One thing about Trump, he is consistent. His every move screws up America!

The most recent was yesterday. He removed the United States from the Paris Accord. The climate control agreement involving 199 nations of the world. The only two not signatories were Nicaragua and Syria. Great partners!

I said what I had to say yesterday on my Facebook video. Upset, I was. Upset, I still am.

My comment today is a reference to Macbeth. I speak of Trump in recalling the lines: A tale told by an idiot / full of sound and fury. / Signifying nothing.

Santina is retired somewhere in Florida. She views my video every day. Her comment following yesterday’s regarding Trump was right on: He is a self indulgent pompous, egotistical, nut job.

I asked for help, recommendations, re my feet which are causing me distress. The balls hurt. Received many comments. Interesting and helpful. Thank you.

When I get the medical results, I will let you know the diagnosis. I have a feeling I have already been told it in the comments. Lower back and poor shoes.

Yesterday began with a haircut and Lori. Fifteen plus years she has been cutting my hair.

Then to Publix for groceries. Cupboard bare again.

Ally 12 years old yesterday! Like she was born yesterday. Twelve now. Robert turned 13 two weeks ago.

Lisa cooked a birthday dinner and cake. Ally blew out the candles as we sang happy birthday. Ally controlled the scene. Lights out, start singing when I tell you, etc.

Ally is no longer a girl. She is a young lady. On her way to becoming a woman.

Ally showed me a project re Greece that she had completed for school. I told her about Acropolis. Told her to check it out on the computer.

She took out her cell phone and immediately was viewing 21 pictures of Acropolis and Parthenon. I told her Poppa had been there and walked through the ruins.

She was impressed. I enjoyed her reaction.

Robert told me that in 2 years he can get a learner’s permit to drive. Fifteen the age in Florida.

Time does not move on. It flies!

Bocce last night. The team finally had a winning evening. Won 2, lost 1.

My MTV neighbor Andrew watching. He is in for a few days from his home in Switzerland. Jim and his wife were with him.

My comments re the croc living on the golf course drew some street comments. Several were to the effect that crocodiles are now breeding in Boca Chica. The result will be more crocs in the area.

Boca Chica a beach about a mile in through the woods. Mostly a gay hang out. I suggest no bare ass meandering through the woods. Chop and it’s gone!

Roy Cohen was one of the most able attorneys of his time. Known to be tough and brutal. A good lawyer to be represented by.

He was Senator Joe Mc Carthy’s lawyer in the 1950s during Mc Carthy’s Communists in government witch hunt.

He was Donald Trump’s lawyer in the early to mid 1980s. Trump purportedly one of his favorite clients. A friendship existed between them. They talked several times a day by telephone, did Studio 54 by night, etc.

A professional and personal relationship existed.

Nineteen eighty six found Cohen on his deathbed. AIDS. It is reported Trump was the last one Cohen talked with before he died. By telephone.


It is also reported Trump pulled all his files but one from Cohen when he heard Cohen was H.I.V.

Some claim Trump acquired his bully nature from Cohen.

Monday is the 75th anniversary of World War II’s Battle of Midway. June 3-7, 1942. The United States whipped Japan’s ass big time. It was the United States’ first major victory against the Japanese.

The good guys destroyed 4 Japanese carriers and 1 heavy destroyer.

Japanese sea power was extremely limited by the loss of the 4 carriers.

Monday morning, June 5th, at 9 am, there will be a ceremony at Bayview Park commemorating the Battle of Midway.

Key West is an extremely patriotic community. It never forgets the military.

The Trump family costs the U.S. big dollars to protect. The Secret Service is required to be with the family at all times and in all places.

Eric and Donald Jr. travel the world promoting Trump hotels and golf courses. They are not engaged in government work. The Secret Service is with them at all times.

Taxpayer dollars paying for the protection. Take the President out of the equation. It still costs millions of dollars to protect the rest of the family. Every step of the way. Even at multiple residences.

No problem. Cut 23 million off the healthcare rolls in the next ten years.

Enjoy your day!





I had a 9 o’clock appointment with my heart doctor this morning. I did not recall why. Was on time. Turned out the appointment was for fasting blood work and an echo test. I did not fast. Had breakfast. Have to go back thursday to do what was supposed to be done today.

I am keenly aware that as I grow older, I see doctors more often. Very much so. It does not bother me. If you have  a car and take care of it, the car will provide many more miles. I see doctors frequently because I want those miles.

Today is the anniversary of the 1954 McCarthy hearings. Senator Joe McCarthy  was a combination of today’s Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton. Meaner, however. A thug in the clothing of a gentleman.

McCarthy was chairman of some sub committee. He got the committee involved in searching out Communists. Many lives destroyed in the process.

Joseph Welch was an able Boston attorney representing the Army at the hearings. McCarthy berated a witness represented by Welch. Badly. Welch looked up and said…..Senator, have you no shame?

It was downhill for Mc Carthy after that.

I have a clear recollection of having watched the event life on TV. My first year in college had concluded . I was home. An exciting moment.

Cupboard was bare again. Shopped at Publix. Always a pleasure. Ran into several friends.

Last night, it was Hogfish for dinner. I went early. The place was next to empty. I had the whole bar to myself. Ate hogfish. What else!

In between everything, worked on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine, my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. I always say…..my time. The reason is some listeners live in other time zones. Every time zone in the United States. Italy, Thailand and South Africa also.

Topics tonight include how Portugal is beating the drug problem, why I think the Asian pact is not good for the United States, the 15 year old girl in McKinney, Texas improperly roused by a cop who lost it, Bush 2 working the speaking circuit to the tune of $10 million – in most instances paid for by corporate America, a police officer in Austin who went after a bystander who was videoing police activity and literally abused the bystander for videoing the event, and more.

Watched a great old movie yesterday. Night and Day starring Cary Grant and Alexis Smith. Outstanding music and lyrics by  Cole Porter. His life story. The producers took much liberty in telling Porter’s story. Not factual. Not the way it was.

I did not care. It was entertaining and occasionally brought a tear to my eye.

Key West Pride starts tomorrow and runs through sunday. Many events. All entertaining. A parade, street fair, film festival, drag shows, etc.

Enjoy your day!