I continue to heal. Black eye lighter. Still obvious. Cuts by eye not totally healed. Scab fell off lip. Cuts still obvious, however. Back better, but not good.

It is called progress.

I have not shaved since wednesday. I have a good start on a beard. Not sure which way I will go.

I have been in since wednesday night. Time to get out of the house today. A brief walk somewhere. Tonight the Friends of the Key West Library at St. Paul’s. Author Edward Hower is speaking re his latest book about writing personal essays and travel stories.

Syracuse plays Virginia tonight, also. Normally, I would miss the Friends event and watch the game. It does not make any difference this season however. Syracuse plays Virginia, #2 in the country. I expect it to be as the Duke game went saturday.

If I work things properly, I should be able to watch the second half of the game.

Syracuse only has two games remaining. They have won 18 so far. The goal is always 20 wins. It has been years since Syracuse failed to reach 20. Though two games are left, I see Syracuse losing tonight. Which would mean that at best it might only be a 19 win season.

Nobody’s fault. It was a hard year for Syracuse from the beginning. Three players from last year expected to return this year did not. They went pro. Our big freshman center was injured early on and has not been able to play. I am not even throwing the NCAA investigation into the mix.

Wait till next year! The whole team returns with the exception of Christmas.

There was an article of interest in this morning’s Citizen. A four year study has revealed that Big Pine, No Name., and Bahia Honda have the lowest death rates in the County. Makes sense. The area is quiet country. Limited hell raising. Tranquility.

On this day in 1951, Harry Truman started a three week vacation at the Little White House. I often wonder if he ever visited the local haunts in the Duval Street area. We know he read, swam, fished and walked. Enjoyed a drink. Truman is recognized as a regular guy. He had to be at Sloppy Joe’s on occasion looking for the next Hemingway to talk with.

Enjoy your day!



Fog yesterday, fog today. Rare.

Why the fog? The reason given is that when moist air travels over warm water, it creates condensation which is brought onto the land by the wind.

One problem. There is no wind this morning. Absolutely none. My palm trees move not at all. The pool is like a mirror.

The fog this morning is thicker than yesterday. I can barely see the MTV house across the way.

I spent all day yesterday writing.

Last night was my blog talk radio show at 9. I was not surprised that the 3 teenage girls fleeing to Syria story was best received. Young ladies going over to ISIS to marry a jihadist and make babies has to be scary to all parents.

This week’s KONK Life hit the stands yesterday. My column consisted of my thoughts as to why young ladies find ISIS life attractive. Read it, if you can.

If KONK Life is not available to you, the column will appear starting this evening on Key West Lou. A top row description reads Key West Lou KONK Life Column. Click on it.

I have a new toy. ESPN streaming. Also known as ESPN 3.

Syracuse is not going anywhere this season basketball wise. The major networks have abandoned us. No one carries the games. We are relegated to ESPN streaming.

The Notre Dame game last night was the second Syracuse game in a row I have watched on my computer screen. Love it! Full screen. Clear and distinct. And for some reason, it appears I am closer to the game/action.

Syracuse not ranked. Notre Dame #9 in the country. Syracuse won 65-60.

My radio show interfered with my viewing. I was able to catch most of the first half. Then I had to stop to do the show. When I returned, there were six minutes left.

Worked for me.

Syracuse plays Duke saturday night. Duke is ranked #4. We are finishing the season against the big guys!

I received my royalty check and numbers for the last six months of 2013 yesterday. All of a sudden, the book is big in Canada. I do not know why. However, I am thrilled.

The World Upside Down is available on amazon.com and barnesand noble.com.

One of Key West’s most notable authors was Tennessee Williams. He resided on Duncan Street for roughly 40 years. He died on this date in 1983 in New York City.

Enjoy your day!


Number one news item the past few days unquestionably has been the weather. The whole eastern side of the U.S. is experiencing abnormal weather. Even we lucky people who live in Key West.

It dropped to 49 degrees during the night. Cold! I repeat something I have said before…..I need a woman to sleep next to me. It has been suggested, if not a woman then a dog. Who knows?

It is 53 as I write this morning. The high will probably be in the mid 60s. Today and tonight only minimally better. Saturday, a return to normal. The projection is for 76 degrees.

A cruise ship was required to avoid Key West yesterday because of high seas.

Bocce last night was played in a freezer. Not a refrigerator. It was 55 degrees. Blasts of cold weather were constant off the Atlantic. The coldest I have been in Key West.

I dressed for it. Long pants, a shirt and socks. Plus my leather jacket. The jacket is worn and old. Purchased it more than 20 years ago. Took care of the upper body. Not my legs and head. I was wearing a hat.

I discovered my body warmed up when I was playing.

We won all three games. We are now 6-0 for the season. A terrific start!

Good friends on the other team. Angus and Brenda from Schooner Wharf and Nate from Don’s Place.

My mind went back as I was sitting at bocce. Probably because of the cold. I remembered when I was young. Like 7 or 8 years old. Every time I got out of bed in the morning, the wood floor was freezing cold. My father would dramatically reduce the heat at night.

I was required to wear long johns in the winter. Clothes dryers were not invented yet. Or perhaps we could not afford one. So my mother used to hang the wash outside on the clothes line to dry. When taken in, the log johns were stiff as a board. Visualize it. From the waist to the ankle, flat like a pancake and hard. Cold, of course. I had to push and repush with my feet to get the long johns on.

Diana Nyad still in Key West. A welcome guest! She is performing in a one woman show which covers her life with emphasis on her successful swim from Havana to Key West in 2013. The show opened last night and continues through sunday.

Jenna tonight. We are having dinner together.

Enjoy your day!