/2 hour. I was not in the mood.

I spent most of the afternoon sitting on the deck overlooking the water and in the shade of the tiki hut. Back and forth. My time was not wasted. I worked on this week’s KONK Life column. Great title. Chimpanzees Are People Too. Shades of corporations are people.

An interesting article. There are those who believe chimpanzees and other type apes have intellect and are able to care for themselves. Such being the case, they should be deemed persons and entitled to the Constitutional rights of life and liberty.

What next? Beginning of a planet of the apes? Intermarriage permissible? The issue raises many interesting questions.

My bottom line was the courts are crazy. Beware. The U.S. Supreme Court said corporations are people too.

I watched a bit of golf later in the afternoon. A Ladies PGA tournament. They are so good! It is amazing how far golf ability has come in the last 15 years. For men and women.

Wanted to go out for dinner. It was Tavern ‘n Town. Very quiet. A typical Sunday night off season. I sat at the bar a couple of hours reading the Sunday papers and enjoying some food and drink.

I was home in bed at 9:30.

Enjoy your day!