My favorite evening of Fantasy Fest is thursday. Toga night!

The voyeur in me comes out.

Before describing the gritty details, a brief toga history.

The toga is a garment of ancient Rome. White cloth. Drapped over the shoulders and around the body.

The toga and Rome cover many years. Modes of dress changed. What is set forth is generally what was the case.

Initially, the toga was worn with no undergarments. Romans were frugal. Then a garment underneath became the style. The tunic.

The toga was formal wear for men. Like wearing a suit today. The ladies initially wore togas, also. As time went on, they moved from the toga to a long Greek type gown. Except for prostitutes. Prostitutes wore togas at all times.

To today.

Thursday night during Fantasy fest is toga time!

Many will attire themselves in togas. More females than males. Many of the ladies wear nothing beneath the togas.

The event takes place in Sloppy Joe’s and outside on the street in front of Sloppy’s. The crowd overwhelming. Spectators/voyeurs and toga wearers.

A game is played. Generally on the street. A lady will be encircled by a group of men. Beads come into play. The men will want the lady to show her breasts. She will negotiate for beads. When an acceptable number has been arrived at, she will lower her toga and exhibit her breasts.

The negotiation then moves to her genital area. The bead cost higher. The negotiation concluded, the lady will lift her toga and show everyone the down under.

Next, the derriere. The butt brings the most beads. Very heavy negotiations. An acceptable number arrived at, the lady lifts her toga and exhibits her butt.

The exhibitions are not swift. The men get their beads’ worth. The ladies thrilled to show all.

Ten to fifteen of these negotiations are ongoing simultaneously for hours.

Note, women of all ages involved.

As mentioned yesterday, sex is absolutely prohibited during Fantasy Fest. There seems to be an exception. At 3-4 in the morning, the togas come off and the sexes engage. I only know this from word of mouth and photos. I could never stay up that late, even for sex.

My yesterday began with lunch at Sandy’s Cafe. Followed by a manicure at 1 with Tammy.

Initially, I was Tammy’s only customer. I asked, “All this overhead for me?”

Stopped at Walgreens on the way home. Finally got my flu shot.

Last night, Blue Macaw for 2 hours. I wanted to get out. I have been staying in evenings trying to finish a book I seem to have been writing forever.

Terri was singing. Donna with her, of course. Chatted a while with Doug. Tuesday was tutu night. Male and females so attired all over town. Doug had been out and about. Wore a kilt in place of a tutu. Preserved his masculinity. Correctly wore nothing under the kilt. Said he spent the evening mooning everyone.

Lynda and Bob Frechette came in. First time at Blue Macaw. I sat with them a while. Two of the best people in Key West. Involved, well known, loved.

Two drinks and I was on my way home. It was only 8 o’clock.

Now for a most important and disturbing item. The bombs discovered yesterday. Unquestionably, terrorism. National terrorism. I suspect one of our own out to hurt certain of his/her fellow citizens.

I believe without question the bombs the result of Trump’s violent rhetoric. His anger and hatred relentless. The damage attempted by the bombs an inevitable event. Trump’s words the motivation.

It has to stop. It will not as long as Trump continues his destructive ways. He will. He may have toned down a bit last night. He will not be able to keep his words down. Not his nature. In fact, I found his words last night more mocking than a direction to calm down, stop.

Next will come action in the streets. Not mere demonstrations. Clashes.

Actual revolution a possibility. I have been suggesting such might occur for a while.

Hard to believe. In the United States?

We continue to live in the Germany of the 1930’s. Everyone, beginning with Trump, put the brakes on!

Enjoy your day!



Today marks the anniversary of two notable events in the history of the United States. I make mention of them in reverse order.

On this date in 1942, the Doolittle Raiders bombed Tokyo and other Japanese cities. It was the U.S.’s  first retaliatory attack following December 7.

Doolittle represents a World War II happening. Next, a Revolutionary War one.

It was April 18, 1775. The British attacked Lexington and Concord. Paul Revere made his famous ride making colonists aware the British were coming. To arms, to arms, the British are coming.

Revere’s ride covered 20 miles.

His ride and words were made famous in a poem written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

There was another rider. Lost to history. Few aware he even existed. His name, Israel Bissell.

Bissell was a 23 year old dispatch rider.His ride began the next day. He rode south spreading word of the Revolution. He started in Connecticut.  Then to New York. He kept going. Philadelphia next.

Bissell covered 350 miles in six days. He literally rode one of the horses to death.

Revere only rode 20 miles.

History remembers Revere and not Bissell because again Longfellow wrote of Revere.

No one wrote a poem about Bissell till moe than 200 years later. In 1995, a Massachusetts poet Clay Perry gave Bissell a poem of his own: Listen my children, to my epistle, of the long, long ride of Israel Bissell, who outrode Paul by miles and time, but didn’t rate a poet’s rhyme.

Spent most of my yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Clarence Thomas / Anita Hill. The confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice which took place 25 years ago. From a personal and factual perspective. Insight into Thomas’ tainted victory.

Took a break. Went out on the deck for a few minutes. When I was going back into the house, I forgot about the screen door. I have a swollen nose and broken glasses.

I was beat in the evening. Took a shower. Intended to go to bed. Instead I stretched out in the recliner chair and watched Mutiny on the Bounty for the 200th time.

Key West has bicycle problems. Too many, failing to stop for lights and stop signs, etc. Marlin County in California has similar problems. Its concern is with speeding.

Speeders in Marlin County beware. Anything over 15 mph is considered speeding. Radar is being used. Tickets given.

Enjoy your day!