Years since I had a Maine Lobster. Once you live full time in the Florida keys, you gravitate to Florida lobster.

Last night, it was a steamed lobster at Duffy’s. Outstanding! I enjoyed every morsel.

Maine lobster is priced outrageously in Key West. Most places, in the $50-$70 range. Duffy’s, only $38.

Do yourself a favor. Try the Maine lobster at Duffy’s.

I was at the Chart Room before Duffy’s. Enjoyed heavy conversation with Che. Finally saw David. Enjoyed his company, also.

Bill and Kate at the bar. We had met some time ago at Louie’s Back Yard. They apparently know Lisa. Also, Lee Garrison. I have neither seen nor heard of Lee in a couple of years. He is alive and kicking, though a bit ill. Residing at Truman Annex.

Bill is a federal firefighter at Boca Chica.

Kate, I liked. Her work, I did not. Said respectfully. She does clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Bill and Kate live at the presently infamous Peary Court. They are not concerned with the furor Peary Court has been experiencing.

My morning yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. I am doing better. Got the speed almost up to where it was before I had to stop. My time still lagging.

After the treadmill, I had almost two hours to kill. Before a haircut appointment. Stopped at Cuban Coffee Queen for lunch and Cuban coffee. Around the corner from Lori’s Blown away. Killed the time reading the newspapers.

There is a new employee working the counter at Cuban Coffee Queen. Ruby. Somewhere in her 20s. A smart girl. Swift and efficient. Remembers customer’s names. She took care of me two times and now says Hi, Louis when I walk up.

Ruby has talent. She will go far in life. She is thrilled at the moment to have a job at the Cuban Coffee Queen. Even in busy Key West, things are not that good.

The humidity was heavy while I was sitting reading the newspapers. Did not realize how heavy. Felt it when I went to get up. Wow! Could not wait to get to Lori’s air conditioned shop.

Lori always good company.

I laid in bed this morning instead of getting up to do this blog. I was going to report Bubbles was going to go home to the ocean at 10 at Sombrero Beach. She is already gone. It is 11:30 at the moment.

Pride Week a success! As usual! Today, the Street Fair at the 700-900 blocks of Duval. Tomorrow, the Pride Parade at 5. Always a big deal!

On and off yesterday, I watched the Muhammad Ali services on TV. One of the finest services I have seen. Warm. The best way to describe it. His wife touching. They say the fruit does not fall far from the tree. It was evident when Ali’s children spoke.

The man was loved.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a KONK column about Jeanette Rankin. She was born this date in 1880. A few comments.

She was elected to Congress in 1916. The first woman ever to be elected to Congress. She could not be sworn in. It took two months for her fellow Congressional people to decide if a woman should be admitted to the Congress.

Times have changed. One hundred years later, a woman is running for President as the nominee of a major party.

Rankin voted against entry into World War I. She was one of 50 Congressional persons doing so. She left Congress in 1919.

She ran for Congress again in 1940. Won. December 7 occurred. President Roosevelt asked for a declaration of war against Japan the next day. Rankin was the only member of Congress to vote against the war. Made her very unpopular throughout the country. She did not run for reelection.

Rankin was decidedly anti-war. During the Vietnam conflict, she was a national leader in opposition to the war.

Strange things are happening!

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled this past week that human sex acts with animals is permissible if there is no penetration.

Eleven States in the U.S. do not have laws prohibiting bestiality.

Five years ago, I wrote a KONK column titled Berlin The Whore House of Europe. Left Amsterdam in the dust. I reran the article last year with some updates.

Now, I learn Germany has gone further down the road of perversity. Animal brothels are permitted. Germans view animal brothels as a lifestyle choice.


Enjoy your day!



I had a 9 o’clock appointment with my heart doctor this morning. I did not recall why. Was on time. Turned out the appointment was for fasting blood work and an echo test. I did not fast. Had breakfast. Have to go back thursday to do what was supposed to be done today.

I am keenly aware that as I grow older, I see doctors more often. Very much so. It does not bother me. If you have  a car and take care of it, the car will provide many more miles. I see doctors frequently because I want those miles.

Today is the anniversary of the 1954 McCarthy hearings. Senator Joe McCarthy  was a combination of today’s Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton. Meaner, however. A thug in the clothing of a gentleman.

McCarthy was chairman of some sub committee. He got the committee involved in searching out Communists. Many lives destroyed in the process.

Joseph Welch was an able Boston attorney representing the Army at the hearings. McCarthy berated a witness represented by Welch. Badly. Welch looked up and said…..Senator, have you no shame?

It was downhill for Mc Carthy after that.

I have a clear recollection of having watched the event life on TV. My first year in college had concluded . I was home. An exciting moment.

Cupboard was bare again. Shopped at Publix. Always a pleasure. Ran into several friends.

Last night, it was Hogfish for dinner. I went early. The place was next to empty. I had the whole bar to myself. Ate hogfish. What else!

In between everything, worked on tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine, my time. I always say… time. The reason is some listeners live in other time zones. Every time zone in the United States. Italy, Thailand and South Africa also.

Topics tonight include how Portugal is beating the drug problem, why I think the Asian pact is not good for the United States, the 15 year old girl in McKinney, Texas improperly roused by a cop who lost it, Bush 2 working the speaking circuit to the tune of $10 million – in most instances paid for by corporate America, a police officer in Austin who went after a bystander who was videoing police activity and literally abused the bystander for videoing the event, and more.

Watched a great old movie yesterday. Night and Day starring Cary Grant and Alexis Smith. Outstanding music and lyrics by  Cole Porter. His life story. The producers took much liberty in telling Porter’s story. Not factual. Not the way it was.

I did not care. It was entertaining and occasionally brought a tear to my eye.

Key West Pride starts tomorrow and runs through sunday. Many events. All entertaining. A parade, street fair, film festival, drag shows, etc.

Enjoy your day!