Yesterday had to be a lesson learned. No one should take my sport recommendations.

I thought Syracuse could upset the mighty Florida State. At the very least, beat the point spread. I was wrong in both instances.

Syracuse got beat by Florida State 59-3.

It happens. I have to congratulate the Florida State team. I have never seen a college football team play with such precision. Especially in the passing and receiving part of the game.

Syracuse’s time will come!

I had planned on watching the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub. Never made it. As I was showering, my stomach started rocking and rolling again. It was back to bed!

The Key West Film Festival has been ongoing this weekend. The second year the event has been held. I admire the locals who put the event together and are promoting it. In several years, it can develop into a big deal.

Star Mariel Hemingway is in Key West for the Festival. She is the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway and a film star in her own right. She participated in the writing and stars in a documentary called Running From Crazy which is being featured at the Festival. It is about mental illness in the Hemingway family and her efforts to escape it.

The Festival is showcasing 35 different films over a 3 day period.

Hemingway, Hemingway, Hemingway! He is part of the fabric of Key West. Loved and remembered.

I recall this past summer my two visits to Lake Maggiore. I visited two different cities at the Italian southern end of the Lake. The Lake sits between Italy and Switzerland. I hope to visit the Swiss side next year.

Hemmingway spent time recovering from leg wounds received in World War I at Lake Maggiore. A Farewell To Arms has as its basis certain of his experiences there.

I was thrilled to have experienced Lake Maggiore and places where Hemingway visited. Especially the ones he drank at. There were only a few. He was a creature of habit. As Sloppy Joe’s was his bar of choice in Key West.

I continue to get congrats re my recently published book The World Upside Down. Thank you one and all. I am waiting for my first comments from those who have read it. Too soon yet. It was just published last Wednesday.

The Key West Citizen is our daily local newspaper. Not too many pages for 50 cents. However, it does report most of the news. I say most because there has developed a glowing hole in its reporting as concerns local commercial events.

I suspect it all has to do with money. If an organization is running an event and has a cash flow, the Citizen would want some advertising space purchased. A business, so I understand. On the other hand, I don’t know if it is proper. We all live, work, and play in the same community.

Enjoy your Sunday!



U.S. Navy Seals have been told they no longer can wear the Continental flag and snake patch on their jacket shoulders.  The patch symbolizes Don’t Tread On Me. The reason is some what associated with political correctness. The Navy claims the symbol is associated with radical groups. Without so  stating or signifying, the flag of the Tea Party is a Don’t Tread On Me one, also.

The topic is # 1 for discussion on my blog talk radio show this evening. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Followed by cattle rustling, truck hijackings, and Tide thefts being on the rise and why.

Join me at 9. A fast moving half hour of interesting and revealing information.

Ran around a bit during the day yesterday.

Visited the Radio Shack. I do tonight’s blog talk radio show via Skype. Need headphones and mike for clarity. The set I have been using was falling apart. The new one appears to work fine. I tested it this morning.

Then Publix. Always fun. There may be a story in my Publix exploits.

Home Depot the final stop. Walked the aisles. Everyone of them.  A 25 minute jaunt.

I am in need of an air compressor. Nothing fancy. To put air in the bicycle tires and so forth. Adam bought one for me two years ago. He always used it. I let him do whatever had to be done. Adam was not available. So I tried to put air in the tire. The machine did not work.

Adam had purchased it at Home Depot. I decided to pick one up yesterday. I found the exact same one boxed. Read the directions. Lo and behold! It had to be plugged in! Ran on electricity. I did not know. Did not figure it out because the cord was wound into the machine. It could also be old age catching up with me.

I did not buy a new one. Later today I will try the one I have again. Plugging it in first, of course.

Wrote the rest of the day. Put together tonight’s blog talk radio show.

The weather continues to be spectacular. Around 80. However last night and this morning forceful winds. Coming off the Atlantic. Strongest yet this Fall. Not hurricane strength. Could be tropical storm strength, however. Palm trees and shrubbery bending big time. Waves in the pool.

Enjoy your day!







A good part of yesterday was spent working on tomorrow’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Join me at 10 in the morning my time. World wide.

Topics will include Isaac and the Republican convention, of course. Plus an Assange update, a major medical screw up, women topless in NYC, a failed attempt to save a hippo in South Africa, a man who bit a snake to death, 17 Afghans beheaded for playing music and dancing, an example of the sick society we live in, mosquitos in the keys and Dallas, Catholic Church leader sentenced to jail, an 84 year old woman raped, bigamy, the You Tube video leading to an arrest for speeding, and more.

We live in interesting and challenging times. Join me for an hour of thought provoking exploration as I discuss the topics listed.

Also, published an article on Amazon Kindle: Civil War Ongoing.

Spent some time in the late afternoon with my heart doctor. A scheduled appointment.

Sloan arrived at 5. We worked a couple of hours on this and that. Mostly You Tube. Soon!

The Chart Room and Don’s Place or the Republican convention last night? My choice. Picked the convention. I am drawn to political discourse.

Paul Ryan established his credentials last night. Unquestionably. Just as Sarah Palin did four years ago. Ryan will be formidable opposition for Obama and company.

Condoleezza Rice’s performance outstanding. A talented well educated woman. I have mixed emotions about her. Based on a couple of books I read several years ago. An opportunist of the first order. Perhaps not a bad attribute for leaders of government.

It is going to be an interesting race. My thought…..It’s a long way to the finish line!

Bocce tonight! Fun time!

Poor New Orleans and the rest of the south being battered by Isaac. It could have been Key West. It is amazing how much damage even a category 1 hurricane can do. The work done after Katrina apparently was well done. The levees have held, with one exception.

Enjoy your day!






Good morning world!

Good morning world! Another lovely Key West day in the making. I woke this morning with a fiery orange ball confronting my eyes. Bright. I had to turn away. It was the rising sun.

In recent days, I have spent much time  at home. Generally writing. Yesterday was that way. A good part of the day was spent on Friday’s Internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Interesting material. The show is easy to put together. The world about us is crazy. Every week more and more of the unbelievable occur. I merely report the happenings. With a comment or two, of course.

This week’s show will include the high school valedictorian who is facing deportation in Florida, Muslims burning a Catholic Church in Sudan, toxic tushes, an update on the Ladies Lingerie League, and the best of all…..a new Arizona law that says conception begins the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle.

The last item re the new Arizona law is really crazy. In effect it says that a person exists even before the egg and sperm unite. Even before the sex act was performed.

My Internet talk show can be found at Friday mornings. Ten o’clock my time. Join me for a fast moving hour of life today.

Amongst other things yesterday, I published a new article to my Amazon Kindle blog. Key West Lou Law. It is called Santa Claus And Guns. Kids sitting on Santa Claus’ lap with all kinds of sophisticated guns behind Santa. Happened in Arizona the past two years. The same state that decreed life begins the first day of a woman’s last menstrual period.

One of the things that bothered me about the Santa and guns story is the advertisement which resulted in a standing line crowd: “Get your holiday pictures with Santa and his machine gun.”

Donna posted a lengthy comment to yesterday’s blog. She and Terri went to a Hollywood party. They ended up watching a movie. An old B film. Stella Stevens was at the party. I remember her. The wacky girl friend in the first Poseidon movie. Also the Asian boy from 16 Candles. I do not recall him. However, loyal reader Moto did and commented on him.

Bocce tonight. It will be the first time in three weeks that I will have ventured out to play. I look forward to it. Fun, people and a drink or two.

Ryno is returning! A great guy. He left Key West last year for Syracuse. Missed Key West. Calls it home. Ryno was my teacher when I started doing my radio show. Glad he is returning.

Enjoy your day!