Yesterday was friday. For me, saturday.

From the time I rose, I thought it was saturday. While reading the Wall Street Journal, I noticed it had friday’s date. I could understand. The saturday edition is normally labeled Weekend Edition.

Later, while I was at Tammy’s for a manicure and pedicure, she told me she was working tomorrow. I could not understand. She never works on sunday.

Later in the afternoon, I telephoned Liz to finalize plans for sunday evening. We are attending St. Paul’s Christmas show together. I wanted her know what time I would be picking her up “tomorrow.” She said not tomorrow, sunday.

At that point it dawned on me! Today was friday, not saturday. Wow! What a screw up! Was I losing it?

To add more humor, I was planning on attending Larry’s Smith’s Christmas show saturday night at The Studios of Key West. That would have blown me out! I would have showed up friday night to be confronted by locked doors.

Do I add this to falling down all the time?

So…..Larry Smith tonight at The Studios for Christmas with Larry. 8 pm. I will be there. You should, also. Guaranteed top flight entertainment.

Getting back to Tammy, she told me she was returning to Vietnam in June for three weeks. She and her 6 and 8 year old children. Rick staying home to work the business.

A 32 hour trip.

She is going because she has not been to Vietnam in 12 years. Her children have never met their great grandparents on both sides. Her and Rick’s parents live in the U.S.

Then to the Cuban Coffee Queen for lunch. A couple of weeks since I had been there. No Ruby. Nor the last time. A big young Australian working her job.

I spent my “friday afternoon” reading a book about Cleopatra. What I learned!

Cleopatra was of Greek origin, not Egyptian. She was a direct descendant of Alexander the Great’s right hand man Ptolemy I. Ptolemy I became governor of Egypt.

At some point, Ptolemy I appointed himself Pharaoh. Everything continued Greek. The court spoke Greek.

Ptolemy I wanted to keep the ruling class in the family. Brothers and sisters married. Cousins, also. Had to be a lot of nuts eventually!

Cleopatra was married to her brother Ptolemy XIII before her Julius Caesar marriage.

Cleopatra was not Elizabeth Taylor. Not a beauty at all. Great at sex, however. A seductress. Note Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

Since I was not going to see Larry Smith, I took the night off. Stayed home and watched old movies on Turner Classics. It was Myrna Loy night. A 1930s and 1940s star. I did not realize her remarkable talent till I watched her play several different roles last night.

Some followers of this blog reside in Papua, New Guinea. Almost since day one. Like 10 years now.

Papua suffered an 8.0 earthqualke yesterday. A tsunami warning has been issued. I hope God holds Papua in his hands.


China can’t wait till Trump takes office to test the U.S. Yesterday, the Chinese stole a U.S. Navy submarine drone from South Sea waters in full view of a U.S. Navy vessel. Election hacking with Russia on the front burner. No peace for Obama in his final days.

Big day travel wise for Key West yesterday. United’s first direct non-stop flight from Newark to Key West. In January, United is going to provide a similar flight from Chicago.

I have been flying to Key West 26 years. I can recall when it was a 3-4 plane trip from Syracuse. Twelve to 14 hours. Assuming no delays. Delays guaranteed during the winter.

On this day in 1903, Orville Wright flew a power driven plane for the first time. Two thousand three was the 100th anniversary of the flight. Wright’s plane was reconstructed. Planned to be flown where Wright had flown 100 years earlier.

The plane did not fly.

Syracuse/Georgetown today at noon. On ESPN. I will be able to watch. Syracuse an 8 point favorite.

Syracuse and Georgetown were bitter enemies starting when the Big East League was formed in 1979. Always great hard fought games!

Big John Thompson Georgetown’s coach. Jim Boeheim Syracuse’s. They disliked each other from day one. Thompson especially hated Boeheim. Hated the correct word.

After Thompson retired and Boeheim was having league problems, the two made up. Actually initiated by Thompson. He came over at a game and hugged Boeheim. Just like that, the animosity of 30 plus years was gone.

Enjoy your day! Yes, I know it is saturday!


Key West offers much. Something for everyone.

The Songwriters Festival began yesterday. Runs through sunday. The twentieth anniversary of the event.

There is no other event anywhere to compare. Songwriters from all over the world invade Key West. Over 200. Play everywhere. Most venues free. The bars, restaurants, Tropic Cinema, and San Carlos.

A charity fundraiser. St. Jude Hospital.

A leader in the festival locally is Smokin’ Tuna.

A pleasant easy day yesterday.

Started with a haircut with Lori. Enjoy the lady! For over 15 years. An excellent conversationalist.

Then lunch at what was Lobos. Now Island Queen or something like that. Cuban sandwich place. It is hidden. Like No Name Pub, you have to search for it.

It sits in the corner off the walk next to Antonia’s and the walk in off Southard. Large for a Cuban sandwich place. Lots of sitting room.

Enjoyed a Cuban cheese toast with tomato and Cuban coffee. The cheese toast almost as good as the old Paradise Cafe. I enjoyed!

Bocce last night.

We played the #1 or #2 team. Excellent competition! They almost always win. Lose few games, forget matches.

We went in hoping to win one game. We are fighting to make the playoffs. The first five of the fourteen teams involved make it. Going into last night, we were around 4 or 5.

We won 2 out of 3 games. Wow! The only game we lost was the one I played in. I sucked.

A great victory! Hurt the other team’s standings and may have pushed us definitely into a play off position.

Next week is the end of the season.

This is VE Day. Victory in Europe 1945. Germany defeated.

I was 10 years old at the time. I remember the day distinctly. It was morning when the news came over the radio. Everyone was in the streets and on porches yelling and crying, hugging and kissing. Everyone had someone in the fight against Germany and Japan.

There have been many wars since. Not one has ended with the joy and enthusiasm I experienced that day. Sad. Probably because not everyone has a family member in the battle. We now have a professional military which takes away from the personal involvement.

Three from my family come to mind immediately. An uncle in New Guinea. An uncle in germany. A cousin on the USS Missoula delivering troops to the beaches of Iwo Jima.

Harry Truman. As I continually repeat, Truman loved Key West. Key West loves Truman. He is with us even now.

Today is Truman’s birthday.

Enjoy your day!