Not only is Key West One Human Family, it is One Happy Family. Family being the operative word.

This story involves Blue Heaven, its owner, and its employees over the years.

Richard Hatch owns Blue Heaven. An absolute Key West success! Tourists wait in line to dine.

Hatch understood the personal needs of his staff. He permitted hosts, waitresses, etc. to bring their babies to work. Generally in baskets. Moses baskets.

A number of the babies are now full grown. A good number graduated from the Key West High School several days ago. The mothers of many have continued to work at Blue Heaven over the years. Some of the recent graduates also during their high school days.

The graduation called for a Blue Heaven Party. What else!

The party was held at Hatch’s home. The home lovely. A huge pool in the back.

A crowd estimated at 100.

Organizing the party were Donna’s daughter Stacey and Satia. Both still working at Blue Heaven after all these years. Both had children graduating.

A good time had by all! All because of a Richard Hatch who had the foresight to understand young mothers some 20 years ago needed to take their kids to work. He worked with them and they and their children have happily worked with and for him.

A sad occurrence in 2015. A visitor at the Tiki Bar at the Galleon decided to dive in the ocean. The dock was roped off. He went over the rope. Might have been drinking.

An unfortunate accident occurred. He hit head first. Water shallow. An instantaneous quadriplegic.

He sued. The basis of the suit was that the Bar and Galleon had no signs posted warning of shallow water and no signs posted prohibiting diving.

The case was settled this past week for $10.75 million.

I enjoyed a perfect evening last night. Watched the 1946 Cole Porter movie starring Cary Grant. and Alexis Smith. Night and Day. A tear jerker.

The music a killer! Touching! Romantic! Glad I opted to remain home and watch the movie.

Songs like Night and Day, Begin the Beguine, I Get a Kick Out of You, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, You’re the Top, You’d Be So Easy to Love, In the Still of the Night, etc.


Trump has stirred the emotions of Middle East countries. He emboldened Saudi Arabia by his visit. Four days ago, the Saudis blockaded Qatar and threaten to attack Qatar. Turkey has since entered into a military pact with Qatar. Iran has offered food and ports to Qatar.

Great job, Donald! Keep it up and our country will end up looking like Afghanistan and Iraq.

Speaking of the President, he spoke to a group of Evangelicals yesterday. His strongest group of supporters. His message: “We’re under siege.”

Amazon is smart business.

Amazon has recognized the middle class no longer exists. It wants customers from both ends of the economic spectrum, however. Those at the bottom and those at the top.

Amazon has had Price Membership for several years. For $99 a year, it provides free 2 day shipping. Amounts to $10.99 a month.

They recognize the other market and are going after it. Amazon announced it will provide 2 day shipping service to those in the lowest economic scale. $5.99 per month. A state issued debit card for government benefits required to participate.

Cultural and religious differences frequently clash these days.

The Saudi Arabia (Them again!) soccer team is participating in the World Cup in Australia. A moment of silence was called for in memory of the recent victims of the London Bridge attack.

The Saudi Arabia team refused to observe the moment.

The Saudi Arabia Soccer Federation later in the day issued an apology.

Enjoy your day!




A fun filled evening last night! Thanks to Kate Miano.

I was sitting at the bar at Aqua enjoying the bartenders singing when Kate appeared at my elbow. She must have seen me from the street. I was sitting near the open doors.

She asked me to join her table at 8 for the Queen Mother Pageant. I told her I would be pleased to meet her for the event.

I have enjoyed the Queen Mother Pageant off and on for many years. Last night was the 33rd Annual Queen Mother Pageant. None as much fun as doing it with Kate. Her charm and enthusiasm captivates.

Queen Mother candidates are men in drag. Men such as you have never seen. Absolutely beautiful! Knockouts! All looked like women. Not one indication of masculinity.

I enjoyed the evening and thank Kate for inviting me.

Aqua bartenders singing is a regular monday cocktail hour event. I stopped not only to enjoy the singing. I hoped to run into David. He generally does monday’s at Aqua. No David.

I felt good yesterday.

Started the day at Body Owners on the anti-gravity treadmill. Continued the slow pace. I feel like I am an old man going slow. I am laughing with you.

Spent the afternoon researching for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Great topics. Like prison profiteers, Saudi Arabia funding Israeli’s Netanyahu’s rise to power, now a violation of Chinese law for a woman to eat a banana seductively.

Also, a Saudi video instructing husbands how to beat wives, major Maduro opponent assassinated, 1.8 million sign a petition to oust Maduro, Poland refusing to take in any further immigrants, thousands rally in Berlin in opposition to admitting more refugees, and more.

The show is at 9 my time. Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

I do not favor Trump for President. Clinton gives me concern, also. Not as much as Trump however.

I am confident the Democrats have researched Trump well. His closet has to be filled with embarrassing situations. His financial transactions. The man has money. He has to have lived a high and mighty life. Lots of women. Sex exploits..

Then, there are the four corporate bankruptcies, Trump University, plus I don’t know what else.

He lacks respect for people and things. Like women.

The man lacks character.

Bottom line. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Enjoy your day!


I had a 9 o’clock appointment with my heart doctor this morning. I did not recall why. Was on time. Turned out the appointment was for fasting blood work and an echo test. I did not fast. Had breakfast. Have to go back thursday to do what was supposed to be done today.

I am keenly aware that as I grow older, I see doctors more often. Very much so. It does not bother me. If you have  a car and take care of it, the car will provide many more miles. I see doctors frequently because I want those miles.

Today is the anniversary of the 1954 McCarthy hearings. Senator Joe McCarthy  was a combination of today’s Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton. Meaner, however. A thug in the clothing of a gentleman.

McCarthy was chairman of some sub committee. He got the committee involved in searching out Communists. Many lives destroyed in the process.

Joseph Welch was an able Boston attorney representing the Army at the hearings. McCarthy berated a witness represented by Welch. Badly. Welch looked up and said…..Senator, have you no shame?

It was downhill for Mc Carthy after that.

I have a clear recollection of having watched the event life on TV. My first year in college had concluded . I was home. An exciting moment.

Cupboard was bare again. Shopped at Publix. Always a pleasure. Ran into several friends.

Last night, it was Hogfish for dinner. I went early. The place was next to empty. I had the whole bar to myself. Ate hogfish. What else!

In between everything, worked on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine, my time. I always say… time. The reason is some listeners live in other time zones. Every time zone in the United States. Italy, Thailand and South Africa also.

Topics tonight include how Portugal is beating the drug problem, why I think the Asian pact is not good for the United States, the 15 year old girl in McKinney, Texas improperly roused by a cop who lost it, Bush 2 working the speaking circuit to the tune of $10 million – in most instances paid for by corporate America, a police officer in Austin who went after a bystander who was videoing police activity and literally abused the bystander for videoing the event, and more.

Watched a great old movie yesterday. Night and Day starring Cary Grant and Alexis Smith. Outstanding music and lyrics by  Cole Porter. His life story. The producers took much liberty in telling Porter’s story. Not factual. Not the way it was.

I did not care. It was entertaining and occasionally brought a tear to my eye.

Key West Pride starts tomorrow and runs through sunday. Many events. All entertaining. A parade, street fair, film festival, drag shows, etc.

Enjoy your day!