My stress test was yesterday morning at 11:30. I gave up on the treadmill for the test years ago. Too much work. Went to the nuclear test. Easy. The last two have been dobutamine.

For the dobutamine test, I am lying down. Hooked up to everything. The dobutamine dripping into my arm.

The test took unusually long. The dobutamine is supposed to get my heart rate up to 120. Started at 60. Stayed at 60 a long time. I could sense a concern that it was not going up. They gave me a shot of something else. Still no progress.

I kept hearing from those working on me that my heart was still sleeping. Another way of saying I was not moving much off the 60.

A doctor was called in. Now, I was concerned! I could hear the discussion. Do we stop and have him return another time? Do not want to give him more of whatever?

My heart must have heard the discussion. It woke. Started moving.

Rest of test normal.

The after effect, a first. I was exhausted! Dead tired! Wow! Made it to home and bed. Slept for three hours. Felt better afterwards.

I will be informed of the test findings tomorrow.

The test was the result of my having chest pains two weeks ago and on the same day. I took nitroglycerin each time. The pain went away each time. Not a good sign. If pain disappears, means you are probably experiencing a heart problem.

I slept through the time I was supposed to be rewriting and refining the material for my blog talk radio show in the evening. I winged it. The show went the same as if I had spent that extra hour working the material over.

Enjoyed a light dinner at Roostica.

The Presidential primary races suck. Need issues and not personal clashes.

Our country has had similar campaign wars in years past. Today is nothing new. Except may be exaggerated more.

I spoke last night about the Presidential election of 1832. Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay. Hot! They ended up hating each other. Jackson won. Clay returned to the U.S. Senate.

The Senate was investigating some matter. They wanted documents in Jackson’s possession turned over to the Senate. Jackson refused.

Clay figured he had Jackson! He got the Senate to censure Jackson. The Senate did not have the power. Jackson  ignored the censure.

Jackson was a proud man. He took the censure attack personally. When Jackson left office, he said his only regret was he had not shot Clay.

Last summer, I met Frances Watson Clark at the Chart Room. We spent a long time chatting. She wanted to write a book about Key West. She wrote it and recently sent me a copy. Title: Images of Modern America – Key West.

The book is a series of photos taken over the years. Not in sequence. Each with a brief history beneath the photo. Her work in actuality a novel. Not merely a bunch of pictures. The wording below each photo a piece of Key West’s yesterday.

I recommend the book.

The book has the usual Acknowledgements section. Frances mentioned me in the Acknowledgements. A first for me. She wrote, “A chance encounter at the Chart Room granted me the fortune of meeting Joe Petrone, a columnist for KONK Life and blogger extraordinaire…..”

I know. She got my first name wrong. Nevertheless, I appreciate the mention.

Joe Liszka died in October. I wrote about him at the time. A Key West luminary.

At 5 o’clock today, a Celebration of Life will be held at Tennessee Williams. The theatre was needed because of the anticipated crowd. In addition to all his accomplishments, Joe Liszka was loved.

Today is hump day and screw off day. Hump day we know. Screw off is because today is my friday. I work through the weekend. The weekend being my busiest time. Wednesday, thursday and friday are mine. Nothing to do, except write this/my blog.

Screw off has already begun. I remained in bed till after 7.

Enjoy your day!


On the move yesterday. A lot of it fun.

My morning trip was bland. The bank and Walgreens.

The afternoon picked up. I researched for tonight’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I enjoy researching.

I will open with the Syracuse victory. Worthy of recognition and mention. Followed by Andrew Jackson’s censure spearheaded by Henry Clay, sexual atrocities by police officers, those vying to buy the Presidency, Hawaii seriously considering decriminalizing all drugs.

Followed by Bernie Sanders three big State wins, $15 an hour now law in California, Smell Dating, a strange result in the legal system, this week’s KONK Life column Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa?, and California’s lead problem.

Then a nap. I was tired after researching.

Last night, I was truly out on the street.

First, Aqua. Monday from 5-7, the bartenders sing. Last night it was Tom Luna and Rick. Luna was the star of Producers that I saw saturday night. Rick’s stage name is Goddess. Goddess is a drag star.

Tom and Rick sang Unforgettable reworded. Substituted Homosexual for Unforgettable. Funny.

David showed up. Always glad to see David. He was into the singing. Sort of a group karaoke situation. David knew all the old songs. I knew very few. I stumbled through some, however.

Michael and Kathy showed up. Michael was a bocce partner several years ago. He also owned Peppers with Tom Luna. Michael and Kathy left Key West. They now live in San Antonio del Mar, Mexico. On Baha beach.

I was out for the evening with June. Her friend Candy Cane came over. The girls chatted away.

Mary took care of my Key West home for five years. A jack of all trades. She was at the bar. I had not seen her in years. It was her 50th birthday. She still looks 21. Enjoyed being with her again.

It was time to eat. Antonia’s at the bar. Yes, I am back.

A change in the menu. A big one. Antonia’s of old featured northern Italian cooking. Means oil, not sauce. I enjoyed a linguine dish. Sauce, not oil. Antonia’s has switched to southern Italian cooking.

The night was not yet over. It was on to the Little Room Jazz Club to hear Larry Smith. Pepe on the drums. Alex on the horn. Melody Cooper singing.

Larry is one of Key West’s premier entertainers. Catch his show. Time spent with Larry always pleasurable.

As we were leaving, one of th spectators asked for my blog address. I apologize that I have forgotten his name. If he is reading today’s blog, I ask he e-mail his address. He is in Key West for two months. I would like to get to know him better.

An interesting article in this morning’s Key West Citizen. A public private group will receive $75 million in State money next year. They have received money in the past. Big dollars.

The group’s function is to boost tourism in the Florida keys. They are doing well. Claim 100 million visitors in 2015.

A good chunk of the money is to provide paid trips to Chinese and other foreign journalists. They also have what has been described as secret contracts with celebrities.

Though tax dollars are involved, the organization is not audited and its agreements with celebrities secret. Scrutiny required. None exists.

Later this morning, a stress test scheduled. I am nervous. I always get nervous when I have to take a stress test.

Enjoy your day!